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Jasmine’s eviction hits 2.25 million
Celebrity Big Brother has gone from strength to strength this...
Alec | Day -293

Celebrity Big Brother has gone from strength to strength this week, with Wednesday’s live shows continuing the ratings climb.

The 90-minute live eviction show featuring highlights from day 7 in the house averaged 2.14m (10.0%) from 9PM, with +1 included bringing the total overnight audience to 2.25m viewers.

This is the highest rating of the series bar launch night, and bettered than the first eviction of CBB9, which averaged 2.24m on a Wednesday night in January.

An hour’s live feed featuring a handful of nominations then averaged 1.29m (10.1%, excluding +1) from 10:30PM, but was down on the previous Friday’s live face-to-face nominations.

To conclude Channel 5′s night of Celebrity Big Brother action, Bit On The Side appealed to 627k viewers (9.4%, excluding +1) from 11:30PM.

Why do you think the show is seeing an increase in ratings?

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  1. Orchid333 on 2:14pm August 24 '12

    JOSEPH: I am holiday in New York until Tuesday and for some reason when I try to get BB on demand it says “not available in this country”! So I am really pleased with your updates – thanks. :yes: :bigsmile:

  2. Looks like the viewers are flooding back to BB on :c5: they are doing a much better job than C4 ever did, for one thing the staging is far superior! :party:

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