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Day 42 highlights pull in 1.2m
Excluding +1, Big Brother pulled in a disappointing 1.14 million...
| Day -330

Excluding +1, Big Brother pulled in a disappointing 1.14 million viewers (6.1%) on Tuesday night.

This is the second lowest audience for a weekday highlights show this series when comparing figures for Channel 5 without timeshift.

With viewers on Channel 5+1 (currently unknown) included, the rating is expected to be in the region of 1.20m-1.25m, but this is still down on the usual 1.4m.

Prior to Big Brother at 9PM, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation attracted 1.67m (7.4%) to Channel 5.

You can read through the transcript and others comments for yesterday’s show by clicking here.

Do you think this was just a blip for the reality show, or a response to recent events in the house which have angered some fans?

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  1. Yayah on 6:34pm July 18 '12

    That’s what you get for putting Lauren & Luke A up.

  2. BB are taking the p**s out of the viewers, they dont listen to what the viewers want, there is no wonder the ratings are bad, they clearly favour the bullies, Conor should have been taken out of the house after his vile comments and threats to Deana, Caroline should have been taken out for her racist comments about Adam, the show is down the pan.

    • paulbad on 7:52pm July 18 '12

      If using the word Gorilla is now racist there will be a lot of arrests at bristol zoo .

      • zeppelin on 10:07am July 19 '12
        MEMBER (11 COMMENTS)

        Not if you were talking about the animal but if you called a dark skinned zoo keeper a gorilla you would probably end up in intensive care.

        • Jules on 11:40am July 19 '12
          MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

          Caroline has her issues with a lot of things and it shows in her speech as to whom she deems to be a lesser person than her. Two to mention are Adam and Luke A. She has a lot to learn about life, not everyone can be as perfect as she is. :devil: She is only at home with the bitching crowd.

        • Xavier on 4:00pm July 20 '12

          But I don’t believe she meant the word ‘gorilla’ in that way, he technically looks like a gorilla! He’s got the hair and the weight for it so I don’t think she meant it as a black person!

  3. paulbad on 7:50pm July 18 '12

    Not a bad series with a bit of life in it this year, bit of controversy and plenty of bitching, people love watching confrontation, and thats what your getting.

    • jennyjuniper on 8:35pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      No actually confrontation is good, but 90% of the bitching in the house is done behind peoples backs. That’s bad enough, but the ganging up on Lauren and Deana by Conor and Co is just sickening to watch and isn’t entertainment. Please join in a non viewing evening tonight and/or tomorrow and please don*t vote for Lauren and Luke A, not because we don’t like them, but because it’s not right that they should be up in the first place and secondly why should channel 5 benefit from something so grossly unfair.

  4. Raykco on 11:48pm July 18 '12

    Interesting to see the viewing figures for Tuesday. I was part of the “Boycott BB UK 2012″ last night, and whilst the viewing figures are slightly disappointing (we were hoping for less), the membership is growing.

    • We switched off also, and won’t be returning . Big brother production has ruined the show by accepting and supporting the unacceptable. I’m predicting further decrease in viewing figures. In a year or two , probably see the BB presenters on some other reality show, as the lab rats , this time though

  5. skippy1996 on 11:53pm July 18 '12

    Remember viewing figures only count for about 5000 people

    • brokenangel on 12:03am July 19 '12

      I won’t be tuning in for the eviction or voting- the only way I can show my support over the cheating way that Luke A and Lauren are up for eviction. I don’t want either to go and don’t want to watch one leave.

  6. The viewing figures are definitely affected by “BULLYGATE”. I did watch tonight’s show and at last some sense fromBB pulling Caroline into the diary room and having a go at her, she seemed genuinely upset and i do hope this is so. One item I did like was when Becky was saying ‘wooden spoon’ caroline got up and walked away, yesterday she would have been fuelling that conversation

  7. monty on 9:16am July 19 '12

    yes BB did step up to the mark a little, now show all the housemates ALL of the conversation and then everyone up for double eviction next week and whoever leaves tomorrow should be returned to the house. :music: :music: :drink:

  8. I am devastated that Luke A and Lauren are up for eviction.Those and Adam and Deana are the only people that are not bitching about everyone behind their backs and then being false to their faces.I hope Adam copes ok when one of them goes on Friday,i would love Adam to win.GO ADAM.

  9. BB UK needs a format change and stick with it for a season.

    At LEAST 3 or 4 housemates up each week
    even if you only got 1 nom

    Have a task where 1 housemate who wins is safe for the week.

    Whoever is evicted each week can pick 1 housemate they want up for eviction.

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