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Weekend round up – Day 32 and 33 highlights
Yesterday's Big Brother was seen by an impressive 1.5 million...
| Day -339

Yesterday’s Big Brother was seen by an impressive 1.5 million viewers. Read on for the full weekend round up.

Arron’s eviction on Friday secured over 1.6 million, and we’re pleased to report the good ratings continued into the weekend.


Highlights of day 32 averaged 985,000 viewers (4.5%) on Channel 5 in the 9PM hour.

An additional 115,000 tuning in on +1 brings the episode’s total overnight audience to 1.10m, the same figure as a week earlier. All five Saturday shows this series have rated above 1 million, whereas only three surpassed that mark in 2011.

In the same timeslot (excluding +1 channels), Casualty appealed to 4.15m (18.9%) on BBC1, Let’s Get Gold secured 1.74m (8.0%) for ITV1, and Million Pound Drop Live brought in 1.26m (5.9%) to Channel 4.


Yesterday, 1.38 million (5.7%) caught up with highlights of day 33.

With timeshift included, the highlights of day 33 obtained an overall rating of 1.50m – the highest for a Sunday show since Big Brother moved to Channel 5.

Elsewhere at 9PM (excl. +1), Wallander amassed 6.42m (27.5%) on BBC1, 2.53m (10.8%) tuned into The Nation’s Favourite Number 1 Single on ITV1, Channel 4 received 2.40m (10%) for Thelma’s Gypsy Girls, and BBC2 averaged 1.41m (5.9%) for World’s Most Dangerous Roads.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

With the conclusion of the Turf Wars task and the latest round nominations to come, can the show maintain the good performances as we enter week 6?

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  1. Sally on 7:05pm July 9 '12

    Pretty good ratings for the week-end. Lets hope it continues.

  2. BBNut on 11:49am July 10 '12

    This is really positive news for a terrific series – the only negative is Conor still being there. I really hope we get shot of him on Friday, I think Shievonne is just a bit hot-headed and abrupt, she hasn’t been personally vindictive or nasty to anyone like Conor has. Conor out this week please! Or will it be a double? There’s an awful lot of housemates left this far in and triple/quadruple evictions do not work as we have seen.

  3. I am an Australian failing to understand what passes as good ratings.

    UK population is 62 million, Australia’s about 22 million.

    “The Voice” was hitting 2 million over here, 1.6 is considered good over there?

    Please explain.

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