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White Room task unveiled
Sara, Conor and Luke S have entered The White Room, with whoever...
| Day -317

Sara, Conor and Luke S have entered The White Room, with whoever lasts the longest winning a pass to the Big Brother 2012 final.

As the four with the fewest nominations this week, Sara, Conor, Luke S and Scott were given one minute to decide which three of the remaining nine housemates would enter the mysterious White Room to play for a ‘money can’t buy prize’.

Scott ruled himself out claiming not to like tasks, making way for the other three to choose themselves to compete in the room.

Once inside, the trio were informed that they would be divided from the house for the next four days in order to win a pass to the final.

Provided with white outfits for the duration of the task, they will play three games on day 1:

Game 1 – Space Race

This is a physical game in which one Housemate wears a suit with elasticated bungees that connect their joints making it very difficult to move and stretch. The aim is to fill a tube up with as much milk as possible but the clock is ticking. The Housemate is told that the quicker they fill up the tube, the greater their reward will be.

Game 2 – Hammer Slammer

A grey matt outlines the game area that a Housemate will be standing in to play game 2. Thirty-six white cups are stuck upside down onto a raised table. Inside 10 of these cups are balls filled with blue paint. The Housemates know where these are as they have seen a graphic on the plasma screen that shows them which cups the paint balls are hiding in. However, they only see this for 30 seconds before the screen disappears.This is a memory game.

The Housemate has 1 minute to hit 26 of the cups, leaving 10 standing. Housemates are not allowed to confer. If they hit any of the cups containing the blue paint they will incur a fail. Housemates are told that their efforts will be considered at the end of the task.

Game 3 – To Be Confirmed

Details of game 3 will be confirmed later today.

Housemates outside of the room in the main house will play exactly the same tasks later today and aim to beat the White Room’s results in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

A special 75-minute live show will air on Channel 5 tomorrow (Wednesday) night from 9PM with coverage of the task.

What are your thoughts on the first details of The White Room?

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  1. Michella on 3:58pm July 31 '12

    Its wrong that Adam could not compete. He had too few votes to be up for eviction yet too many to compete in a task?

  2. Xavier on 4:02pm July 31 '12

    If Adam didn’t get two nomination votes, Big Brother would have changed the rules completely in order to exclude Adam or Sara from entering the White Room. I don’t believe Sara would be able to stick it in therefore I my 2nd choice to win I guess would be Luke S. Tbh they are both up there own asses about winning that I don’t really want to watch them in this task. Can’t wait for Celebrity Big Brother, It’s much better than this.

    And I massive F*** You to :c5:

  3. karen g on 4:12pm July 31 '12

    breaking news-big brother has hurt his back. where he keeps moving the goal posts. what a con for the con. im gonna save some money cos not gonna bother to vote any more.

    • jennyjuniper on 5:14pm July 31 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      It’s not often I want Luke S to succeed at something, but if Sara gives in I hope Luke S wins the white room task. Simply because it’s become a farce now, the amount of times Conor has got away with his nasty unacceptable behaviour. I’m not very computer friendly myself, but all you young whiz kids out there, can’t you find some connection to Conor and Denis O’Connor, or anyone else on the production team? Because there has got to be a reason why he’s allowed to get away with so much.

  4. It would be really nice if Sara hangs in there and puts some effort in to everything they have them to in that room!

  5. Joanna on 4:13pm July 31 '12

    Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.
    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

    Someone please tell me why this so called ‘gentleman’ deserves a place in the final? How disgraceful is he!


  7. yeahyeahyeah on 4:40pm July 31 '12

    I really can’t believe this. I can’t believe that it’s all insiders gone into the White Room, while almost all the outsiders are up for eviction. And say what you want, but I don’t consider Sara to be an outsider, and I will be sure surprised if she has the endurance to beat out both Conor and Luke S. What’s worse, is they know what they are competing for as well, so there is no way in hell that they will walk. And what happens if they walk? Is that it? Are they evicted then? Or do they still get to go back into the house to take their chances and face the public vote? The only saving grace so far that I can see is that they haven’t yet announced that they will divide the prize money…but that will probably be announced tomorrow during the live WR show. And how obvious is Adam’s exclusion. He is the ONLY housemate that isn’t up for eviction that didn’t even get a chance to go into the White Room! Yeah, I agree with Xavier above…and on behalf of Adam, a BIG F YOU, :c5: ! :fubar:

  8. Adam should be safe to win against Luke S or Conor – and no worries, Luke and Conor will just make themselves look even more ridiculous in that room fighting and competing with each other.

  9. im sure like many people ive watched bb right from the beginning and seriously this year has been the most disappointing for me,bb has totally let people off with so much i.e bullying,bitching,talking abt noms etc,the insiders have got away with murder(not literally obviously) :wink: and ive just abt had enough,if this blatant favouritism towards the “insiders” carrys on i think this might be the last year i tune in..very poor work bb!!! GET BECKY,CONOR,LUSHLEIGH OUT!!!

  10. Sally on 5:17pm July 31 '12

    I hope Sara wins the free pass to the final. if not then Luke s I dont want to see Conor in the final.

  11. Orchid333 on 5:27pm July 31 '12

    What a surprise – Adam (outsider) is the only one not to have the choice of going into the white room. BB you are so transparently manipulative. Do you really think that members of the public are stupid? Unfortunatley the demise of this show commenced when channel 5 took over from channel 4. I will not be watching BB next year – that is if it still has any ratings by then. Which I very much doubt !!!! BB does not listen to us viewers which makes me think that it has no respect for us !!! BB obviously wanted that selfish self obsessed cretin conor to go into white room !!! Maybe they want him to verbally abuse more females. Must be a ratings winner for BB !!!!

  12. They should not tell them that the last one has a pass to the final, I thought Conor didnt care about immunity anyway, whoevers pulling the strings at BB will ensure he wins anyway, yes hopefully we will have Adam, Sara and Deana in the final but Conor will win.

  13. Recker on 5:39pm July 31 '12

    Who else isn’t surprised BB found a way to get Conor to the final by usurping our ability to vote him out? Blatant favouritism.

  14. oscar9 on 6:34pm July 31 '12

    well people you have all had your say on here now hit them where it hurts tune into the olimpics at least you know those competitors deserve their big bro

  15. Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.
    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

    Someone please tell me why this so called ‘gentleman’ deserves a place in the final? How disgraceful is he!

  16. brokenangel on 6:59pm July 31 '12

    Think that is why the ” White Room ” details were kept so quiet , so they could make changes in favour of insiders.
    We the public are not stupid, they have helped to get Conor to the near finish line.

    Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.
    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.
    There you go, puts a fine slant on future BB’s if this is the chosen “Golden Boy”

    I will stick with the soldiers , but next year will be giving BB a total miss.

  17. if i remember correctly did Deana not make a comment on Connor’s irish brogue – laughing at the way he spoke, could this not be considered racist – she is so smug, Connor made a comment just like Luke A – neither of them acted on their comments what were they but words, both were broadcast to the public – only difference in Connor & Luke A is that Connor is genuine, with Luke A & Deana its always a case of poor me, poor me, sure no one in there could be bothered with Deana until they could use her to their advantage i.e. the outsiders.

    • YNN,I strongly believe it necessary to repect other peoples view but here’s a little reminder for you:

      Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

      Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

      Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

      Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

      • Goodstuff,- do you think I have not been watching the show or reading the comments here, copy & paste, copy & paste, like i said they are words that were off the cuff and were shown on TV – it is peoples interpretation off what they want to take out off them and people hang on to every word – i don’t believe he’s a bad person I would say a very honest person – you have to give it to Deana though she is playing a good game, constantly watching the cameras and elaborating on what others have to say, when Sara was celebrating the queen, you could see Deana thinking out loud before her comment on Britain and now she is more British than British themselves.

        • YNN,

          Even though I had (like you ) watched the show, I had not understood just horrific and violence ladend the words actually were until I read the transcript a few days ago.

          Clearly your informed response indicates to me that your’s and my brain are ‘wired’ very differently,

          Personally, I would be extremely concerned if that was said to any living being in my presence and would seek to do something about it.

          But clearly you feel differently , and would be OK with that being said (unprovoked) to your mother, daughter, neice, aunt and not forgetting your grandma and nan – i guess???

          • Goodstuff

            Steady on now feel this is getting a bit carried away now – i thought it was BB12 reality show we were talking about -

          • Hi YNN,
            Yes you are absolutely right it is only a reality show. You and I as adults will be able to watch the programme and rationalise the behaviour of the contestants; and hopefully not copy it.

            However, this show is watched by a lot of youngsters. People on TV are for most youngsters seen as role models, and how they behave will determine what youngsters see as the right or wrong way to be.
            If they watch conner’s behaviour going unchallenged, they will think it’s OK.

            I personally would prefer to encourage our next generation to understand that being positive and respectful to each other is how we should try to be. whilst most people slip up mildly now and again, if it’s an extreme and continuous pattern of behaviour (as I am clear I have witnessed from Conner and his cronies) then it should be challenged in order to stop such behaviour becomming the norm.


          • Cant understand what Becky is so pissed about, SHE IS FAT ! and obviously doesn’t give a toss about her weight, if she did, she wouldn’t be eating like a pig !

        • Goodstuff I think you’ve hit a nerve!!
          YNN dont you realise that by supporting Conner your condoning his actions.

    • Recker on 7:30pm July 31 '12

      Commenting on the way someone talks is not the same as saying you are going to sexually assault someone.

      • brokenangel on 8:07pm July 31 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        I think having an epilater stuck up my private parts would be sexual abuse if I have not consented to it.
        He may not of said it to Deana only in the company of Luke S and Ashleigh but it does not take away the fact that it was said in anger and a threat all the same.

        Maybe you would think differently if it was a female relative of yours, at the end of the day Deana is someone daughter !

    • sammyvan on 7:42pm July 31 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      In that case I must be racist also – cannot for the life of me understand most of “desperate Dan” ‘s conversation! I really do not think you will find anyone agreeing with you that to comment on a person’s accent is ‘racist’. PLease tell me when and where Luke A made a comment that was in any way, shape or form similar to Conor? I do however agree on one point you make – Conor “was genuine ” when making his comment…..he meant every word, which is why he also decided to tell BB that they could call him to the diary room – he did’nt give a ***!! Such a caring human being.

      • Sammyvan – Luke A – BMI regarding Becky was offensive and when Becky seen this she felt bullied- Luke A goes on all the time that he was bullied at school and yet he made that comment – to be found out – at least he should know how Becky feels!

        • Luke A never attacked Becky for her weight, he attacked her own attitude towards her weight. She’s said many times that she refuses to lose an ounce or burn a single calorie, he was actually stating a fact!

        • Becky was delighted that Luke was caught out she wasn’t bullied. Didn’t you hear her say that it was the most exciting 20 minutes of her life. Anyway imo the truth often hurts but again you can’t compare it to what Conner said he would do to Deana.

        • sammyvan on 10:00am August 1 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          YNN. Luke A actually was commenting on how truthful Becky was when he made his comment. He did not sit there making nasty remarks about her weight – put it into context.
          a L and B have words – try to sort it out – apologies all round – B tells L how much she respects him – L believes her and feels they have sorted their differences – L does NOT nominate B because of this – he then finds out all she has said about him – L now feels let down, stupid for believing B at all – he makes the remark to Adam while angry and hurt. What he said was ” I feel such a fool – she respects me as much as she respects her BMI”
          He may be a chef, used to healthy eating etc, but I honestly think his comment had more to do with the respect aspect of their conversation than her size. She has played this for all its worth – someone who openly declares she loves being fat, loves eating and stores food away from her HM’s, under her bed! I hope and pray that it is not too late for her to learn from this experience, to change her outlook on food/weight/life – before its too late!
          In my opinion. :handshake:

          • microsis on 10:23am August 1 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            hi sammyvan ,,you are right ,,,,,,,this comment of lukeA has got right out of hand ,,
            Becky called Chris “a big fat lump of lard ”
            In my eyes that’s much worse ,

            LukeA is now being slated unmercifully
            for more of an observation than anything else

            can you access the Facebook voting page ok I read people were having difficulties getting through
            Im going to need a lot more pennies this week ,oh dear another Sunday dinner gone for a burton

            :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 1:01pm August 1 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Microsis – never mind the Sunday roast, this week the ****** table and chairs will have to go as well!!!!
            At least we only have 2 to vote for though, one maybe just a little more than the other?!
            As for the White Room borefest – probably the worst week of the series. Not only do we have Conor and Luke S overwhelming Sara with testosterone in the room, idiotic tasks that would not keep a rat entertained,, :yawn: most of the HM’s sleeping or complaining how bored they are……….we also know that Conor will probably either be thru to the final or trotting off into the sunset with 25 grand. :angry:
            What a let down it all is.

    • ynn? two words for you, WISE UP

  18. on 7:08pm July 31 '12

    Nobody should be a bit surprised that Connor got to go into the white room, if he had not been a h/m with fewer votes then B.B would have used some other form of deciding which h/ms went in. When the white room was fist mentioned & speculation rose that a h/m would win immunity I said along with others that Connor would definitely be going in. It. Doesn’t matter now how good Luke.S or Sara are In the tasks B.B WILL MAKE SURE THAT CONNOR WINS AMUNITY.

    This is so blatantly Favouratism towards Connor it’s a joke, offcom should be advised because at that end of the day this is a ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUND game show & there are strict rules that should be followed . I hope to god that sooner or later somebody with a bit of clout will wake up & smell the coffee .

    It is a shame to see an excellent programme with such a good ethos become nothing more than a backstreet skittle game. Big Brother, :c5: & endamol should hang there heads in shame . I can’t see there being another series next year, if there is they’ll be so few people watching that there might just not bother.

  19. BBFanDebs on 7:13pm July 31 '12

    He makes me feel sick!! How can anyone justify those comments is beyond me. The bitching has been unpleasant but this is pure hatred. Drink is no excuse. In my world a real man never threatens a woman with violence. He might have supporters but if that was my son on TV I’d be ashamed that he could say something so vile! BBUSA for me from now on. BB UK has sunk to a new low keeping him in. If that is what it takes to keep the ratings, they need to hire new management who aren’t afraid of doing what’s right!

  20. bring on the conor conspiracy theories….

    • Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

      Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

      Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

      Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

      • GOODSTUFF i understand and agree what he said was discusting and wrong and i think he should have been removed but BB bosses decided to keep him in…

        I do not condone Conor’s actions one bit, the thing i am agaginst is all the suggestions that BB is rigged – i think its ludacris…

        • Hi A-T,
          sometimes the bosses do do things wrong -they are human just like you and I after all.
          Remember Bob Diamond and all the wrongs he’s been doing thats affected the lives of so many, and the bosses of News International Corp?
          What we are watching on BB some of us feel that the goal posts keep being moved by BB bosses in favour of the outsiders -esp conthug.
          No -one know’s if it’s actually the case or not.
          But if you perceive something like that to be happening – its wrong and needs to be challenged.
          Or Bob Diamond would still be happily carrying on short-changing a lot of people.
          I hope this makes sense?

  21. dragon on 7:54pm July 31 '12

    Congratulations everyone your predictions about Conor have been spot on all along. He is now in the white room, and next to the final. It would be a miracle if Sara won tne task. Of course the personal trainer has all the advantages.
    Well done BB you have achieved what you set out to do all along!!!

  22. I don’t think Conner could win BB. C5 aren’t totally stupid are they? They can’t risk the backlash they would receive if OFCOM comes back with a critical report and the person involved had won the show!

  23. brokenangel on 8:13pm July 31 '12

    Found this :
    Big Brother announced how they picked this weeks white room housemates : least nominations todate.

    OK this should have been Scott, Sara and Adam! – this will have been all pre-typed ready for the website announcement also in the picture Sara and Scott, this is how it should have gone down.

    Shortly after Big Brother then changed it to least nominations this week meaning Conor, Luke S and Sara now go to the white room!

    Just type in Big Brother Proof and Busted , then come to your own conclusion.

  24. disapointed with this years big brother the best house mates went out first prefare nomanate to avict conner and luke would be out now

  25. jennyjuniper on 8:16pm July 31 '12

    Mind you I think Luke S will give Conman a run for his money. He too wants to win. I also wonder how Ashleigh will feel at Luke S being shut in a room with the lovely Sara for four days???

  26. Biddy on 8:26pm July 31 '12

    Oh dear….Apparently Conors family, girlfriend and friends are putting very bad comments and pictures on facebook regarding Deana ,,Luke A and Scott….Absolutely disgusting, racist, vulgar.and upsetting…..
    Someone has shown the pictures and the comments on digital spy…..
    Something must be done,,,these vile people should not be allowed to get away with this……

    • brokenangel on 8:48pm July 31 '12

      And if that is the case, they would have us believe that Conor’s remarks and anger was misunderstandings. Pffft

      Actions should be taken and Conor sent home to avoid further damage. He shouldn’t be there still anyway. – Deana ,Scott and Luke A are being targeted from the outside due to a family member being inside BB. The end justifies the means.

    • sammyvan on 10:10am August 1 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      I have seen this too Biddy. Probably the most revolting remarks I have ever seen made by F & F of a HM in BB history. Disgusting, and far worse than the Jade / Shilpa episode.
      Have heard that Conor’s mum is trying to organise a major ‘cover-up’ now, but too many people have seen and reported it. Remarks about Luke A are not repeatable……you can all guess what they would be about.
      **** And this is the one favoured by BB…???????? :puke:

  27. Yayah on 8:41pm July 31 '12

    Would you mind sending us a link?

    • Biddy on 8:57pm July 31 '12

      You can find them on digitalspy..
      Under::::Conors family finally outed as racist….

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Yayah on 9:01pm July 31 '12
        MEMBER (37 COMMENTS)

        Ah thank you very much, I appreciate it!
        However, I did manage to find an image on the Big Brother website (on a comment).
        Proof that Big Brother is a fix & the racist image.

        • brokenangel on 9:05pm July 31 '12
          MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

          The link also shows the editing of the white room rules from -less nominations to date to less Nomintations this week.

          • Current nomination tally – Adam (9) Ashleigh (8) Becky (10) Conor (14) Deana (28) Luke A (18) Luke S (13) Sara (6) Scott (4).

            The original text said “the four housemates with the least nomination votes to date – Conor, Luke S, Scott and Sara” However the four housemates who received the least votes are Scott, Sara, Ashleigh and Adam. It could be argued that because Ashleigh was nominated this week she wouldnt get to be included, which would therefore mean Becky would not be included also, then meaning the four would be Luke S, Sara, Scott and Adam.

            ^ Im pretty sure that the whole thing was a mistake which people have scoured and nitpicked at to make the show seemed rigged…

        • Biddy on 9:07pm July 31 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          There is one alot worse than that…
          go and look on digital spy….
          :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 9:39pm July 31 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          YAYAH, are you Lauren?

      • Orchid333 on 9:43pm July 31 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        Sorry for being a bit dim – but how do I get to digital spy please?

        • Biddy on 4:32am August 1 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          Just type in,,,Digital spy big brother forum …
          and look under Conors family finally outed as racists ….
          :music: :music: :music:

          • Orchid333 on 6:34am August 1 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            Thanks Biddy – Luke A to win. Just watched clip of Becky and Ashleigh shouting through the walls of the white room to Luke S. And what a surprise they were bitching about Deanna and Ashleigh said she has had the worst day of her life !! OMG . BROKEN RULES. Will they get punished? course not – come on BB, show that you can play fair and stop off the viewers or you will definitely lose us.

      • Fudge on 10:34am August 1 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
        Avatar of

        Hi Biddy, I just had a look on Digital Spy but couldn’t find anything. Has it been removed now? Saw the other picture of Deana’s face on the link from Yayah. Surprise, surprise, nothing was mentioned about this on BOTS last night. Instead, more Luke A bashing and the panel were even supporting Becky. Could we bring all this to the attention of C5 do you think? Even though I am sure they are aware of it already.

        By the way, did you see how Conor grimaced when Deana’s friend arrived, even before she had sat down? Unbelievable. The poor girl did not even have time to open her mouth before he had judged her…..

        • sammyvan on 1:10pm August 1 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Yes Fudge, it has been removed. Too embarrassing I think.
          I also read that ” Team Mackers”, which was Conor’s facebook team page, has been closed due to the low content? Some of the coments by friends and family were “grabbed” before closure, and are just too disgusting. Most of the comments against Deana and Luke A. No need to elaborate as I am sure everyone can guess the type of post. :lipssealed:

  28. Orchid333 on 9:31pm July 31 '12

    I don’t know what happened to my comment about Conor being a cretin. It seems to have just disappeared !!!!!!

  29. Orchid333 on 9:37pm July 31 '12

    Oh I have found my” conor is a cretin” and other comments. Time flies – it was 4 hours ago !! Well I had better log off for now to see what other unfair rubbish BB is going to air AND see if BBBOTS is going to slate Luke A AGAIN. Come on Emma stick up for the outsiders, I thought you were a fair person !

  30. Biddy I couldn’t find anything on digial spy?!

    • microsis on 10:14pm July 31 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Just looked ,,,,,i couldnt find anything about conors family ,,,,,,,,the thread has probably been taken off
      :music: :music: :music:

    • Biddy on 8:24am August 1 '12

      I think it has been taken off ,,,i have just tried to find it again and couldn’t ,,,i do have it saved though…It was disgusting. Picture of something they had done to Deana,,,also a picture of Scott with abusive message…and the comments about Luke A were outrageous….you are better off not seeing them…

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Hello Biddy

        If you do not mind, could you please show us somehow as we need to make people aware, if you do not want to, I will understand. :handshake:

        • microsis on 10:56am August 1 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          HiiiYA ,,there was another thread earlier this morning on digitalspy ,,,but not the one Biddy was talking about ,that has also been removed now ,,,,
          :music: :music: :music:

          • brokenangel on 11:07am August 1 '12
            MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

            This was 1 link of the popadom with Deana on it, not sure if it still work s but kept the page open.
            Becky family on FB and Conor family page were both rife last night with very personal and racist remarks.
            On team Mackers (Conor’s page) is still the post headed Get Paki Bitch out dated 5th June. Totally disgusting.

        • Biddy on 1:49pm August 1 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          Hiiiya…..I’m not that good on computer as far as pasteing and that goes…but it has now been taken off Digital Spy….which is a good thing..
          It was horrid…
          :music: :music: :music: .

  31. northernmonkey on 10:51pm July 31 '12

    Why oh why do people bother to vote, :c5: are a bunch of thieves really. Nobody plays the game better than they do.

    I am happy to say, I have not voted once on this series – They’ve already picked their winner, by hook or by crook they’ll push for him to turn it around, thus justifying their decision to keep the Irish bogot in.

  32. jennyjuniper on 3:33pm August 1 '12

    I havn’t seen the abusive comments from Conor’s horrible family, thank goodness, but it only goes to show where Conor gets his nastiness from doesn’t it. Is there anyone out there who has a copy of what was shown on digital spy, because then Ofcom could be told about this brutal bullying that’s going on inside and outside the house.

  33. paulbad on 6:56pm August 1 '12

    I’ve never read so much conspiracy bullshit in my life, so cos the hm’s you like aint gonna win its a farce, fixed, bad programme, lol get a life, it might just be that your views arent replicated by the general public, perhaps youve been duped by the game player adam, or the conspiring whinger luke a, or queen of boredom deana, whatever it is itsmaking you all as mad as the yank conspiracy theorists who believe the usa blew up its own towers, or theres aliens in area 61, get real. :tongueout:

  34. the only way that bb will get rid of connor is with 50k he’ll take the money thats the only reason he’s there no way he deserves it and lukes thinks he’s getting his own show both deluded.

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