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Who nominated who? – Round 2
The celebrity housemates nominated for the second time yesterday...
Alec | Day -294

The celebrity housemates nominated for the second time yesterday ahead of Friday evening’s eviction. Read on to find out who nominated who.

Shortly after Jasmine became the first evictee on Wednesday night, the remaining twelve celebrities were called to the diary room for the second round of nominations this series.

It was the first time the group had carried out the process in the traditional way, after previously being made to nominate face-to-face in week 1.

Here’s how the nominations unfolded:


His first nomination was for Mike, aka “the occasional table” and ‘The Situation’, saying that he had had enough of him. Julian dubbed The Situation as “sexist, dense with a body like a bag of spanners.” His second nomination was for Prince Lorenzo. “He’s well meaning but has no character and is a bit dull.”


Her first nomination was for Prince Lorenzo. She claimed that the Prince did not fit in with the group. Her second nomination was for Coleen. Julie mentioned that during the pie throwing task Coleen said “everyone would like to pie Bet Lynch.”


Martin’s first nomination was for Coleen and cited that she had been “unfair to Sam” about something she had written. His second nomination was for Rhian, “Purely because I don’t know her that well.” He said that he felt Rhian avoided him and “may have a problem with talking to me.”


Cheryl nominated Samantha saying “she’s not sure of her, a little bit dodgy and there is a game plan that she doesn’t particularly like.” Her second nomination was for Mike. “There’s something a little bit snidey about him.”


The fifth housemate to nominate was Prince Lorenzo whose first nomination was for Cheryl. “She called me a plant and it upset me.” His second nomination was for Julian. “I don’t know who he is; he hasn’t made an effort to talk me.”


Coleen’s first nomination was for Mike because they are not connecting and thinks they are on different planets. Her second nomination was for Julie. “I feel uneasy in her company, I don’t know if she’s being fake.”


Samantha nominated Julian and said “I don’t feel supported by him and is like a cold fish.” Her second nomination was for Rhian. “I don’t like how she’s playing and manipulating Ashley in the house.”


Harvey’s first nomination was for Danica as he’s still not clear on what she does. His second nomination was for Julian because “he’s never involved and playing it safe.”


Next to nominate was Ashley whose first nomination was for Danica. He claimed she’s being fake. His second nomination was for Julian. “I don’t know much about him and he keeps himself to himself with ‘me Julie.”


Danica nominated Julian saying “there’s a sense of awkwardness, I don’t understand him as a person.” Her second nomination was for Prince Lorenzo. “All of a sudden he stopped talking to me and he shouldn’t have judged me before he got to know me.”


Rhian was next to nominated and chose Samantha. “She took Jasmine’s side and has been a bit distant.” She also nominated Cheryl because “she has a defensive side which makes me feel uncomfortable.”


The final housemate to nominate was The Situation who nominated Coleen because they have differences in communication. Cheryl is his second nomination. “She didn’t get me straight away and she thought I wasn’t as nice as I am.”


With five nominations, Julian will face the public vote with Cheryl, Mike, Coleen and Lorenzo who each received three nominations.

What do you make of the housemates’ reasons for nominating?

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  1. jennyjuniper on 7:50am August 24 '12

    I think it was unfair of BOTS last night to give air time to Coleen’s sister, when none of Cheryl’s, Julian’s, Lorenzo’s or Mike’s family/friends had the same treatment. And wasn’t the Nolan woman aggressive!! I felt sorry for ‘Mr.Julie’ as every time he tried to talk about Julie, the Nolan sister huffed and sighed quite dramatically. If those two sisters are alike, then it’s Coleen who is the diva, not Julie, as Coleen would have us believe.

  2. Confused on 11:05am August 24 '12

    Get Diva Coleen out. BOTS has become a rudderless embarrassment. Coleen must have a relative on the production team. Her sister shouldn’t have been allowed on the show, but to put her up against a kind, shy non-professional guy and let her go on and on was a disgrace. It is clear BOTS scrapes the bottom to find guests, but even they should have some standards.

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