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In Pictures: The White Room – Day 1
Sara, Conor and Luke S today entered the mysterious White Room as...
| Day -317

Sara, Conor and Luke S today entered the mysterious White Room as part of this week’s shopping task.

The trio choose put themselves forward to enter the room where they will take part in a number of games in order to win various prizes including a pass to the final.

Here are a selection of images from the first of four days inside The White Room.

All the details from day 1 of the task can be read here.

How well do you think the three housemates will do in The White Room?

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  1. Haha Im delighted Luke S is in there with Sara. Serves Ashleigh right that her so called boyfriend is in the room with the fittest girl. We can ignore the rotten Conor.

  2. my eyes were nipping lookn at al the whiteness lol brill task hope sara wins this get connor out and luke s pair of tossers

  3. show ashleigh on the plasma her luvely luke giving sara a massage would love to c her face and listen to her thoughts on it lol

  4. Orchid333 on 12:37am August 1 '12

    5169paul I was also disgusted with BBBOTS and their ANTI LUKE CAMPAIGN. Also who was that idiot on the middle of the panel? And David Ramsden, on the panel of BBBOTS, needs to learn to speak. I am Northern and could not understand him AND he thinks Luke s is great. Luke A or Adam to win.

    • To Orchid333 – you obviously do not like open speech. David Ramsden is entitled to his opinion – something Luke As. supporters would disagree with. I like Luke S. He will not win but he is a laugheable buffoon and he has played his part to the letter, but that is what BB is all about. BB have scored an own goal by not evicting Conor and he should not be in the final.

  5. on 12:38am August 1 '12

    I see that Sara’s had enough of the white room already, just what B.B was hoping for. I hope on Friday that miss piggy goes the way she is ACTING re: Luke As comment is ridiculous . She didn’t find Connors remarks offensive towards Deana or her own remarks about Mr & Mrs when talking about Luke.S. she is the biggest bitch the biggest shit stirrer the biggest actress the biggest game player and definitely has the biggest B.M.I.

  6. brokenangel on 1:21am August 1 '12

    Just looked at Becky’s friends family on FB after reading that someone had seen the disgusting things said about Luke A. One interesting thing is they believe they have bought Luke A out and next is Adam and Deana.

  7. brokenangel on 3:17am August 1 '12

    Becky has been so nice about Luke A that she want’s to get a penis just so she can piss all over lhim ! Just one of her comments. and she has the ruddy cheek to get upset about the BM1 comment.

  8. Orchid333 on 7:09am August 1 '12

    How deluded and thick are the insiders about their families’ nominations? Ashleigh was jumping up and down saying – “see, now we know what the public really think” (or words similar). No Asheligh, you dim girl, it is what your family and friends think and obviously they are going to stick up for you despicable lot. :angry:

  9. jennyjuniper on 8:22am August 1 '12

    I agree Orchard333, if the public really felt like that, Deana and Luke A would have been out weeks ago. After all they have been up enough times! Mind you expecting Ashleigh to grasp the concept that Deana and Luke A are popular is more than her miniscule mind can take.

    • Orchid333 on 9:22am August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Have you seen the recent clip about Ashleigh and Becky shouting to Luke S through the white room walls? Ashleigh is saying that the day was the worst of her life!!! BB told luke off but do you think that there will be any severe punishment? Course not BB wants Conor or Luke S to win. :devil:

  10. microsis on 10:01am August 1 '12

    Why do BB feel they need to create these situations in the first place
    They know it won’t be good for BB in the long run
    It’s like they want to cause conflict in and out of the house

    Yes they will get lots of angry ,bewildered BB fans commenting to express their concerns and worries about how BB is dealing with certain situation in the house

    But the main part of BB that we all love is being over looked ,,,smothered by hms being allowed to run the BB house ,instead of big brother ,

    Rant over :whew:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Sally on 11:28am August 1 '12
      MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

      well said

    • sammyvan on 1:26pm August 1 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      So very true, Microsis, well put.
      Why oh why can we not just have OUR BB back – the show we all knew and loved where BB was in charge and not the HM’s? Why cant we have good fun, long lasting tasks that pulled the house together and were not thought up simply to cause friction? Why can we not have the rule book back – where you knew if a rule was broken then there would be severe punishment…….even eviction? Why mess with nominations, whatever happened to ” who goes – you decide”?
      And lastly, whatever happened to Live Feed, where WE could make up our own minds as to who would be out or who we wanted as our finalists?
      We dont want you messing with the formula and telling us that the “Social Media” way is better and the old BB is out of date. An important week like this and FaceBook voting is down? :angry:
      If you want continued support, :c5: , then try listening to the viewers, cos without them you dont have a show.
      Rant over! sorry folks

      • jennyjuniper on 6:36pm August 1 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Sammyvan, I just wanted to let you know that I was so disgusted at Conor’s family posting those horrible images and comments on Facebook, that I contacted the daily express ‘have you got a story’ section and asked them to write about the abuse against Deana, Luke A and Scott, now both inside and outside the house. I don’t know if they will write anything, but if more than me contacts them with the same thing, they might just do something, because BB is doing sweet f… all. :yes:

  11. When BMI Becky was on the bike she said calaries i need calaries to keep my obesity up…….. now she pretends to be offended.

  12. Orchid333 on 1:02pm August 1 '12

    Come on BB surely you are going to punish Ashleigh, Becky and Luke S for talking throught the white rooms walls.

    Does anyone know when Becky was supposed to have said she wish she could get a penis so she could piss all over Luke A? If she did say that, then that was a comment going too far.

    Becky has threatened to leave the house after Luke A’s BMI comment. Go on then – Good riddance. As if she would go without being evicted which hopefully is this Friday.

  13. Orchid333 on 1:14pm August 1 '12

    I was so surprised to see Sarah in the white room this morning with no make-up. Her complexion is so bad. I am a 64 year old woman and my complexion is so much beter than hers (blowing my own trumpet here LOL). sarah will not last long in there – she is whinging about no make-up; no hairdrier, no nail files and cold shower. It does not seem hard for them in there. – Again BB too easy on housemates !!!

    • She is Sara Orchid not Sara. I think the lights in there have really destroyed their skin. Deana’s is worse. She is all pimples and blemishes. Sara is still a very naturally pretty girl. She is bound to miss her make up etc as all girls can hardly go to the toilet without it these days lol. I do hope she lasts though she shouldnt just hand it to Luka S and the dreadful Conor on a plate

  14. the task has feck all to do with saras complexion how wht r u some kind of super model or look 18 from the back and 94 face on lol

    • Orchid333 on 2:14pm August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      How rude and illiterate are you? It was tongue in cheek really !!! You are obviously a fan of Sarah and there is nothing wrong with that – she appears a nice girl. :devil:

  15. i am neither rude and definetly not illiterate also this is my opioins so wht the feck has complexion got to do with ths task ur full of bad manners and ignorance u go sara get becks out nasty peice of work thts needing some work done lol

    • Orchid333 on 3:18pm August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      My comment was merely an observation of Sarah’s complexion. If someone goes into the house as a housemate, then they should expect viewers to have their opinions and observe them. How can I be ignorant of Sarah? We both know a lot about her because she has put herself up for praise and criticsm by entering BB.

      You are the ignorant one because you know nothing about me other than I am 64 year old woman with a young complexion!!!! I have not put myself on BB to be judged by you or anyone for that matter. Actually, you transposed the figures about my age. I look 49 from the front not 94. :bigsmile: As far as your comment about you not being iliterate is concerned, please check your spelling LOL :handshake: Can we now be adult and get back observing BB. Get Becky or Ashleigh out and Luke A; Adam; Deanna or Sarah to win (in that order). :whew:

  16. Fudge on 2:45pm August 1 '12
    Avatar of

    I see Ashleigh and Deana have fallen out over the shopping budget. They only have £180 to spend and Ashleigh is insisting that they spend some of that on cigarettes! After a week of chocolate and biscuits surely they are all dying for some vitamins? Apparently not. Trouble is Adam and Luke A can’t back up Deana on this as they are also addicts. Maybe they should all just split the money and buy their own stuff as suggested earlier. They would each have to have a safe and padlock supplied though!!!!!!

  17. yeah or becky would eat it all lol

  18. jennyjuniper on 3:22pm August 1 '12

    I wish BB would show some balls and tell the housemates about the stash under Becky’s bed.

  19. Becky has definitley got the biggest mouth in there, can’t stand the girl. :speechless:

  20. Orchid333 on 3:49pm August 1 '12

    When that cretin, Conor, laughs with his head slung back you can see all his nasty black fillings :puke: He needs to win some money to get them replaced with white ones. Whoops, sorry BIG BR, you will be saying to me – ” what has that got to do with tasks?” :bigsmile:

  21. orchid333 or shud tht be 666 ur jst as bad as becky and ashleighaslo we r not on ths forum to talk about ur complexion what r u some kind a cougar jog on :angry:

    • Orchid333 on 4:34pm August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Ha Ha – why are you called “BIG” BR????? You don’t have a sense of humour do you? I cannot imagine you know really what a cougar is. Get out to work and earn a living or do you pick up a giro!!! whoops sorry “biro” :giggle:

      • And you dont have to be rude back Orchid if your a mature woman like you said you are. Please everyone its ok to like or dislike housemates but we must try and get on with other posters and not say rude things to them whether provoked or otherwise :handshake:

        • Orchid333 on 8:58pm August 1 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          Kitty green – I think it was Big BR who was first rude to me after all I did was make an observation about sara !!! Look back at her own comments and her observations about Becky and her calling me the devil (666) and as far as her asking if I am a cougar, she could not be more wrong – I have been married happily to the same wonderful man for 43 years. Kitty, I appreciate your shaking of the hands symbol to me Maybe I let her wind me up too much and wanted to do the same to her which was probably wrong and I should have been the better person. :drink:

    • I dont think you are being very nice to Orchid to be honest. She just made a comment about the girls skin. We shouldnt be rude to each other Peace Please :handshake:

      • Yes, could we please refrain from insulting other posters. If any of the HMs have complexion probs. it is no wonder what with lack of sleep, stress and a diet of chocolate for the past week! Orchid was only making an observation. :kiss:

  22. AmericanCousin on 4:29pm August 1 '12

    Remember Becky and Ashleigh stole a bottle of wine. Did Fugshleigh’s pappy forget that? Did we forget that Caroline and Conor stole Deana’s chocolate early on? That whole crew are a bunch of theives, so what’s the problem when Adam took the tobacco BB provided for him because the bully bunch all well knew minus a few that the shopping list would be made into a weak attempt @ an unoriginal joke. Ashleigh didn’t deserve a damn cigarette because she didn’t have the brains nor cojones to stand up to Caroline. Friend or not, you wouldn’t get away with messing up the shopping. Also, Adam made a a good statement when he said a friend wouldn’t do that to a friend, even though Deana wanted to order brocc and chicken. Brocc and chicken is at least nutricious and not hard on the teeth.
    :music: Get Ashleigh or Becky out :music:

    • Orchid333 on 4:39pm August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Spot on AmericanCousin – you have reminded me of a few important misdemeanors which Ashliegh’s Dad obviously forgot about – or did he? :wink:

      • sammyvan on 10:54am August 2 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Dont think he forgot – maybe the apple does’nt fall too far from the tree?
        I am still trying to come to terms with the pathetic reasons some of the F & F gave for nomination. Sara’s mum did’nt even know what the word she used to describe Scott meant! Becky’ sister – no comment except to say they are as bad as each other, Ash’s dad??? Does he honestly accept his daughters behaviour on live TV? As for Conor and his dreadful F & F – they even had that disgraceful, sickening FB page that had to be closed – and had the absolute cheek to say Deana and Luke A were sly!!!
        I live in hope that sanity will prevail – and somehow the final three in the house will reflect decency. I also pray that Luke S will last out in the white room.

  23. Orchid333 on 4:44pm August 1 '12

    Just seen a clip where Scot is acting in the role of a Royal Correspondent. I cannot believe it but Becky did not know what a Royal Residence was and asked Scot if Diana was the Queen’s daughter!!!!!!!

  24. What was Beckys sister thinking. Okay Luke A said that about her BMI but at least he didn’t hurt her by saying it to her face. WHAT HER SISTER DONE WAS WORSE. She obviously didn’t think about Beckys feelings when she blurted out her nomination for Luke A. Thank goodness i dont have a sister like her. Becky didn’t hear that comment so was blissfully ignorant to it. Her sister could have came up with another excuse and waited until she was out of the house and in the arms of her “loving family” before telling her so that they could comfort her. Also no-one mentioned the fact that she has food hidden under her bed and is denying her “best friends” in the house a meal. I say get BECKY & ASHLEIGH out

    • Orchid333 on 5:45pm August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Ditto. And her sister must have known about the Conor rant about Deanna which is much worse than Luke A’s BMI comment. Luke A has apologised and I believe he is genuinely sorry. I love Luke A. :happy:

    • Belladonna on 6:36pm August 1 '12

      Becky’s sister knows that Luke A is the bookies second favourite to win; she took this opportunity to try and discredit Luke A in order to clear the path for Becky to win. Deana and Adam are her next targets. Apparently she thinks her revelation is enough to get Luke A voted off this Friday; boy, is she in for a surprise!

      • sammyvan on 11:02am August 2 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        As many have posted on this and other forums and sites – the reaction Becky had to the comment – and to Luke A, has had the opposite effect and Increased Luke A’s following and chances, while most viewers will ignore Becky. Not quite what she wanted!

      • Agreed, Bella! All the F/F know who the favourites are and who are the potential winners and did their best to discredit them. Only dimwits like Ashleigh would think they represent the feelings of the whole public. She’ll find out the truth tomorrow night. :giggle:

  25. Orchid333 on 5:57pm August 1 '12

    :wondering: Becky said the other night that she was disgusted with Luke A’s BMI comment. I did not think that it was a very nice comment. However, can anyone remember a while ago when the housemates were talking about Hitler and the second world war Becky said she did not know anything about it and was not interested in history and was not interested in knowing anything about the war. Isn’t that more disrespectful to the millions of people who gave up their lives so future generations of British people( including Becky) could live in a free country?

    • yeahyeahyeah on 10:14pm August 1 '12

      Yeah, not to mention how can Becky’s sister natter on about real soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, when probably neither her nor Becky know anything about war, either politically or historically.
      Deana’s soldier comment is in no way disrespectful to real soldiers, rather it’s a great compliment. Soldiers have stamina, as do the outsiders and that is why the reference was made. It’s in poor taste to suggest it’s disrespectful. And at no point has Deana ever said it was a war. Becky’s stupid sister was putting words in her mouth.

  26. Becky’s sister should have been more annoyed by Conners and Aarons tratment of her sister .

  27. Just wanna say, she is called Sara, not Sarah. You may have a younger complexion but it wont stop you becoming bad sighted and a forgetful *** ***

    • Orchid333 on 12:17am August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      OMG – check your text when you accuse me of becoming bad sighted. Did you not learn grammar darling at school? I wil not lower myself by having to become abusive by blocking out text which i do not believe should be shown. ie *** ***. !!!!

      • micky mouse lawyer lol lol lol

        • BIG BR – BACK OFF MATE.

          You are clearly very smart, but I think you’ve taken the original posting about Sara far too seriously. Go back and re-read it – it was light hearted. It was meant as a bit of banter.

          I would not like some one hounding my mother like this – would you?

          You will grow old yourself one day – so making ‘jokes’ based on someone’s age and appearance ain’t using your smart side – it just makes you look mean

          And you are not really doing anything to help you’re favourite housemate to win – you could even be losing her votes.

          She may have made a few flippant ill-judged comments in her responses – but we all make mistakes sometimes.


  28. listen old yin grow up goin on about saras complexion what age r you sound like an old battle axe oh n for ur information i do work i have my own buisness bet ur on the giro list scumbag that you are to orchid 666 :bigsmile:

  29. thank you llol ths orchid 333 been pulling me down telling me to check my spelling old ones youd think they have more sense thts what she called her sarah not sara as it shoud be so thank you onest again :clapping:

  30. adamlink on 7:13pm August 1 '12

    what a good task this looks like its going to be the one of the best task i hope big brother get more anoying and make them do stuff they wont wanna do

  31. brokenangel on 9:10pm August 1 '12

    What makes me laugh – twice her BMI have been referred to by Conor and Luke S and she laughs but makes a big drama out of it because she dislikes Luke A so much.

  32. brokenangel on 9:44pm August 1 '12

    Just had a nice experience :) I went to Luke A All the way group on FB, what lovely people- none of the nasty stuff like Becky’s and Conors.

  33. karen g on 10:05pm August 1 '12

    someone should send becky the old bad manners record :bigsmile:

  34. karen g on 10:07pm August 1 '12

    perhaps they will play when she is evicted on friday :giggle:

  35. That is great Brokenangel – but it is expected isn’t it! Luke A does his best to be a decent human being. Some of the others in the house seem to think that being nasty is attractive. Oh dear, talking of that – what about Becky and Ashleigh talking about Deana at the moment? Deana tried to have a reasonable conversation with them and immediately she leaves it is twisted.

    Wasn’t she wonderful when she was doing that funny dance to amuse Luke A? i think there is a lot to her that has been flattened because of the nasty reaction of other housemates – as she tried to explain to B and A.

    • brokenangel on 10:16pm August 1 '12

      I thought her dancing was great :) They don’t have a lot of tim out to have fun.

      Yes it was expected to visit a nice group, it is a closed group, I joined, they have no comments to hide that could be considered nasty etc against any other hm.

      Becky and Ashleigh are doing themselves no favours, give them enough rope :)

    • sammyvan on 11:15am August 2 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Did you hear what Shiv was saying on the BBots “dinner ” show? She was chatting to Lauren, Arron and Caroline, and said Deana was great fun in the house – she made people laugh and was great to be around! Not what we have seen in the HL shows – or heard from Conor?
      Ash and Becky are so full of spite and jealousy – especially when saying how much they hope she goes on Friday! :rofl: Dream on!
      The only way that could happen is if there is any truth in the reports that when phoning for Deana…..the voice then says thank you for voting for Becky!!! :angry: If this happens to anyone please come back here and tell us immediately. Thanks.

  36. yeahyeahyeah on 10:22pm August 1 '12

    Sara has left the White Room! All hope is lost! :(

  37. brokenangel on 10:31pm August 1 '12

    Well, I just hope Luke S pulls this off. Conor reckons he needs this more – well tough luck!

  38. Becky is very annoying but dull Deana is starting to show her sneaky n nasty side, guard dropping at last. So fake. No denying conor was out of order but that doesnt mean Deana’s a genuine person, she’s totally playing the game cz any criticism of her n she goes Aww i was messing, public r completely losing sight of what she is..such an actress n sorry ppl i accept she has a certain attractiveness but her eyes r too close togthr mouth too big n how did she win miss india uk???

    • sneaky? playing a game? dont think u could be watching the same show, shes speaking up cos shes had enough of those twats, i think shes a saint for not decking one of them yet, deana to win

    • sammyvan on 11:23am August 2 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Is this your ‘ laugh for the day’?
      Try living in a house where you are criticized every time you make a comment, where you have a great hulk telling you what ******** you are………………….and then tell me she does not have the right to feel depressed at times?She is a lovely girl.
      As for playing a game – errr..Hello – it is a game show? They are all playing some sort of game, some in a nice way and others – :puke:

  39. Im beginning to dislike Deana a bit also but I dont agree with you about her looks. I think she is stunning but she is really getting into too much bitching. I still want Sara and Luke A for the top two xx

    • The more I watch the more suspicious I become of Deana and Sara. I think I now want Luke A to win ,only because it will annoy BOTS who are trying to crucify him for one, heat of the moment comment which was actually spot on and funny.

      • microsis on 1:11pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Yes I don’t know what Sara is playing at

        Telling Becky that she don’t think Deana is a very nice person
        Didn’t she listen to her mother say that Becky spreads poison though out the house

        :music: :music: :music:

  40. micky mouse lawyer lol lol lol

  41. iloveinsiders on 12:54pm August 2 '12

    YAY CONNOR TO WIN 2K12 LOL WOO. :clapping:

  42. what a waste of time this task has been people chosen by bb the fans should have voted them in not bb’s .

  43. Gets worse when you hear that one of them will walk away with £50K tomorrow night,but leave the house and other one gets a pass to the final.

  44. connor is at his old trick of making it un comfortable for everyone with his loud and forceful opinions sara didn’t stand a chance in the wr lukes is to thick to see what he’s upto thats the way connor has been all along but only dose it to women bully.

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