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Lauren’s eviction attracts 1.35m
Friday's 9PM show was Channel 5's best rating of the night, but...
| Day -325

Friday’s 9PM show was Channel 5′s best rating of the night, but less than one million returned for Lauren’s eviction interview.

The live show featuring highlights of day 45 and the announcement that Lauren was the seventh evictee of Big Brother 13 was seen by 1.35m (6.4%) at 9PM.

This is a similar figure to Benedict and Lydia’s exits, but down on the last two evictions for Arron and Shievonne which both secured over 1.5m.

Channel 5′s audience fell to o.60m viewers in the 10PM hour for The Bachelor, but rose to 0.92m at 11PM for Lauren’s interview with Brian Dowling.

Overnight figures for Channel 5+1 are currently unavailable.

Elsewhere at 9PM (excluding +1 for comparison), coverage of Great Britain’s men’s football Olympic warm-up match averaged 3.13m (15.3%) on BBC1, Superstar appealed to 2.64m (12.8%) on ITV1, and The Million Pound Drop Live entertained 1.54m (7.5%) on Channel 4.

A round-up of the weekend’s ratings will be posted later today.

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  1. Joseph on 3:51pm July 23 '12

    Why don’t they reveal the evictee in the second part? Even better just have one show, perhaps finishing at 10:15PM or something, that’s what i’d prefer anyway…

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