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Arron’s eviction attracts 1.61m viewers
The first of Friday's two eviction shows averaged a strong 1.61...
| Day -339

The first of Friday’s two eviction shows averaged a strong 1.61 million viewers. Read on to find out how the live feed rated on 5* as well.

The first live show featuring highlights of day 31 was seen by 1.56m (7.2%) in the 9PM hour. This figure rises to 1.61m with Channel 5+1 included – the third highest rating of the series so far.

After it was revealed Deana and Rebecca were safe, 256k viewers switched over to 5* to watch half an hour of live feed from 10PM.

Later, 1.27m (including +1) saw Arron announced as the fifth evictee of Big Brother 2012. This was good compared to last year, when the 11PM eviction shows ranged from 1.10m to 1.33m.

The reality show was Channel 5′s highest rated show of the night, with The Bachelor averaging just 755k viewers in the 10PM hour.

Big Brother also performed well over the weekend, and we’ll have a round up of the ratings for Saturday and Sunday night posted shortly.

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  1. cspring on 11:49am July 9 '12

    I just want to say hi:-) I’m an american viewer completely in love with bb UK. I just can not get enough. American bb starts this week but i don’t even care! Bb UK is a thousand times better than American bb. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date-i appreciate it sooooo much!

    • Biddy on 11:55am July 9 '12

      Hi, CSPRING, welcome to the TBB site…
      So pleased you are enjoying the UK BB…I see your favourite is Luke A, one of mine too,with Adam and Lauren…
      Luke A showed a real caring side last night when he went to Adam, Lauren went too but didn’t show that..also when Luke A went to diaryroom to stand up for Adam.. a true friend!!!
      :music: :music: :music:

      • paulbad on 5:13pm July 9 '12
        MEMBER (39 COMMENTS)

        Luke A is a bit boring tho, only just starting to have an opinion now, and seems to love blowing smoke up Adams ass, a very definite crush me thinks, but is Adam into him/her and his unusual sexuality, watch this space. :love:

    • microsis on 12:12pm July 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi CSPRING ,,welcome to tbb ,it’s great to hear you are enjoying bbuk
      Luke A is one of my fav as well ,
      Look forward to seeing more comments from you , :handshake:
      :music: :music: :music:

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    • Hi there, welcome, I have heard before that the American viewers like the BB UK version. Lovely. I am liking Adam, Luke A and Lauren. Jules

  2. playme2loud on 5:13pm July 9 '12

    Im a Canadian Viewer and also love BB UK!! go Luke A, Deena,Lauren or Adam. Scott is growing on me becuase he makes me laugh

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