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Day 49 highlights average 1.1m
Big Brother still attracted a low audience last night, but was up...
| Day -323

Big Brother still attracted a low audience last night, but was up on Monday’s rating.

Tuesday’s highlights of day 49 averaged 1.09 million viewers (6.0%) at 10PM.

Figures for +1 are currently unavailable, but with timeshift included, the show is expected to gain an overall overnight rating of around 1.15 million.

This was an improvement on Monday’s sub-one million audience (1.14m including +1), but continues the disappointing run of ratings going back to the beginning of last week.

Big Brother was preceded on Channel 5 by CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which appealed to 1.83m (excluding +1). Bit On The Side entertained 442,000 from 11PM.

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  1. Jillie on 10:10am July 26 '12

    Ratings are low because the show is not entertaining enough …. hope c5 have learned a lesson from this and next year (if it is still aired) put some decent housemates in and air the programme for at least one and a half hours

  2. People have to learn is well that people watch big brother online including people from ireland who watch it on you tube and other places online, if this was all taken into account Id say it could be up at nearly 2 million. I think channel 5 should not tell viewers who is up for eviction and then viewers find out during the episode which has the nominations

  3. Sally on 2:03pm July 26 '12

    :hi: Jillie i have got to agree with you BB has not been entertaining in fact there are times when it has been depressing.
    It Is strange that when we see house-mates best bits we often see them having fun but none of this has been aired. BB crush everything into 45mins per night,the other 15 mins being credits and adds.
    If we can’t have live feed then as you say why not air the program for one and a half hours?

  4. What year is big brother suposed to end on :c5:

  5. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 3:42am July 27 '12

    The trouble with Big brother is

    A. The public yet again voted out the oldest and most entertaining house mates. You never learn!

    B. Looking at the age and personality of the show’s producers and task team members, it’s no wonder this show is boring. That Ian blokey, the gay one who can’t get a boyfriend and the giggling Caroline soundalike on the task team, just about sums up how childish it all is. They are really embarrassing and silly.

    C. They need older people who have lived a little, to come in with ideas for great tasks. They have time after time won the luxury shopping task and should be on bread and water, no cigs and take away all their luxury items. There should be far more inventive things instead of throwing up and kid’s parties.

    D. They should have let the public vote one of the evicted housemates in to the house to spice it up.

    E. They should get me in the production team next year , as I would certainly be far more inventive with the tasks and the house would be far more entertaining.

    This could be a great show but even the guests on BOTS are mostly boring. Where is Victor, Pete Burns and Lauren Harries. Why the hell have that boring muppet Kirk Norcross on, that boy has nothing interesting to say!


    Or you’ll have no show, no jobs and no us..

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