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Big Brother 2012 ‘sumptuous’ house pictures unveiled
With Big Brother 2012 less than a fortnight away, Channel 5 have...
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With Big Brother 2012 less than a fortnight away, Channel 5 have released pictures of this year’s Big Brother house.

Ahead of the launch of Big Brother 2012 on the 5TH, Channel 5 have given fans and press of the show a preview of the most famous bungalow in Great Britain.

The theme for this year’s house can only be described as glitz and glamor that is fit for any king or queen.

Use the numbered boxes below to browse this years house via the photos below.

This year’s house is said to feature one of the largest living spaces ever before seen in the Big Brother house.

Along side the images, Channel 5 have also revealed that the house has been designed with old school Vegas glamor. The garden showcases two famous views from Nevada: the Vegas strip at dusk and the rocky outcrops of the Grand Canyon.

This year, the housemates’ every move will be recorded like never before. There are 40 fixed cameras, five manned cameras, six infra-red cameras and a tower camera that will provide never before seen angles of the house. The house will also feature 67 camera mirrors that have been strategically positioned across the entire house meaning that, as ever, there will be nowhere for the housemates to hide.

Susy Price, Executive Producer for Big Brother at Initial adds:
“This year, the house has been given a complete facelift both structurally and aesthetically, combining aspirational sleekness with old school Vegas glamour. It may look like a summer paradise but for housemates this will be no holiday.”

Steve Gowans, Head of Factual Entertainment, Channel 5 comments:
“This year’s house has been designed to transport the housemates into a world combining the exuberance of Las Vegas with the rugged Wild West. It will provide a dramatic backdrop to this summer’s series, in which housemates will be put through some of the most exciting challenges to date.”

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Big Brother on Channel 5 will be produced by Endemol UK ’s production arm Initial. Channel 5’s Head of Factual Entertainment, Steve Gowans, will oversee the new series for the channel. Katy Smith, Denis O’Connor and Susy Price are the Executive Producers of Big Brother and Nick Samwell-Smith is Creative Director of Initial.

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PS: Thanks to those who supported and respected our decision to follow and keep to the 00:01HRS embargo set by Channel 5.

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  1. I am loving this years house! Much better then last years by far.

    (Comment submitted pre-public release)

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  2. jordannn on 12:01am May 25 '12

    love them

  3. I’m loving the house – one of the nicest yet! The best thing is, this is only the ‘summer’ version! We have the Celebrity version to come later in the year too!!

  4. der fukn stunnin so dey r y cnt tbrook b dat stnnin 4?:/xxx

  5. Ohh, we can’t even see the kitchen, or what ever the huge thing is near the door, is there gunna be more pics over time, I really wanna know what that kitchen loos like :D

    • They do tend to bring out a couple more before launch. With 11 days to go, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

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  6. microsis on 12:09am May 25 '12

    Wow. I love the diaryroom door ,the whole house is fantastic ,get those hm in there :yes: :yes:

    • Tombolian on 1:32am May 25 '12

      Can’t wait to see the door in motion, like a ‘Sparklets’ or ‘Alhambra’ sign.

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  7. godlives on 12:20am May 25 '12

    have to admit i do like that diary room door and the garden best !

  8. Tombolian on 1:31am May 25 '12

    Ahhhh, smell that ‘new house’ smell! I wonder if those beds tilt? Or if they gave more consideration to building the backyard so the HMs can’t ‘escape’ via the roof! :tongueout:
    Freakin’ sweet pad!

  9. Biddy on 4:30am May 25 '12

    Superb!!! :love: the house this year,,,the garden is the best ever,,,just hope the weather stays good for them!!!

    • microsis on 12:10pm May 25 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      It appears that the only access to the bedroom ,and bathroom is the garden ,,,,,,,, the pool looks awfully close to the bedroom door ,,hope no one sleepwalks

      • Joseph on 7:40pm May 25 '12
        MEMBER (176 COMMENTS)

        Haha that wouldn’t be good :giggle: To me it looks like one of the bedroom doors goes into the garden and the one next to it goes into the living area, not completely sure though… Either way, I like how each room leads out into the garden, it’s a sort of central point to the house.

  10. adamlink on 9:16am May 25 '12

    nice house this about time they did a new house

  11. coff3e on 9:54am May 25 '12

    well it still has that sorta layout nd that litle fermilua stuff about like the couch mear the shower cbb 10 i think wt about everyone els? :c5:

  12. catherine campbell on 10:24am May 25 '12

    wow cant wait I just love big bro

  13. on 10:27am May 25 '12

    Love it! The garden is excellent. Diary room door is ace. Can’t wait to see the dr chair, always the thing i look forward to most.

  14. Sally on 10:58am May 25 '12

    I love the garden with its alfresco dining area.The swimming pool looks much bigger than in previous years.Is that for an olympic swimming event. No diving please :giggle: Let hope the weather is good.

  15. Sally on 11:54am May 25 '12

    I like the diary room door,but is that a step I see. oh dear. :giggle:

  16. coxyy on 5:02pm May 25 '12

    :rofl: amazing house! best ever, but garden the best bit! LOVE IT!! eexcept the bathroom doesnt really match the rest of the house though :wink:

  17. Joseph on 7:31pm May 25 '12

    It’s nice and big/open, and the furnishings look great! Very jealous of the people who get to spend 9 weeks in there :crying: :bigsmile:

  18. mckbeth on 1:12pm May 26 '12

    :love: yay! so excited :) sounds like there’ll be some interesting things happening this season since the above photos state that the bedroom and bathroom can only be accessed via the garden, wonder what tricks BB will use that for!?

  19. 130 on 2:16pm May 26 '12

    I love the house it reminds me of a bb USA house :bigsmile: I hope brain will tour the house :whew:

  20. stella on 10:12pm May 26 '12

    love the house must be running few more if built 2 new houses :)

  21. MonkiePoodle on 2:35am May 27 '12

    :c5: Has done it BIG again. Unfortunately, I am forced to watch partial snippets here in the U.S. on YouTube. Have watched this way for 5 seasons. My husband and I should just move to the U.K. for the summer. The U.K. version is heads and tails above the U.S. contrived version. In the U.S. version the housemates vote each other off, instead of, as lovely Brian says, “the Great British public”.

    Looking forward to a grand season,

    • Tombolian on 6:11am May 27 '12

      MonkiePoodle! Another with my perspective 100%, I couldn’t agree more! But why do you get only snippets? I see the whole thing, but it has to be within a few days of live. We can discuss if you’d like?

      • I was wondering if you ever tgohhut of changing the structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  22. microsis on 9:00am May 27 '12

    Cant really see how many beds there are ,?? :shake: :shake:

  23. Biddy on 9:10am May 27 '12

    “And the little one said roll over” :music: There looks like a super king there,,holds about 4 people…. :giggle: :giggle:

  24. BBNut on 5:23pm May 27 '12

    Impressive looking house but where’s the rest of it?! Seems the garden is the biggest room in the house. Why the Las Vegas/Wild West theme? Interesting. Just hope they have chosen a diverse group of housemates of all ages I’m getting the feeling they have judging by the wildcard descriptions. I know this is Big Brother but is it too much to ask for some normal people?! Shaping up to be a good series. Would also like Bit on The Side to actually focus on the show and the housemates otherwise it is a dreadful show. We need the psychology element back and more footage seeing as we don’t have 24 hour live feed. Millions need to tune into the live feed so they can possibly reinstate it, it is the only formula missing to make it an all round winning format! Can’t wait for it to begin now, a scorching summer should help things along nicely if we have one and if there’s plenty of eye candy! :clapping:

  25. :nod: :talking: :talking: :bandit: :bandit: :poolparty: :pizza: :shake: :) :poolparty:

  26. :bigsmile: This year’s house looks fantastic and I can’t wait till the 5th for the show to start

  27. LukeCalder on 3:17pm June 3 '12

    I love the house this year! Especially the beautiful garden! Can’t wait for Tuesday! :rofl:

  28. i think the house looks well nice it reminds me of the one in usa it has a glam side to it cant wait for bb to start xx

  29. :whew: housemates are good

  30. Why have you been in so many many many bands? Do they throw you out?The other band members can’t hladne the competition for the females?Or did all the pubs close down..?

  31. str-8-edge on 9:20pm August 12 '12


  32. :wink: wanted caroline to win so badly, so upset she dint also sad connor went, loved him !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. iiked adam but dint like deana or luke A

  34. favourites were connor, ashleigh, scot, caroline, sara, luke s, adam, lauren, becky, arron, cris, loved them all, too bad no one good won

  35. like new house mates couldof put more knowable pople in but never mind

  36. As usual loving the house pplease give us more julian to win

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