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Big Brother eviction hits low against Olympic opening
As expected, Friday's eviction was the lowest-rated overnight...
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As expected, Friday’s eviction was the lowest-rated overnight audience ever for Big Brother, with the Olympic opening ceremony dominating the night.

The 90-minute live show averaged 614,000 viewers (excluding +1) from 9PM.

Caroline’s exit on Channel 5 did prove more popular than The Million Pound Drop however, which too suffered its lowest audience of 272,000 for Channel 4.

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony averaged a massive 23 million viewers (83%) between 9PM and 12:50AM on BBC1, and entertained a peak of 27 million towards the end of the first hour.

Big Brother’s previous all-time low of 774,000 was set earlier in the series when the show clashed with an England match at Euro 2012.

A round-up of the weekend’s ratings for Saturday and Sunday will be posted later today.

How much of Caroline’s eviction did you catch on Friday?

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  1. jennyjuniper on 2:27pm July 30 '12

    I’m not saying the Olympics had nothing to do with it, but for once I wish BB would realise that their unfairness and one sidedness has lost a lot of viewers, who would have gone even if the olympics hadn’t been on.

  2. Biggest fannnnnnnnnn on 11:07pm July 30 '12

    Big brother is the best thing ever i wouldent of missed it for the world i have not missed a show since the time pete won it

  3. disappointed and let down on 8:31pm July 31 '12

    i have gone from being a total BB addict to someone who has become indifferent to it. I don’t care about the white room or any other task they set because there is no point the winner has been chosen. normally i can see at least a couple of my favorite HM’s get to the final but this year that seems very unlikely due to some very strange decisions by BB even allowing for BB being able to change the rules at anytime. i don’t plan to watch the show any more but i will continue to vote for my favorites until they run out.

  4. No-ones taking into consideration the amount of fans who tuned into one of the two repeat showings on :c5: and :c5: :star: or watched on demand, previously said that :c5: analyise all the viewing figures for each episode whenever it’s shown

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