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Weekend round up – Day 39 and 40 highlights
Big Brother struggled in the ratings on Saturday, but the audience...
| Day -332

Big Brother struggled in the ratings on Saturday, but the audience picked up a little yesterday.

Shievonne’s eviction on Friday secured over 1.5 million (excluding +1), but ratings dipped over the weekend.


Highlights of day 39 averaged 869,000 viewers (4.2%) on Channel 5 in the 9PM hour.

The +1 audience is currently unavailable, but the episode is the second lowest rated of the series so far, ahead of the 774k that chose not to watch England’s Euro 2012 match with Italy last month.

In the same timeslot (excluding +1 channels), Casualty appealed to 4.41m on BBC1, The Nation’s Favourite Number 1 Single averaged 2.57m on ITV1, and The Million Pound Drop Live was seen by 1.39m on Channel 4.


Last night, 1.15m (4.8%) caught up with highlights of day 40 (1.25m including +1).

The combined audience was down on the previous Sunday’s 1.50m, and was the second lowest Sunday show of the series, again ahead of England vs Italy.

Elsewhere at 9PM (excl. +1), Wallander averaged 5.19m on BBC1, both Superstar and The Nation’s Favourite Number 1 Single received over 3m on ITV1, and World’s Most Dangerous Roads and Thelma’s Gypsy Girls were each seen by 2.12m on BBC2 and Channel 4 respectively.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Let us know what you make of the latest Big Brother ratings below.

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  1. jennyjuniper on 5:23pm July 16 '12

    The ratings were down because it was the night WE THE VIEWERS protested that Conor, despite his appalling behaviour, was still in the house. If BB continues to cover up for him and allow him to continue, there WILL be another protest.

  2. Fudge on 5:33pm July 16 '12
    Avatar of

    :hi: Does anyone know if they have nominated yet? The ‘bad’ team didn’t win any extra time so we know it is pretty impossible for them to be immune. Any inkling of what is happening? Have the men in white coats come to take Conor away yet :giggle:

    Go ‘bad’ team, GO!


  3. Is there any wonder that the ratings are low….. when BB continue to allow Conor to run the house, they should listen to the public. The other houosemates are scared of him and if they go ahead with face to face nominations no on will dare vote for him only Deana. well done BB

  4. str-8-edge on 6:47pm July 16 '12

    You keep having having Connor and Carolyne on the show .the ratings and viewers will keep dropping lower and lower. You need to listen to the viewers .You need more real people like Adam . Adam you keep ,keeping it real ..

  5. jellzbean on 8:10pm July 16 '12

    I was an avid viewer from here in Germany. I cant bear to see Conor in there anymore. I quit watchig until Conor is gone. No excuse for his behavior.

  6. dragon on 8:31pm July 16 '12

    I myself do not watch BB live, I tape it, then when Caroline or Conor come on I just fast forward it. If neither of them are up for eviction this week, I won’t even bother, I’m gone.

  7. Raykco on 2:52am July 17 '12

    After tonight’s shows and the blatantly rigged nominations, I sincerely hope that the ratings continue to fall and that Schwartzkof revoke their sponsorship.

  8. Tombolian on 6:04pm July 17 '12

    Just a thought… isn’t it funny how viewers don’t like when HMs threaten to leave the show and then don’t. Not unlike fans who are fed up with the show, say they aren’t going to watch anymore, yet they still do…and continue to comment…
    Just sayin’
    Cheers! :drink: :beer:

    • Sally on 6:10pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2376 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Tombolian :rofl: we are a strange lot. But it takes all sorts to make a world
      Cheers to you. :drink: :beer:

      • Tombolian on 6:17pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

        Exactly! So why can’t we enjoy the show for what it is, or just stop watching it?

        I try to read 100% of the posts on this board and it takes a VERY LOOOOONG TIME due to the negative comments mimicked by most posters.

        I can’t blame the posters though… this is a trashy season of BBUK, but I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, it still rocks over BBUSA! :rock: and don’t get me started on Glass House. :puke:

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