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In Pictures: Day 70 in the Big Brother house
It's the last day of Big Brother 2012! Here are a selection of...
Alec | Day -304

It’s the last day of Big Brother 2012! Here are a selection of images of what the last five housemates have been getting up to ahead of tonight’s final.

Day 70 – the last day of the series and probably the slowest as the housemates nervously prepare for the live final in which one will be crowned winner of Big Brother and walk away with £50,000.

To pass the time, Adam, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara have been packing, plus in return for cleaning the house, Big Brother brought in the stylists to ensure the finalists look their best for this evening.

Here are the pictures from the housemates’ last day:

The live final gets underway from 9PM this evening on Channel 5.

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  1. very pleased that luke A WON XX :bigsmile:

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