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White Room punished after musical charades fail
Luke S and Conor have been punished in The White Room after...
| Day -315

Luke S and Conor have been punished in The White Room after failing their musical charades task.

Big Brother yesterday set the house a musical charades task to give the White Room duo the chance of winning a prize.

Housemates in the main house were played a song to dance along to and act out the song’s lyrics, style, tempo and emotion. Housemates in the White Room watched on their plasma screen and guessed which song was being played into the house.

If the White Room Housemates correctly identify more than half of the songs, then they will win a prize later tonight. If they fail to guess at least half of the songs correctly, then they will receive a punishment later on tonight.

Luke S and Conor failed the task, and were instructed to chop a bucket-load of onions and post them into a tube. However, to make life more difficult, the tube only had a small hole in the top which meant that in order to fit, the onion pieces had to be very small.

Despite the tears and stinging eyes, both boys have remained in the room.

In a cheeky conversation with Big Brother afterwards, Luke S asked: “How come you couldn’t find a white bucket and had to paint a blue one white? I don’t believe there aren’t any white buckets.”

“You just worry about the onions Luke,” replied Big Brother.

“You and your team worry about cleaning it up,” jested Luke, a comment met with laughter from Conor.

Which of the pair would you like to triumph in the room?

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  1. Orchid333 on 11:01am August 2 '12

    I don’t like either of them really. In fact I despise Conor because of his disgusting rant about Deanna. So I would choose Luke S to “triumph” (I use that word loosely) in the white room. An even better result would be for them to lose a task and have to choose between Deanna or Luke A to go into the white room and Luke S and Conor to be evicted from the white room back into the house. teehee :mmm:

  2. the white room loser will be evicted from house

  3. Poor BB trying to make these two look interesting! What a failure.

  4. I thought they’d be competing against each other, but everything has been them vs the house…Neither of them will leave on their own, would love to see them wind each other up.

  5. pies629 on 12:31pm August 2 '12

    sorryB/B dont like this whit room probaly because of who is in but it,s still borring

  6. jennyjuniper on 1:56pm August 2 '12

    I wondered how BB would ensure that Conman won the white room task. Now I’ve read that if they both stay to the end, but can’t agree who to leave first, the housemates decide for them!! Becky will vote for Conor, maybe Ashleigh too? probably Scott will as he doesn’t like Luke S, as for Sara, who knows. Deana might vote for Luke S, but I have a feeling that Adam and Luke A might vote for Conor, thus BB gets their way and a thug gets to the final with 25,000.

  7. the face on 4:33pm August 2 '12

    Cant stand either of them.First chance the public get they will be gone

    • Orchid333 on 5:07pm August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      How come BB has conversations with those 2 tossers on that stupid white phone? C4 BB would not have done this. And BB stole the white room idea from Australia BB but they have failed miserably. So so boring. :yawn:

      • If BB is going to have a white room, they should have painted ALL the walls white. (Not some beige). And they should have covered up the black cameras and mics! Luckily I live in Canada and don’t have to waste my money on SAVING anyone in the house.

  8. no doubt connor will win ths task get him out

  9. karen g on 5:44pm August 2 '12

    not going to vote anymore-dont want any of my hard earned cash going towards the 25 grand that one of those numtys are going to win.

  10. if conor or luke s win bb i will never again watch it as they are two tossers let some light shine on adam or scottt as they are real people and funny as well

  11. The White Room task was advertised as the best thing ever! Another example of misleading advertising just like “who goes you decide”.

  12. 5169paul on 6:38pm August 2 '12

    good to hear paul ross stick up for LUKE A last night on bbbots he said he had completely changed his mind of BMI BAG HAG BECKY. :devil: and said she had gone completely over the top with the whole BMI ISSUE. he rattled BOG BORE HAG BAG EMMA WILLIS. :envy: saying he liked lukeA and thought he could win the show. yes i think he could. all the audience clapped and cheered. the look on EMMA :party: was a picture. the bitch is biased in favour of connor. shame on her. what a let down that stupid white room conner will obviously win emma will see to that. be care full voters it could happen that DEANA could go up against LUKE A next week and that would be a catastrophy :devil:

  13. dont like the task,hope BECKY goes this week :clapping:

  14. Agree I stupidly called him Nick Ross in a post elsewhere. The voice of reason as he put it, it was joke get over it. She will have heard and will hear a lot worse .

  15. Nasty thought I know but instead of booing her could the crowd maybe chant BMI. Oh and when conner is evicted ” racist”

  16. sammyvan on 6:59pm August 2 '12

    Have just read that Face Book voting suspended for the remainder of this series. :wondering: No reasons – just ‘problems’, so we will have to keep the land lines busy! Its on 3p a call more expensive, so, apart from the convenience of FB, we can still vote by phone as many times as we would have on FB.
    Dont let this stop anyone from voting – Deana and Luke A still need our votes :phone:

    • jennyjuniper on 9:18pm August 2 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Sammyvan, when you have voted for Deana have you had problems with your vote being switched to Becky?? I don’t know whether someone said it for a wind-up, but on one of the other sites this morning someone said his sister had tried to vote for Deana, only for the vote to go to Miss BMI.

      • brokenangel on 10:31pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        I voted on the correct numbers for Deana and Luke and had no problems. Old trick to get everyone ringing their chosen one. Just use the official numbers- nought wrong with the lines :)

  17. really annoyed the votes have been messed up again, why should we all be wasting our money? We’ll know for sure it’s a fix if Deana and/or Luke A go. Desperate Conor Dan is living up to his name the only hm DESPERATE to win – it still wouldn’t make him a nice person to anyone other than his own family.

  18. Flufferx on 7:24pm August 2 '12

    I think it was pretty obvious Connor was already informed of the white room challenge and prize ahead of time and it’s almost certain he will win it. I’d rather they both get kicked. Keep on working us up BB. Everyone knows the crap you’re pulling this year pitting fans against each other and purposely promoting and protecting the side everyone hates to get more call in votes. Funny how the facebook voting went down, huh? I’ve been reading tons of sites and comments from all over the world and there is a HUGE general dislike for the “insiders” RARELY do I see anyone say they want an insider to win. Like Monty said, if Luke A or Deana go this week, your game is up.

  19. str-8-edge on 7:28pm August 2 '12


  20. hi just read the comment about th white room i think it gr8t. Conner and Luke s r the right 1s 4 the room there fun and onest thats y there not like’t becky fun keep her in and get adam luke A out conner 2 win. Keep up the good work bb.

  21. The ‘WHITE ROOM TASK’ is boooooorrrrrring, I was honestly expecting something really good, and those two nerds think they’re entertaining the puplic stuffing onions into a tube, what a load of codswallop, rubbish tasks, should have made them stuff monkey shit into the tubes, that would have been a bit more entertaining. :envy:

    • yeahyeahyeah on 10:57pm August 2 '12

      BB producers obviously have a skewed perspective of what they consider to be entertaining. Here’s something else they feel is entertaining:


      The “inaudible” part of Conor’s rant about Deana actually isn’t inaudible at all, and it’s probably the worst bit of it. Here it is in full (with what was previously stated as in “inaudible” in CAPS for emphasis).


      Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

      Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

      Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

      Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.


  22. Wot a hypocrite Deana is..ranting on n on bout caroline’s sabotage of shoppin list n then trying to justify doing the same herself, she’s blasting ashleigh for bein in on it n yet wants Adam n luke a to collude with her, as i said before her real ugly side is coming out n she is just as awful n selfish as the rest. Adam is only one talking sense n with a gud heart.

  23. Just heard that BB will offer £50,000 share of prize money to one of the pair,but they have to leave tomorrow. The other will get a free pass to the final.
    Think the money would be the best deal as they
    are not going to win even with a free pass.
    Don’t think its fair on the other HMs though, especially Adam who had consistently fewer nominations and
    reasons given by F&F this week were pants.
    It should have been made clear to both Scott and Sara
    what was on offer at the start.

    Another thing,will the person leaving do a week of BOTS? If so I hope Conner takes pass to the final as at least we will be spared seeing him on BOTS with Emma Jamie etc fawning over him.

  24. str-8-edge on 1:42am August 3 '12

    Becky such a fake drama queen .She makes big seen and terrible acting on luke A saying BMI and in her application Video she says. she is BMI and doesn’t care what any one says.WHAT A LIER BECKY IS….

  25. Does anyone know if any charities campaigning against abuse of women have made any statements regarding Conorthug’s rape/violence threats towards Deana? And that such a lowlife will possibly be rewarded with £50,000 for this behaviour. It sends out a very bad signal to society. This is outrageous! I will not watch this vile show any longer.

  26. jennyjuniper on 8:36am August 3 '12

    Have you noticed that since Conman and Luke S have been in the white room, the other housemates, apart from a few pockets of bitching, have been getting on rather well. This goes to show that Becky and Ashleigh bitch mainly to impress Conman., goodness knows why, although goodness has nothing to do with it.

    • Yes, noticed last night when they were all sat outside together.
      Bet they’re all dreading Conman coming back, but won’t admit it.
      Becky doesn’t half creep up to him ‘actually’ :bigsmile:

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