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White Room Twist: Guaranteed final place plus £25K?
Big Brother is planning a shocking twist by giving one wannabe a...
Alec | Day -325

Big Brother is planning a shocking twist by giving one wannabe a free ticket to the final.

Show bosses will stage an explosive challenge next month away from the Housemates will be taken to a special location called the White Room where they will have to go head-to-head for the free pass.

Bosses were last night keeping tightlipped about what the contestants will be faced with. But the Daily Star reveals that they will be pitted against each other to see who wants to win the most.

One of the housemates will also have the opportunity to get their hands on £25,000 of the £100,000 prize money before the reality series has even finished.

A show insider said: “There has been so much game playing this year that we decided to turn up the heat. This will really expose the housemates who are desperate to win.

“They may well get their golden ticket to the final but at what cost?”

What do you make of the white room twist?

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  2. As long as Luke A, Adam, Deana or Sara win i will be a happy bunny :) :love: :bigsmile: :cool: :music:

  3. It will be a shame if the outsides don’t win as they all deserve a place in the final! shame that Lauren wasn’t there to join them :sadsmile: COME ON LUKE A, ADAM, DEANA OR SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :bigsmile: :cool: :music: :yes: :handshake: :nerd: :hi:

    • Jack0O0O on 2:05pm July 25 '12

      Personally i backing sara to win but any of them that you have listed i would be happy with, think luke a should relax a bit more and not focus on what other think about him dont blame him for it but he shouldnt care cause he got good mates of of his big brother experienece

  4. I’d love to see Caroline or becky get their comeuppance. Come on BB lets see those insiders suffer!!

  5. northernmonkey on 4:46pm July 23 '12

    By hook or by crook – Conor shall somehow win this and be safe, BB have seemed determined to get him to the final.

  6. :itwasntme: :happy: :beer: :blush: :angry: :brokenheart: :love: :handshake: :love: :love: :puke: :puke: :sweating: :music: :music: :no:

  7. Recker on 5:19pm July 23 '12

    So C5 has finally figured out they put the wrong people in the house this year and want to inject new blood. Hey C5, just write this one off and start better next year.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you. Although some of the housemates have been volatile it has been one of the most watchable BB in years. I turned it off last year as it wasn’t very interesting. Luke A to win!

  8. jennyjuniper on 5:21pm July 23 '12

    I’m inclined to agree with Northernmonkey. Last night Luke A said to Conor that the next task might give immunity. Conor sneeringly replied ‘F… immunity’ Either he’s overconfident because he’s survived so far, or he knows something we don’t.

    • He really thinks that hes going to win, we must get him out this week it is out last chance. The nastiness the comes across his face, I really wish I was in there, why dont they stand up to him, what can he do to them with BB watching, notice that he didnt go too far with Adam…. oh but then Adam isnt a woman. Make your votes count this week for women everywhere who put up with men like Conor.

    • luke a is sooo boring if hes stays any longer i will be turning the telly off

  9. MarkSalem on 5:21pm July 23 '12

    I really want Luke A to be able to buy his willy.

  10. BigBrother2011 on 6:28pm July 23 '12

    LOOOOL! Adam, Ashleigh, Caroline, Conor, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara all up for eviction this week. That is everyone accept Becky and Scott.

  11. 5169paul on 6:50pm July 23 '12

    good its about time bb listen to the public i just wished it was a vote to evict and not to save. i want to see the look on their faces when bb reads out the names, i did predit that adam luke and deana would be up, but not a single nom for that slime ball becky :devil: a secret task for one hm to walk off with 25000 out of the winners pot. i hope its luke a and he can have his new willy and i mean that sincerely cos it will fulfill his life :love:

  12. AaronBadenMoore on 7:33pm July 23 '12

    Cannot wait for this! :bigsmile:

  13. Is this Big brother uk? Because who are those people in the photo???

    • Sally on 8:17pm July 23 '12
      MEMBER (2376 COMMENTS)

      Who knows who they are maybe they are extras. Maybe just models for the photo the white room is a mystery? :rofl: :rofl:

      • They are contestants from the Australian Big Brother in 2007 who entered the white room to vie for one last chance to become a housemate after missing out on initial selection to be in the main house. The object of the white room is to pit the BB hopefuls against each other in a battle of endurance within a mundane and tedious setting such as a white room where white clothes have to be worn every day and only food coloured white is to be consume.

        So, the person who resists the temptation to leave by pressing the red buzzer in the centre of the room wins full housemate status. So, :c5: are going to base their white room task on that but I think their will be a few changes to the original concept.

  14. marieowen on 8:24pm July 23 '12

    get caroline out…

  15. about time bb nice to see the nice people stay get rid of the insiders

  16. How come there isn’t Becky’s name in the list. how she irritates me

  17. brokenangel on 9:57pm July 23 '12

    Big phone bill coming up, voting to save Deana, Luke A and Adam, I want them to stay that much. They deserve it ;)

  18. flossie on 10:13am July 24 '12

    yeah.. i dont care about the big phone bill.. just glad to see conor and caroline up… like most other opinions on this, i feel some of the quieter ones will go, if thats the case, picking off the ‘insiders’ gradually will have to do, i know sara isnt the worst, but she voted against the ‘outsiders’ last week.

  19. As a northern irish person i just want to say that conor is in no way what the normal northern irish guys are, he is a disgrace to northern irish,hope he is out this week should have been out weeks ago.

  20. Just hope this new twist does not give immunity to Connor. Somehow, then the outsiders would lose!! BB, we are the viewers and when it comes down to it, the “good” should beat the bad”! As long as Deana, Luke A, Adam & Sarah are at the final, I will be happy. :lipssealed: :doh: :whew: :sadsmile:

  21. on 7:17pm July 25 '12

    bb hitting a brick wall unless they come up something things cannot go on as they are voters will boycott

  22. Sally on 7:33pm July 26 '12

    Another few more votes for the outsiders please.

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