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VIDEO: Who likes who? According to Conor
In the early hours of last night, in a discussion with Adam and...
Alec | Day -336

In the early hours of last night, in a discussion with Adam and Luke A, Conor revealed who he thinks likes who, and more importantly who doesn’t.

The conversation, which happened in the kitchen area of the house is right on the edge of discussing nominations, and it is yet to be said if Big Brother will let this go or not.

From the little snippet of video Channel 5 have released, it seems that Conor maybe finding an escape goat in Caroline and suggesting that she is the reason for his actions and bitchiness in the house. This was also supported in a recent Diary Room visit where he says that it’s her fault he has been so bitchy. This slightly contrasts what he has already said to Caroline as he as stated that he wants her to win (if he does not of course!).

It does seem that Conor could be telling Adam and Luke A that if the results of the public vote are that he is evicted, then they’ll be put in a place of jeopardy when it comes to nominations.

Anguk who is a forum member on DigitalSpy said:
“Conor knows that if he survives on Friday he has at least 2 nominations on Monday from Deana and Becky. He knows that Luke A, Adam and Caroline don’t get on, he’s just making sure they nominate her instead of him.”

[vimeo id="45634217" caption="Adam, Conor and Luke A run through who's friends with who in the House, focusing particularly on Caroline..."]

Let us know your thoughts on the above clip, which certainly is mind baffling. Is he sucking up, just stirring the pot or could it be something else?

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  1. I would LOVE to hear what a proper psychologist has to say about this clip!

    He is a slime ball aint he? But then again; that is the aim of the game.

    He will go on Friday – which im starting to think maybe it’s not the best result. He seems to be more entertaining in argument value out of him and Shievonne. Although Shievonne is funny at other things.

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    • That was all done to get them to think Caroline liked them so they won’t nominate her. Conor wants her to win. If he doesn’t go, he & Caroline will team up.

    • dragon on 4:42pm July 12 '12

      Reporter if you want Lauren to win you would have to make sure Shievonne was booted out as she is making a lot of trouble for Lauren. She is slowly going from housemate to housemate, saying horrible things about Lauren.

      • Jules on 4:54pm July 12 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        I agree Dragon, Shievonne is stirring for the three outsiders with Deanna and Deanna maybe taking it all in. Thus who ever goes it will mean that Deanna may go against the outsiders. A bit twofaced if she does tbh. She says she trusts Adam but it is questionable tbh as she was all over Lauren the other day. I am really hoping that she doesnt turn away from them as I would like to see them all as the final four.

  2. Lesley on 1:03pm July 12 '12

    He’s dead right in all he has said. Hopefully Shievonne will be evicted tomorrow night, She’s manipulative and sly and has managed to totally fuck with Deana’s head. As for Caroline – she is nastiness personified. Conor FTW!

  3. Jillie on 1:23pm July 12 '12

    Conor gets more deplorable by the day. If there is any justice in the world he should be gone on Friday

  4. Jules on 2:00pm July 12 '12

    Whatever he was trying to do he was very unsettled, just watch his body language. I would say he was definitely stirring. Nothing new there then eh!!!

  5. Fudge on 2:04pm July 12 '12
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    Damage limitation for this week or forward planning for nominations next week? Too late Conor, you’ve run out of friends. How stupid exactly does he think the British viewing public are that they can’t see through what he is doing?? Crikey. :cool:

  6. sammyvan on 5:43pm July 12 '12

    This person is on the edge. His body language, his facial ‘tic’, nervous laugh…..everything says how close he is to loosing the plot. I would not like to be around him when he does explode! He is always bitching happily to Caroline – about all the HM’s. Now he’s talking about her? The man’s a fruit cake! Choice between Shiv and Conot to go………….no contest. Has to be Conor this week. Shiv may be trying to set Deana up, but Conor is the one who really hates her with a passion.

    • Fudge on 5:49pm July 12 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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      :clapping: Sammyvan – the voice of reason! You said all I wanted to say and more. :cool:

    • jennyjuniper on 5:55pm July 12 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Too right Sammyvan. The trouble with Conor is he thinks Adam and Luke A are as thick as he is! They aren’t and can think for themselves. This ‘chummy’ act has come far too late.
      As for Deana, she is really an enigma. I’ve sussed out (I think) most of the others, but Deana is either incredibly naive by beleiving Shievonne, or she is being extremely clever by having us feel sorry for her for being duped by Shievonne. What do you think Sammyvan?

      • sammyvan on 7:02pm July 12 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Must admit, Jenny, after watching a few clips on the Shiv/Deana ‘chat’, I am left wondering if Deana is incredibly naive? or too trusting. Could be that she is desperate for someone to trust, for a friend in that unbelievably unpleasant house. Shiv initailly seemed different to Caroline, the malicious gossip, and the promiscuous Ash. Maybe Deana thought of her as a friend-in-need? Also, much as I like Lauren, i have noticed her flitting from group to group and person to person………is she just trying to fit in or can she be trusted? I would have liked Lauren to ‘stand up for’ Deana yesterday and not just walk away. Very easy to say that she was ‘looking daggers’ at Shiv, but why do they not actually support a supposed ‘friend’ in the house? I honestly think Deana is something not often found in the BB house – a good person.
        I was going to give this week a miss initailly as I dont support either, but now [ having heard Conor is getting votes ] I am getting behind Shiv. We have to get him out!

        • Fudge on 7:41pm July 12 '12
          MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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          Sammyvan, we are on the same flight path tonight!!! You have said everything I wanted to say, but you have said it so much better! Thank you. I was talking in chat this afternoon and said that maybe Deana is just too nice a person to be in the house at all. Not that I want her to leave, just would like the others to treat her with some respect.
          Totally agree about Conor too. He should have been gone a fortnight ago, via the tradesmen’s entrance. :cool:

      • D3S1-J4TT on 7:06pm July 12 '12
        MEMBER (29 COMMENTS)

        She is very naive, not cunning like most of the house mates, I think she just doesn’t realise how nasty and ruthless people can be to win a massive amount of money, i know few girls like deana who dont realise When they are being used and manipulated by other people, She’s a cat thrown into a wolves den..

  7. monty on 6:49pm July 12 '12

    it’s all getting too bitchy. whoever goes this week should weaken the gameplay. My thoughts are let them all nominate next week then BB says the housemates up for eviction this week are …. and names all of them. Watch them trying to work out how that happened. :evilgrin:

  8. Recker on 7:27pm July 12 '12

    This is the one week I would vote for Connor to stay. Only because Shiv is less likely than Connor to be up for eviction again next week…and she needs to go!

  9. AmericanCousin on 1:21am July 13 '12

    I say get Conor out, because he is the backbone to the machine. Shiev can go some other time-why? because we know her mouth is gonna get her in trouble again. Get Conor’s nasty behind out!

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