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Day 50 highlights average 1.2m
Big Brother's audience has been growing throughout the week, but...
| Day -322

Big Brother’s audience has been growing throughout the week, but are still low for the show on Channel 5.

Highlights of day 50 averaged 1.14 million viewers (6.2%) on a hot Wednesday evening.

Figures for +1 are currently unavailable, but with timeshift included, the show is expected to gain an overall overnight rating of around 1.2 million.

This was the second lowest-rated Wednesday show of the series so far, but an improvement on Monday’s 0.99m and Tuesday’s 1.09m.

Earlier on Channel 5, NCIS appealed to 1.74m (excluding +1) at 9PM.

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  1. Give us a reason to keep watching BB.

  2. Total, are you as bored as the rest of us?
    You haven’t updated your news for a while.
    I heard Scott got yet another warning, the evil Caroline sabotaged the shopping list in a desperate bid to get votes, Deana and Sara were attacked by others for cheating,but they had been given a secret task.
    So are you closind down or what?
    I used to view this is big brother site last year but that closed down. Please stay Total.

  3. The updates on this site are very sporadic. I would have thought tonights highlights show might be on at this stage :surprised:

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