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Day 55 highlights average 1.25m
Big Brother had a poor Channel 5 audience on Monday night, but...
| Day -317

Big Brother had a poor Channel 5 audience on Monday night, but made up for it on timeshift.

Highlights of day 55 received 1.07 million viewers (4.5%) at 9PM. An additional 177,000 viewers tuning in on Channel 5+1 brings the total overnight audience to 1.25m.

The Channel 5 figure was the second lowest rating (when excluding +1) for a weekday highlights show this series. The original transmission possibly suffered as a result of Olympic coverage across the BBC network, with BBC1 alone averaging 6.37m (30%) during the evening.

Elsewhere in the 9PM hour (excluding +1 channels), We Love The Monkees attracted 2.09m to ITV1, Undercover Boss received 1.75m for Channel 4, and a BBC2 Horizon special averaged 1.50m.

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  1. brokenangel on 10:58pm July 31 '12

    Glad tonights highlights showed the insiders taking the pee about the soldiers whilst Deana was in bed. The two “he men” don’t do it to the fellas Luke A and Adam to their faces though do they !

  2. michelle920 on 11:40pm July 31 '12

    OMG ppl need to seriously get over this hatred for Luke A and Adam and Dean it’s pathetic and childish its a game show. It’s even more so then that ugly mess Ashleigh who btw looked like she had a Herpes coiesaw on her lips tonight and has she never heard of this thing called a shower? Everytime I see her her hair gets greasier, and that ken doll lookalike Luke S making fun of the whole soldiers thing it’s like a playground FFS and i’m sorry but that comment about Becky’s BMI was not only funny as f*** it was spot on she is a digustingly fat fake actress and I support Luke A all the way he was 100% right she was over the moon that she had something to use against him and I’m sorry but her weight’s never seemed to bother her before when she’s hiding food and refusing to exercise . I love how she’s slagged off Luke A behind his back but that makes it ok oh but he says one little thing about her BMI and she explodes? Luke A to win!! :D

  3. bazza58 on 3:19pm August 1 '12

    totally agree with u, becky and ash have been slagging people off every day . cant wait to see them evicted along with conner and luke s…. deana to win :phone: :yes:

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