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Big Brother 2012 final peaks with 1.76m
The climax of Big Brother 13 was the lowest rated final in the...
Alec | Day -303

The climax of Big Brother 13 was the lowest rated final in the show’s history, but may be considered a good performance in light of recent ratings.

The 90-minute final, which saw Luke Anderson crowned the winner after 70 days in the house, averaged 1.48m (6.6%) from 9PM on Channel 5, rising to 1.53m with +1 included.

This was down on the 2011 final which averaged 2.06m, however, this year’s final came a day after Big Brother’s all-time lowest rating was recorded against the London 2012 Closing Ceremony.

Elsewhere at 9PM (excluding +1 channels), Eastenders attracted 6.72m on BBC1 and Ruth Rendell’s Thirteen Steps Down was seen by 4.0m on ITV1. BB did beat Channel 4 and BBC2 though, with Escape from Colditz and The Riots: In Their Own Words averaging 1.40m and 0.94m respectively.

The 2012 series, the first to air since the introduction of Channel 5+1, got off to a promising start with a launch audience and weekly averages for the first month rating higher than last year.

However, with Conor’s controversial comments towards Deana and the ‘insiders’ taking control of the house, ratings began to dip, and continued to suffer with the Olympics in full swing.

All the ratings for Big Brother 2012 can be found here, and don’t forget, Celebrity Big Brother kicks off tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9PM!

What do you make of the final rating and the series as a whole? Let us know below!

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  1. Sally on 5:30pm August 14 '12

    I have never been a sports fan,but BB became so bitchy there were times I switched over to the olympics and found it so much more entertaining.
    BB had to compete in ratings and it was only to be expected that the olympics would be the winners.
    IMO Conors remarks and the nasty behavior of the insiders lost BB a lot of viewers. Namely the younger viewers whose parents banned them from watching.
    Like it or not BB has a large fan base of young teens. There were a number of housemates who proved to be a poor example of how adults should behave.
    I am a true BB fan and want the show to continue for years to come.There are thousands of good people who would like to be in the big brother house next year.Lets hope :c5: choices will be better.

    • Orchid333 on 8:49pm August 14 '12
      MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

      SALLY. I agree with your comments of the behaviour of some of the housemates but on being evicted they are oblivious to how bad they came across and did not show any remorse!!!

  2. owen0912 on 6:40pm August 14 '12


    How old do you have to be to audition for big brother? Anyone know, if you do please tell me :yes:

  3. What do they expect ,with the bullying threats they not only condoned, but rewarded. I won’t be watching BB again and am sad that this years production have been responsible for the final nail in the coffin of it’s demise.

  4. dragon on 10:33pm August 14 '12

    So .bb have signed up for another 2 years. Hope they fired the last people who selected the housemates. I think a whole new crew is needed.

  5. JaniceR on 6:14pm August 15 '12

    They also need to go back to the tasks that were a challenge and make an economy budget just that. Don’t keep supplying meals and drink.
    BB needs to enforce the rules with real punishments. Discussing nominations should result in you being automatically up for eviction.
    BB should be fair,individual tasks should be shared around and not be given to favoured individuals. I don’t recall Lauren or Luke A having tasks?
    Don’t set up HMs e.g Adam’s answers being broadcast and Luke A’s comment about Becky, unless they do same to others eg Conner’s comments and Luke S admitting sham relationship,
    Take action when racist,sexist comments are made or a HM is singled out for bullying. Don’t keep giving final warnings!
    have HM with a spread of ages and not a majority 18-23, who have yet to grow up and revert to playground behaviour which leads to bullying

    • microsis on 6:25pm August 15 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      A great post JANICER ,I agree 100% with everything you said :yes: :yes:

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Well said Janicer, everything you say is how it used to be, when it was run by channel 4.. very strict and they stuck to the rules,,,anyone racist or bullying were shown the door instantly, no second chances…
      and this made for far better viewing !!!
      :c5: just seem to break every rule going,,the HM’s can do whatever they want…and get away with it…
      They( :c5: ) try to influence the viewers with their unfairness….and this not only upsets everyone, it makes them angry too….

      :music: :music: :music:

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