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Live nominations attract 1.92m
Live nominations headed Channel 5's Friday night line-up, while...
Alec | Day -297

Live nominations headed Channel 5′s Friday night line-up, while Bit On The Side had one of its highest overnight audiences ever.

Friday’s regular highlights show featuring action from day 2 in the Celebrity Big Brother house averaged 1.69 million viewers (8.0%) in the 9PM hour, climbing to 1.83m with +1 included.

Live nominations then appealed to 1.79m (9.4%) from 10PM, totalling 1.92m with +1 included.

Bit On The Side attracted 1.06m at 10:30PM, but its overall audience of 1.16m was the third highest rating in the spin-off’s history, behind the launch night editions of CBB8 and CBB9.

The Celebrity Big Brother marathon comfortably beat Channel 4′s Alan Carr’s Summer Specstacular which averaged 1.33m (inc. +1) from 9-11PM, and the highlights show came very close to matching the 1.84m for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Film) on BBC2 at 9PM.

What do you make of the latest ratings?

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  1. dragon on 12:07am August 21 '12

    Has celebrity big brother really been that good, or was there nothing else to watch? Anything surely is better than .BB 2012 though.

  2. on 12:23am August 21 '12

    It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it ( & money ) you can produce a good series, I know that the celebs are paid & the general public aren’t but :c5: & B.B should be able to give us a good series every time by using there noggin with regards to tasks & situations that cause dramas.

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