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Day 2 highlights attract 1.44m viewers
Big Brother's latest highlights show saw a slight increase on the...
| Day -370

Big Brother’s latest highlights show saw a slight increase on the previous night’s audience, and also faired well compared to last year’s series.

Action from day 2 in the house was seen by 1.44 million (8%) between 10PM and 11PM, up on Wednesday’s 1.42 million (figures exclude +1).

The reality show was comfortably Channel 5′s most popular programme of the night, with Cowboy Builders averaging 0.65 million at 8PM and Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars premiering with 0.87 million at 9PM.

The episode also performed well compared to 2011, when the day 2 highlights were seen by 1.39 million airing on a Sunday, and the first Thursday show of the series attracted 1.16 million.

Bit On The Side with Emma Willis was watched by 0.57 million after the main show.

Big Brother’s first live eviction of the series airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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    I think the ratings will keep going up and up, because this years does look fantastic! :rofl: A lot of my friends hated Big Brother last year, but this year they think it’s much better! Once people start giving it a chance again, i think it’ll be getting even better ratings! But still, there’s no chance C5 will get rid of BB.. it’s their most watched show by farrr.

  2. Jillie on 11:44am June 8 '12

    I think that ratings would be much higher if the Highlights aired for at least one hour and a half or maybe two hours. It is very hard to judge the housemates with just one hour viewing.

    • coxyy on 12:09pm June 8 '12

      yeah, last night was mostly about Luke (who i like) and Lydia we havent had a chance to see Victoria or Conner yet which is why this eviction is unfair

  3. coxyy on 12:08pm June 8 '12

    Think so far this year Big Brother is really good ;) and so people will begin to watch it again, so hoefully the ratings will go up

  4. Longer Highlights Show Please. Surely there’s more going on than we get to sse in 1 so very short hour!

    • Tombolian on 8:00pm June 8 '12

      Heh… spoken by a fellow fan in the states. Yes the paltry 3 hours per week we get is nothing by comparison to the UK’s 7 hours per week…. which still isn’t enough for us rabid fans.

      And that’s where BBOTS comes in! Yea BOTS!

  5. Raykco on 3:13pm June 8 '12

    Is there anywhere on here I could post a Big Brother poem? Its too long for the chatroom.

  6. do you know bbuk is the only bb on the planet that has no livefeed we are the poor foster brother of big brother :angry:

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