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Wildcard housemates leaked ahead of launch
Three wildcard housemates have been leaked online ahead of the Big...
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Three wildcard housemates have been leaked online ahead of the Big Brother launch this Tuesday.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that the public would choose one of three wildcard housemates to enter the Big Brother house, in an attempt to revive the show, creating it fresh and innovative.

However, five days before the show launches, Big Brother’s plans have been discovered. It appears that the three wildcard housemates are: Anthony, Bhavesh and Rebecca.

It appears that the online voting would be tied up with social media site Twitter, for the very first time in UK history, where fans would be able to choose one ‘wildcard’ housemate via their Twitter account to enter the Big Brother house. The one with the most amount of votes would then gain housemate status.

Here is the snapshot of the online voting site, together with the three housemates and profiles:

As you can see from the above picture, each ‘wildcard’ housemate has extreme personalities and very outrageous caption pictures.

Currently, the website which this snapshot has been taken from ( is showing the following:

It seems as though the ‘wildcard’ favorite will be revealed on Friday 8th June at 10pm, creating doubts over the alleged eviction night – only three days into the launch of the show.

No details are visible whether the voting service will be provided for free, neither have these three ‘wildcard’ housemates been confirmed.

Let us know what you think of the ‘wildcard’ housemates and the early release found by Big Brother fans. Has it spoilt the surprise of launch night, or has it made you even more excited?…

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  1. If these are the wildcard housemates, then Channel 5 have made a very silly mistake – hehe!

  2. coxyy on 10:38pm June 1 '12

    when were we allowed to vote? i dont like anyone of them to be honest, i like normal people going into the house not complete freaks

    • This was not ‘public’ – some clever (and nosey) person found it while they was still developing it. If they do go ahead and use this platform, then we will vote from Tuesday onwards. So don’t worry, you have not missed your chance to vote for a wildcard just yet.

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  3. Liking the choices already.

    Big Brothers all about the characters
    wasnt impressed with last years selecrion.
    Too Baywatch. This is lookin good ;-)

  4. Joseph on 10:43pm June 1 '12

    The pictures appear to match up with the descriptions given by Jamie East and the Daily Star when the wildcard twist was revealed… Oh dear Channel 5 :giggle:
    Unrelated, but I have just this minute seen BB advertised on Channel 4 :surprised:

  5. From a watching point of view, then they have hit the nail on the head with picking loud expressive housemates for the wildcard housemates.

    So come on, if you could pick one to enter the house based on what you see above, who would you move into the bungalow?

    Me personally I would pick Bhavesh as he reminds me a little of Shebangs (Shahbaz from BB7) with his description with a little mix of BB6 Anthony.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  6. GUTTED the launch night is on Tuesday.I’ll be at work and will miss it, yes I’ll record it but its not the same as watching it live, why did you have to change it???? not bothered who the wild card is they all look like a bunch of knobs!!! Is there gonna be any LIVE FEED??? really dont think I could be a**ed wasting my time watching it this year, sorry BB you fu**ed up already…Launch night TUESDAY.. JUBILEE NIGHT NO NO :no: should have stuck to FRIDAY…used to love watching it but you just lost a viewer BEFORE ITS STARTED :angry:

  7. microsis on 12:01am June 2 '12

    My choice has got to be Anthony… the Goth… the man in black :yes:

  8. BBNut on 2:20am June 2 '12

    Oh dear…it seems no lessons have been learnt from the latter Channel 4 series’ and 5 seem to think we still want a freak show…let’s see how it pans out… :mmm:

  9. Superowl on 7:49am June 2 '12

    i would have voted for Rebecca, she looks like she would drive the other housemates crazy :D

  10. I would vote for none they are all rubbish :no: youve broken my heart bb :brokenheart:

  11. Sally on 10:34am June 2 '12

    Leaked or deliberate.Are :c5: Playing games? :wondering: I would choose Rebecca.She wont shut up will eat all the food and may annoy the other housemates but she looks full of fun :nod:

  12. stella on 2:30pm June 2 '12

    :wink: like the look of anthony

  13. With the reveal they should not be eligible to enter the house, we need actual surprises.

  14. Fraser on 6:01pm June 2 '12

    I think that they are all great! I would probably Vote for Bhavesh though :bigsmile:

  15. I saw the pic of Anthony and thought it was Halfwit at first. Too bad!

  16. Yeah, who let Halfwit back in?

  17. BBNut on 5:15pm June 3 '12

    I love BB but i think Channel 5 are taking the p*** asking us to pay and vote housemates in as well as pay to vote them out when we have literally zero live feed, what is the point if we can’t get to know them?! I’m boycotting all voting this time around and i think others should do the same as it’s the only way to get the message across. I’m aware it’s an old age debate now but it just sucks not being able to dip in and out whenever we want to and yet there are endless hours of tacky tedious teleshopping! I already expect the ratings are going to take a battering this year with all the sports events on and in protest of no live feed…the series could bomb and turn into a complete disaster. Two days to launch and i just haven’t got that buzz of anticipation anymore. And now they are planning to introduce celebrities, what the heck is CBB for?! 5 are heading for a catalogue of errors which are going to backfire spectacularly if they aren’t careful. Give us the BB we want!!

  18. I personally like freaks.Normal people are boring.Housemate haven been to normal resent years.5,6 and 7 season were so good.Because there was so weird personallitys.

  19. BBNut on 6:26pm June 3 '12

    I’m pleased this year’s housemates vary in age it was a grave mistake keeping out under 30′s last year.

  20. lorna22 on 3:36pm June 7 '12

    OMG rebecca has to go in just to liven the housemates up and get all the housemates laughing…. she would be a brilliant addition to the house….. :rofl:

  21. REBECCA will be amazing! X

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