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Day 48 highlights drop to 1.14m
Big Brother fell below the 1 million mark when excluding +1, but...
| Day -324

Big Brother fell below the 1 million mark when excluding +1, but was still Channel 5′s most popular offering on Monday night.

Highlights of day 48 in the house were seen by 995,000 viewers (4.2%) at 9PM, with timeshift bringing the total audience to 1.14 million.

This is the joint-lowest rating for a weekday highlights show, equalling the 1.14m who tuned in on Wednesday night during the penultimate week of Big Brother 2011.

Despite the low figure, the reality show still anchored Channel 5′s evening, with Megastructures averaging 669,000 viewers at 8PM and The Walking Dead appealing to 695,000 from 10PM.

Big Brother’s opposition in the 9PM hour included Eastenders (featuring live scenes with the Olympic torch) and an Absolutely Fabulous¬†Olympic Special, which averaged 7.3m and 5.6m for BBC1 respectively. Superstar entertained 2.6m on ITV1, and Undercover Boss received 1.3m on Channel 4.

Let us know what you make of the latest ratings below!

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM with highlights of this week’s nominations.

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  1. jennyjuniper on 5:54pm July 24 '12

    Until Conor and Caroline are booted out, which should have happened long ago, ratings will probably continue to fall. The majority of viewers have no wish to see injustice and pure nastiness prevail.

    • BBNut on 12:50am July 25 '12

      Or to see them anywhere near the final which will be totally ruined if they are present. They are the official ‘series killers’ and i’ve rated them the two worst BB housemates – ever- and that is some achievement! I hope they wise up in the outside world when they are unceremoniously booted back into it – boy are they really in for a shocking wake up call – unless their ‘fans’ are dubbed over of course.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 3:14am July 25 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        HAH! I remember early on in this series someone on here compared Caroline to Grace from BB7, and another poster said, “Surely she couldn’t be as bad as Grace, no one is that bad…” or something to that effect. Oh boy, if we had only known then what we know now! :itwasntme:

  2. I havent watched for the last two nights, untill Conor and Caroline have gone I cant stand to watch it.

  3. i feel that this years show is just a joke you keep people in that have been somewhat bullying and then you wonder why the ratings are going down what BB need to do now is put them all up for eviction and do a double eviction and let the general public who watch decide who should warrant being in the house and deserve the chance to walk away with the prize money as most of them do not deserve it

  4. jjbb on 3:56pm July 25 '12

    Vote to save is killing the show.It will take seven votes this week to nominate one person for eviction,the whole point of the show.I like many others cant afford to participate this week.The show was always an audience participation programmme where the viewers made the decisions about who reached the final.Their participation kept them involved and kept them viewing.BRING BACK VOTE TO EVICT.

  5. so vile caroline has a go at luke a.again.calling him mrs luke.she was pulled in to diary room lst wk.and warned.whats the betting they and certain bbots presenters.try and brush this one under the carpet.shes gutter trash.

    • how has she not been kicked out! i totally agree with you and its not because luke A is my fav! :cool: :tongueout:

      • yeahyeahyeah on 6:43pm July 25 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        Yep, I missed the HL show yesterday, so just went to watch the clip of this. She was totally refering to Luke A there. And Conor, the *ss, nods in agreement with her. And then when Luke S corrects them, Conor gives a half-hearted ‘yea’ in agreement with him, like oh I suppose we’re supposed to agree with you on that point. Just sickening. How far exactly do things have to go with a HM before they are disqualified from this competition. NO ONE wants to see Caroline win! In fact, I’d rather see it go to Conor before her. Not that I’d want that to happen either, but really this oxygen thief Caroline has proven time and again what a vile, despicable person she is on the inside.

  6. zeppelin on 6:48pm July 25 '12

    Had the nominations been left as they were it would have meant Deana , Luke A and Caroline up for eviction and that little upper class spoilt brat would have become history on friday night , but no , they are crapping themselves about the dwindling audience figures so they put eight up for eviction , I wonder has it got anything to do with a certain `EVENT`that is taking place over on BBC ONE.

  7. Reason viewing numbers are falling is that people are switching off rather than being seen to be supporting BB in the way it is condoning some awful behaviour.
    In the past HM have been booted out for threatening or racist language. Not this year. Caroline crossed the line again last night she has had too many warnings. BB she must go now.

    • sammyvan on 7:08pm July 25 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Very true. Too many have got away with despicable behaviour this series. BB should have opened the back door and tossed them out. Would have taken the nasty feeling out of the show. Lets hope it may be a double on Friday….though I doubt it.

    • comments bang on.third time caroline has crossed the line.luke a.famiy have contacted emma willis and channel no way can they say they are not aware.disgusted.

  8. BBNut on 8:23pm July 25 '12

    Totally and utterly disgusting and a step too far if this goes unnoticed and unpunished. Yes she appologised but she hasn’t changed a bit and took very little time to slip back into bully mode. No doubt Ofcom’s telephone lines will be going crazy again. Will C5 and BB ever learn? It will be too late and the show will be history once more by the time they do it seems.

  9. paulbad on 8:43pm July 25 '12

    So what ,mrs luke a, its a fair statement, luke was a bird, simple as, sure he/she is confused and now wants to be a bloke but those love handles give the game away, hes a man now, hes been a bird, whats the big deal, he should be used towisecracks, which is what it was.

  10. paulbad.what a dickhead

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