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Day 1 highlights average 1.42m viewers
The first highlights show of Big Brother 13 saw a big dip in...
| Day -371

The first highlights show of Big Brother 13 saw a big dip in ratings following the launch, but was on par with the previous series.

The day 1 highlights averaged 1.42 million (8%) in the 10PM hour for Channel 5 last night (not including +1), down on the 2.63 million who tuned in for the live launch.

Despite the significant drop, the figure was up on the 1.39 million who watched the day 1 highlights during series 12 (aired on a Saturday), and matched the 1.43 million who saw the first Wednesday night highlights show last year.

In the same time slot, Channel 4′s drama The Killing appealed to just 0.33 million (2.1%).

Bit On The Side followed the main show at 11PM and attracted 0.61 million viewers (6.2%), and overall, Channel 5 came fifth in yesterday’s primetime audience share with 4.3%.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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  1. I think the drop in viewers is down to the fact that the house has been filled with pretty people.
    The best big bros were when real average people were in the house.
    Everyone wants to be a star now and their looks are the main thing in their life.

    • Fudge on 3:07pm June 7 '12
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      Couldn’t agree more Rayh. Also it is difficult to identify and empathise with HMs when they are like this, pretty, handsome, young, vain, wannabes, makes for a boring show. What an opportunity missed Channel 5 :shake: :sleepy:

  2. I never thought I’d say this, but compared with the cast in the house, I think Jamie East’s selection are much more interesting. If they filled the house with Bhavesh, Becky and Anthony-like characters and made the wildcards more like the bunch we’re seeing in the house right now, I think it would work much better.

  3. Jillie on 2:04pm June 7 '12

    Have to totally agree with Rayh’s comment. There are too many ‘big egos’ as housemates and it is just not as enjoyable anymore

  4. The producers need to go back to basics and make the house simple and put a wide range of people in there who will genuinely clash with each other. It needs to stop being a glorified funny farm full of actors who just want a tv deal when it’s all said and done. I used to love big brother but now watching it just annoys me.

  5. Sally on 3:58pm June 7 '12

    The ratings will drop it is on to late. It should be on at 9pm.young teens watch the show they are not allowed to stay up every night. untill 11pm or 12 midnight.
    people starting work early go to bed early.

  6. jjbb on 4:06pm June 7 '12

    Please getback to basics i,d hate to see this show die.Originaly a 24/7 audience participation show for everyone now it,s just for computer literate viewers.My family were bb fans when on launch night we were told we could pick a wild card using twitter they all groaned.

  7. jennyjuniper on 5:18pm June 7 '12

    I agree with all of the above. The housemates look like wags and extras off TOWIE. I was hopeful when reading the bio’s that at least a few of them seemed to be intelligent. Well I’m still waiting for the evidence.

  8. sammyvan on 6:09pm June 7 '12

    Would love to see BB go really back to basics – the garden having real vegetable patch, chickens laying eggs, having regular cleaning days [ it wont be long before the house would appear to be a skip] and have tasks that last an entire week. The rules also need enforcing – any infringement and the HM is punished. I pray we will not have talking about nominations this year – and if anyone walks they should just keep walking all the way home. No interviews and no publicity……………….and pigs might fly!

  9. Emma on 7:20pm June 7 '12

    This comment is kind of useless because i know that in the real world, what im going to say would never happen,

    Im rather proud that big brother has started off well , personally i think the drop in viewers was because most people who have watched big brother for a few years would know that the first highlights show only really goes over what we see on the launch night.

    i do however feel it would be nice to be able to watch a show that we enjoy without having to compete with others, but other channels have made these challenges, and we don’t need to hide or prove who has the better channel or programmes :)

  10. Sally on 7:45pm June 7 '12

    Welcome to Tbb Emma, and well said. :happy:

  11. coxyy on 10:05pm June 7 '12

    Cause its on so late on weekdays! Need to get some higher ratings!!! i dont want Big Brother to go again!!! :crying: :crying:

    • I agree about the late showing but I also think a lot of people record and watch the next day. I beleive those figures are not counted for ratings.. I still think viewers are fed up of fame hungry, boring hms. If i wanted to watch the only way is Essex I would watch it!

  12. thats way we need livefeed if we had livefeed more will
    be tuneing in to watch it take note c5 more is better :angry: :angry:

  13. Too many egos. Need more ordinary nice and genuine housemates. Wait for the nastiness to start. Viewers do not want to see “wannabees” fighting dirty for the money. Times are too hard for the rest of the viewers,who will switch off in disgust.

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