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White Room £50k twist revealed
Luke S and Conor will be given the chance to walk away with half...
Alec | Day -314

Luke S and Conor will be given the chance to walk away with half of the series prize fund tonight, but at a cost.

There was previous speculation of a twist concerning £25k of the £100k prize fund, but on last night’s Bit On The Side we discovered it would actually be to the tune of £50,000.

The White Room task will come to end during this evening’s live show, and Luke S and Conor will face the dilemma of returning to the house with a pass to the final, or walking away with half of the series prize money if they are evicted immediately.

This means there could potentially be a double eviction, with Ashleigh, Deana, Luke A and Rebecca facing the public vote after being nominated on Monday.

It is unclear who will win the final pass should both decide to reject the money and choose to stay in the house. Join Brian Dowling tonight from 9PM on Channel 5 for all the details surrounding the twist.

How do you feel about the twist and Luke S or Conor potentially walking away with £50,000?

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  1. Lisaxx on 11:40am August 3 '12

    Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.


    Not only are you condoning his disgusting behavior, you’re giving him the chance to win 50k?! Maybe it’s time for someone with half a brain cell or heaven forbid, morals, to take over Big Brother.

    • microsis on 12:02pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I agree it’s disgusting ,
      I have just watched Conor’s horrific rant again on Dailymotions tag bigbrother

      His body language and jesters during his rant are full of hatred and hes literally spitting out his foul words

      In the diayroom there was no remorse at all ,no sorry
      just it was anger

      What has happened to the BB we all loved

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Oh I totally agree Microsis and Lisaxx. This year’s show has been a complete and utter farce from the begining. And now we have a dispicable and totally unworthy person i.e. Conor with a chance of getting 50K. It beggers belief that CH5 have done this and, more importantly, let this guy stay in the house after his discusting and dangerous outburst towards Deana. Lets not forget, when Benedict was leaving the house after telling them he had tampered with their protein drinks, Conor said he would ‘kick his head in’ at the wrap party. This guy is obnoxious and now they will probably hand him the 50K. It is sooooooo frustrating to watch as this used to be such an enjoyable show with indeed some very lovable housemates .. but this year is just an utter disaster. I hope when Deana leaves the house and sees the footage of this she will do something about it.
        On another note lets hope Becky get the boot to-night and is met with a barage of BOOS … but as this series is such a fix anything could happen

      • sammyvan on 2:30pm August 3 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Oh dear, Microsis. Its all our worst nightmares come true. I dread to think what Jenny will say/do when she comes here and realises Conor will be rewarded for being the worst BB housemate ever! Must say it has spoilt this series for me – I almost don’t want to continue watching. I will not be watching the next and that is without doubt. The blatant “two fingers up” that BB and :c5: have given their viewers beggars belief. Do they actually want the show to fail? :wondering:
        So long as Deana and Luke A stay strong tonight and are there till the end, with Adam.

        • jennyjuniper on 4:21pm August 3 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          Hi Sammyvan, I’ve already complained again to Ofcom that the message channel 5 is sending to young people is that being a sexist, racist, aggressive bully pays out big time. I talked to a nice guy who gave me a number so I can follow the case on their website. I’ll post the number next time I come on this site as I don’t have it with me now. But please could you and your friends contact the newspapers as well, because this isn’t just a programme ‘fixing the odds’ it’s scandalous, especially as public money is involved and more to the point that young, impressionable people are watching

          • At this stage , i believe it’s also a parliamentary matter. This is the end of BB , shame for the show, but will be glad to never hear of the BOTS terrible presenters again as well as dowling, who should no better than to cosy up to scummy housmates.

          • go jenny back you all the way what you just said i be complaining to bb just puts it over there heads rules what rules :handshake:

    • I think Connor’s rant about Deana should be played back to the whole house.

      • sammyvan on 2:33pm August 3 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Wonderful idea….never going to happen! They have tried to get us to forget it ever happened and are not going allow the HM’s to hear anything against ‘Conor-dearest’

        • Lisaxx on 3:35pm August 3 '12

          They have tried to get everyone to forget. When a lady in the audience mentioned it on BOTS the other night Emma looked awkward and quickly moved away saying they were running out of time.

          • jennyjuniper on 4:24pm August 3 '12
            MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

            Yes I noticed that and even Lauren, who is outspoken, only skirted round the Conor thing at the dinner party. For some reason the whole crew have been warned against bad mouthing that ignorant thug. Never mind, we’ll do it instead :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

      • Orchid333 on 3:38pm August 3 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        I think that would be very interesting and to see the housemates’ faces. Why on earth does BBBOTS keep going on about the BMI comment? They did not spend that much time on Conor’s disgusting rant !!! Why should he walk away with £50,000? In fact, why should either of them? The public has not voted on this. We have been voting for our favourite to be saved and BB is giving £50,000 to one of those tossers. Disgusted with BB – AGAIN. :angry: LUKE A TO WIN and BECKY TO GO.


    • karen g on 5:12pm August 3 '12

      someone needs sacking

  2. thought at the end of bots last night they said luke had left the white room

    • jackie on 12:22pm August 3 '12

      No they said he had gave up on bean task thought that might of got him kicked out white room but bb hold all rhe cards to the show and frigging make there minds up as they go along. .. I say kick luke out and put Adam of scott in :)

  3. Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.


  4. So a beast who threatens to rape and violently assault a woman is deemed worthy of a £50,000 reward by BB.

  5. microsis on 12:12pm August 3 '12

    Who are these people in the sweaty box on Bbbots
    According to them all the people across the different forums are loving this new twist

    WHAT I’m :brokenheart: :brokenheart:

    :music: :music: :music:

  6. jackie on 12:14pm August 3 '12

    Call 0208 612 7700 to stop the twist this is so wrong that a VILE man like conor could walk away with 50k and the 1 we want to win will get same i called and had my rant at channel 5 and got a rude man on phone guess he is a conor fan im not sure what good it will do but we can try and stop this its so wrong and we should all get refunds as our votes mean nothing… Ok rant over…ADAM 2 WIN

  7. str-8-edge on 12:21pm August 3 '12

    I was at the coffee shop every one talking how BB show terrible to watch and see How rude two people get win 50k .wow, were they upset.BB DOESN’T CARE ABOUT LOOSING VIEWERS ….ADAM TO WIN

  8. lisaxx and bbnut are spot on .conor is a nasty ugly piece of shit.said it wasnt right what luke a said about becky.that was a pee in the sea to what he said about deana.he must be the most hate’d male bb has had on their shows.every body gets angry at times but the things he said would’nt even enter a normal person’s mind let alone come out and say them.his reason becauce he thinks deana is sly. pull the other one conor it just dose’nt wash.a very weak man if i ever seen one,just a waste of space and air time.spoilt the show for many of us.

    • sammyvan on 2:21pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      We get the picture! Please leave just a few spaces for other posters. We all know about Conor, that he is possibly the most hated BB HM ever, he is a waste of oxygen, two sandwhiches short of a picnic etc. Hate the twist, hate that he will get to be rewarded whatever………
      but please stop with the long screeds now?

    • jennyjuniper on 4:27pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I can see now why conman and carowhine got on so well together, there are both cut from the same shit piece of cloth. I’m glad they are’nt married, think of the spawn they would have.

      • Biddy on 4:49pm August 3 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        Jenny your comments are brilliant…!!!
        This series has been terrible to watch,,
        BB / :c5: have ruined a great show…..
        Not interested in CBB at all,,,hope it all backfires on them and no one watches…
        They have stitched up the viewers and genuine HM’s big time…The outsiders never had a chance…
        I think when Adam finds out about this £50,000 tonight he will be very angry, because i think he should have had a chance to go in the white room too…,,To think this white room decision was made by the friends and family nominations….

        :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 6:04pm August 3 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        That’s my sweet dreams gone tonight! Jenny how could you do this to us?!
        Lordy – can you just imagine it………….Caroline’s hair_Conor’s jaw _Caro’s voice _ Conor’s maniacal laugh and a vindictive personality…………..truly a malevolent being!!

  9. wtf ? why is conner being offerend a chance to walk away with 50 k he dont deserve 50 k or a place in the final he should have been kicked out for his disgusting rate about denna that prize money should go to the winner or at the least big brother should give us the choose who goes in the white room should have told scott and sara about the chance to walk away with 50 k and should given adam a chance to be in the white room as he is not up for eviction bb is so rigged they are favouring the bullying insiders as you could see on bbbit on side they were condeming conner rant and trying to make luke a look bad Big brother is being unfair becouse there is one rule for insiders and total different one for outsiders rant over :angry:

    • 14.
      Real ‘Sophies Choice’ for the ethnically cleansed white taskroom occupants. Please BB explain again the rationale for excluding Adam

      Now a H/M who laughed, encourage hence condoned violent unprovoked rant and the H/M who spat out the vile bile can either:

      Have £50k in their hand tonite

      or choose to

      Have a guaranteed chance of £50k in his hand in the final

      My bunting is already out and the champers are chilling – oh what joy it will be for tonight’s viewing.

      Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

      Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

      Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

      Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.


      Soldiers march outta that farceshow. Their F/F please boycott the chats with Brian tonight.

  10. i think it is totally disgusting what bb as done they dont deserve to win it big brother for god sake have a twist and change it or you am going to loose all the veiwers you already got,giving it these two will be a mistake ,i thiught they signed up for 100,000 not 50,000 i am not watchin anymore I HOPE WHEN YOU TELL THEM IN THE HOUSE THEY ALL WALK OUT IT WILL SERVE YOU RIGHT :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

    • Anonymous go and lie down in a dark room. Your having a break down!

      • Too right – I’m off for a swim!!!

      • Orchid333 on 4:03pm August 3 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        :yes: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

        • goodstuff anonymous :handshake:

          • …and hope u r more chillaxed after that swim :bigsmile:
            and in case anyone has missed it, here’s that ‘long screed?’ again:

            Real ‘Sophies Choice’ for the ethnically cleansed white taskroom occupants. Please BB explain again the rationale for excluding Adam

            Now a H/M who laughed, encourage hence condoned violent unprovoked rant and the H/M who spat out the vile bile can either:

            Have £50k in their hand tonite

            or choose to

            Have a guaranteed chance of £50k in his hand in the final

            My bunting is already out and the champers are chilling – oh what joy it will be for tonight’s viewing.

            Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna FUCKING SMASH YOUR FACE IN YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

            Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

            Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

            Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.


            Soldiers march outta that farceshow. Their F/F please boycott the chats with Brian tonight.

          • Sally on 7:42pm August 3 '12
            MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

            So now you are congratulating your self.
            Please don’t use multiple names when commenting.

            Names used on this Page
            ANONYMOUS Same Comment repeated 20 times.

          • please forgive me for speaking out of turn to one of the insiders on this site. should have respected my place as amongst the group of ‘first amongst’ equals…

          • aamile95 on 9:53pm August 3 '12
            MEMBER (228 COMMENTS)

            Well said Sally! :) Go away anonymous please! Why is there even the choice to comment anonymously! Stop ruining it for everyone else. Fine have an opinion but don’t repeat it 20 times!

    • Orchid333 on 3:42pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Yes Liz – I am sure that they will not be pleased. Knowing that £50,000 handed to one of them on a plate. And Sara and Scott knowing nothing about the task!!! It would serve BB right if they all walked out. :mmm:

  11. i am absolutely DISGUSTED by bbs blatant favouritism of conor and the either the bullyboy or luke s can walk away tonight with 50 grand…hmmm so the moral is people..treat ppl like shite,bully them,and u get £50 grand..u have majorly f**ked up big bro and i wont be tuning in anymore..get a grip bb

  12. Lisaxx on 1:09pm August 3 '12

    Is there an email for complaints? Ofcom or something? I’m going to copy and paste what Conor said.

    • jennyjuniper on 4:30pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Yes, just go to the Ofcom website, also you can complain to Schwartzkopf, BB’s biggest sponsor. I’m also trying to get as many people as possible to complain to the newspapers and hope they delve into the cesspit that is channel 5. Good luck :yes: :yes:

  13. Did that weeks ago to OFCOM Schwarzkopf and C5
    Schwarzkopf claims it has no say on editorial matters. C5 thanks me for my views. OFCOM say they are investigating whatever that means!
    So yes C5 want our money through votes but then render us immaterial by pulling a stunt like this.
    Save everybodies time C5 who do you want to win CBB.

  14. what a ridiculous choice ! Would you like £50 grand now IN YOUR HAND or turn it down for the mere CHANCE of winning an equal amount ? A no-brainer, even for Conor and Luke S !! Deana to win. Becky to go tonight.

  15. Vienna on 1:34pm August 3 '12

    WTF? Of course Conor will want the money. I’m starting to believe the stories that Conor has someone in the BB team, all of this is just too convenient. They knew he would never win so they gave him a chance to win half of the prize money. It’s infuriating.

  16. It is a no brainer take 50K tonight,have a week of publicity on BOTS or take the pass to the final which will ultimately leave you with nothing.
    Question BB, what happens if the 2 decide that they will share 50K if the one that stays doesn’t win?
    Smart people would work it that way.

    Please lt becky go tonight.

  17. yeahyeahyeah on 2:11pm August 3 '12

    The ONLY way I can see BB pulling the spanner out of these gears is if both Luke S and Conor want the prize money equally and cannot decide between themselves, and “for the sake of their friendship” they both decide to forfeit it and take their chances in the final. I don’t know if either one of them would concede and let the other take it, but what if neither of them can come to a decision? How will they battle it out/decide between the two? Will big brother give them a make or break task? Will it go to the house to decide?
    Seems to me this could be the shows only saving grace is if the two guys can’t come to a decision and both decide to go in the house…not that I really expect that to happen, but Hope Springs Eternal! :sweating:

  18. Gaynor186 on 2:14pm August 3 '12

    UTTERLY DISGUSTED………funny how the initial criteria of “fewest nominations over all”, which might have had some credibility, was changed to “fewest nominations for this week”, which ensured Connor was included. That the two of the least favored by the public get a chance at the same amount as the overall winner is absolutely DISGUSTING. This is my first and LAST time watching BB!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

  19. They will both go for the money. A bird in the hand…….. You have condoned atrocious behaviour, bullying and threats. Conor didn’t care if he was pulled up in the diaryroom after his rant because he knew that nothing would happen. It’s not a ‘twist’ it’s nepotism! Call it a day BB! You have run your course. Channel 5 cancel any new plans for BB in this format

  20. brains on 2:50pm August 3 '12

    what they will do is agree a split and hope they can steal the rest, who said good wins over evil it certainly was not bb

  21. MrTommiiee94 on 3:26pm August 3 '12

    well ive stopped watching the show now and if connor gets the 50k i dont think im going be the only one either

  22. brokenangel on 3:40pm August 3 '12

    I hope Luke S takes the money, if Conor wins the pass he may get to the final but never win, so he will get nothing which would be rightly suited.

  23. BB has got too fucking predictable with its meddling with the prize money. Why the HELL would it offer one of those nasty spiteful horrible men HALF the money that should rightfully be for the housemate that the viewing public crown as their winner. Suppose Deana Luka A or Sara win as they have bee themselves and the most level headed of the whole house and then they only get half the money while one of the housemates who completely LEAST deserves it gets the other half???? Totally unfair.

  24. Orchid333 on 3:52pm August 3 '12

    Sammyvan, have you seen the clip from this morning where Deanna is asking Becky “how perfect she is”? becky said she was!!! It was brilliant but instead of Becky standing up for herself, she just walked away singing and then went to the couch to slag Deanna off to Ashleigh, Scott and Sara. Coward. deanna was great. :giggle:

    • sammyvan on 6:14pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Saw that, ORCHID333, Deana had her on the run! Very sorry to see Sara though – and her ‘flip-flopping’ back and forth. Last week I encluded her with my votes for the outsiders….no more. If she should be up again then she may find out just how popular she and her ‘insider’ mates are. Scott I just cant make out. He can be horribly bitchy one moment and actualy make an intelligent observation the next! Becky out tonight.

  25. Biddy on 3:52pm August 3 '12

    If you go to ….WIKIPEDIA BIGBROTHER 13……
    it tells you everything about this series,,how many people have complained to ofcom,,,the whole comment that Caroline, Conor and Ashleigh made ….
    This is Conors vile, bullying rant….It tells you what BB said about it..also the amount of complaints to ofcom regarding Carolines rant about Adam…
    It also says that the bullying in the BB house has affected the outside world…on 4th July an 18 year old from Whithaven was arrested for racially offensive comments about Deana after seeing the comments posted on line a week earlier..He has since been released but a file handed over to CPS ahead of any possible charges being brought….
    Carolines comments about Adam are there too….
    so much information….

  26. how can bb justify the recent twist .conner will win either way no matter what .he should have been evicted wks ago for all his ranting ,foul mouthing about deana .where does adam come in all this hes not up for eviction ,he never had the choose of anything but hey conner n luke s has ,its not right

    • Orchid333 on 4:02pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Maxine, someone has said that adam only had one vote and should have had the choice to go into the white room. Do you know if this correct? :wondering:

      • adam receieved 2 votes so he was inbetween being up for eviction or put in the white rm ,still not right on his part :speechless:

        • sammyvan on 6:23pm August 3 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          The original statement about the task said it would be the 4 HM’s with the least nominations to date. That would have meant Adam, Sara, Scott and Luke S.
          They then changed the wording, ” the 4 housemates with the least nominations this week”………..which, of course, included Conor and excluded Adam!
          These statements have been’saved’ on files and can be seen even though BB withdrew the originals pretty dam quick!!

          • Biddy on 6:41pm August 3 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            And people say it is not a fix….
            I am speechless as to how BB have gone about all this..
            overall Conor has been nominated alot more times than Adam.. I think Adam may walk over this…All HM’s not nominated should have had a chance to win this money….
            You are right Sammyvan BB changed the rules as soon as they could see Conor wouldn’t make it…
            Wish ofcom would do something quick, cannot understand why they haven’t reacted to all this….
            :music: :music: :music:

  27. Orchid333 on 4:00pm August 3 '12

    I don’t like either Conor or Luke S. In fact, I despise Conor. However the clip on BOTS last night when Ashleigh and Becky were answering questions to win a meal for one of them was so funny. Ashleigh was answering questions to win a meal for Luke S and Luke S and Conor’s reaction to Ashleigh’s answers was mint. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

  28. Orchid333 on 4:15pm August 3 '12

    Luke S whinging in the white room about being exhausted and not being able to sleep and not knowing what time it is!!! What a wus!!! When BB was C4, they did not know what time it was. They were not allowed watches!!! Luke S asking BB to let him know what is going on!!!! He is pathetic. LUKE A TO WIN and GET BECKY OUT TONIGHT. Incidently, does anyone think this white room twist is a good one????? If they do, they are definitly a minority. :wondering:

  29. Sally on 4:17pm August 3 '12

    What is BB trying to do.
    Is paying Conor 50k the only way to get rid him.

    This makes me so angry. If BB want to share the winnings they should make their intentions clear.

    The only people deserving of the money are the final 3.
    The public have voted to save them.
    I hope Luke S takes the money and that Conor is out 1st in the finals.

  30. cattylass on 4:21pm August 3 '12

    I think big brother are totally out of order, the hms signed up for this show to win 100k not to be swindled out of half of that and to lose out to a hm that noone even likes or has voted to save! We are all having the pee taken out of us by BB it makes a total mockery of the voting system! We may as well save our votes and hard earned cash and continue to let BB decide who wins!!

  31. Biddy on 4:23pm August 3 '12

    The betting odds for tonights eviction is showing…….
    Becky 4/6
    Ashleigh 11/8
    Luke A 25/1
    Deana 33/1

    So Becky is favourite to go…..
    followed closely by Ashleigh….
    Luke A and Deana safe

    :music: :music: :music:

  32. Long story short -

    A bunch of monkeys who direct + a tv show = big brother.

    A bunch of quality people who direct + a tv show = entertainment.

    Big Brother 2012 is always going to be an utter joke. They’re not very popular with the public, many complaints have been made and to top it off, they’re sending a horrible message out to everyone.
    How about a round of applause for the worst reality TV show of our decade? :clapping:

  33. jennyjuniper on 4:35pm August 3 '12

    Another hint that conman is BB’s golden child is last night he won a meal and suprise, suprise it wasn’t white food. So much for the white room. What a load of crapdoodie.

    • sammyvan on 6:32pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      …………and today they had ‘time out’ in the garden while the HM’s were locked in!!! So much for the dynamics of the White Room – meant to confine and disorientate! More like a walk in the park.

  34. BBFanDebs on 4:42pm August 3 '12

    :shake: Good grief, can it get any dafter than this..LOL!


  36. This isn’t the best twist especially with the two housemates involved but at least we get rid of one of them tonight and hopefully Becky in the eviction.

    Luke S will walk [after hearing the boo's last week] with the money and Conor will gamble on the ticket to the final believing he’s already won BB and will get his share of the prize money.

  37. Please can someone enlighten me? On BOTS last night the audience for once didn’t seem too biased. In fact they cheered when Deana’s name was mentioned by Rustie (in spite of Narrinder trying to shout her down – VERY annoying). OK, so far, so good.

    So, why oh why, when the ‘white room twist’ was revealed were they all so happy and excited about it? Do they not see that it means that Conor is either going to receive £50,000 or be in the final? There is a risk that Luke A, Deana and Adam could still walk away with nothing, bar their dignity and integrity. I was shouting at the TV with incredulity. Were the audience told to cheer at the twist or are they just stupid?


  39. brokenangel on 5:14pm August 3 '12

    Before the 50k was mentioned , where did I see the original sum of 25k for the White Room or was that just an assumption printed before hand? I
    And if it was 25k before they went in there why all of a sudden is it half the prize money ?
    Beginning to doubt my eyesight now, can anyone clarify for me please.


  41. Conor cannot take the money because he did say he wants to be in the final for all the fans that voted for him. The man is so deluded he really believes he is loved by the public :inlove: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  42. Only way that viewers have of letting C5 know our disgust is by switching off. They can’t disguise the viewing figures because the other channels will publish them.
    So I for one am switching off and check in tomorrow here to see if Becky went.

    • I wish i could do that, but i fear i’m in an abusive relationship with BB. I know it’s continuosly letting me down, but I just keep comming back for more.

      I think I need some psychiatric help to be weaned off this trash. :tongueout:

      New ‘TWIST’ – no more like New ‘FIX’ for conthug and :puke: S :no:

  43. BB is a fix!!!!! Sack the producers!!! Very unhappy with this terrible twist. Why are they so desperate to give one of those terrible housemates 50k. Was already unhappy at those 2 getting the possibility of a pass to the final. Weeks ago on the big brother forum it was leaked about the white room with Conner winning because his uncle works for Big Brother. Now it appears to be coming true. Everyone needs to call and complain. Get the producer out!!!! B4 no one watches Big Brother.

  44. stop moaning u t***** atlest we get rid of one t*** and a b****

  45. Flufferx on 6:37pm August 3 '12

    ADAM SHOULD HAVE HAD A CHANCE AT THE 50K. In the US we have something called “CALLING BULLSHIT”


  46. I can’t help thinking that this Voting is a put up job,to get someone removed you have to vote for all the others,which is just a money making scheme, it should be Vote to Remove not Vote to Save. :doh:

  47. conner and his crew have bullied from day one and have never been punished. this show has gone to the dogs since channel 5 took it over. shame on you channel5

  48. karenlink on 7:12pm August 3 '12

    a complete joke. channel :c5: and the pathetic producers of this show are sending a clear message to the younger generation that bullying and threats is ok.this country is bad enough without this pathetic channel promoting it. this task was held back until it suited the 2 dickheads that are in the white room. do the producers think we are stupid?.
    think well of bb, because i feel its the last year of it. who in their right mind will sponsor it next year.ive been a diehard fan since series 1.this has been the worst 1 so far. so much hatred in the house. NOTE TO CHANNEL :c5: .it is not entertainment watching 2 guys break down and cry.hand your heads in shame you muppets.
    R.I.P. bb

  49. Conor thinks everyone loves him, Luke S was nearly evicted – Luke’s gonna try for the cash. But doesn’t matter much cause whoever stays to the end fairly gets just as much :shake:

  50. :angry: its any of you reading what we all saying or we talking to the hand again i cant understand that you 5 not giving a dame what every one complaining abut…. so what ofcome going to do now or they been paid by 5 to just ignore all of us!!!
    pls any one can give me there phone no so we can pass it around the one that i have its wrong ty pls keep going to complain and more complain and bombard the telephone of ofcome pls every one do it here and every where !!!!!!!

  51. I have watched BBfor years, but I think this is the worst series yet. Connor should have been sent out of the house after his rant about Deana, I have never heard anything so disgusting in all my life.BB have been biased towards the insiders all of the show, I say you should not give the money to them in the white room,it is not fair to the ones who have been fair all the series. Why didnt after the confessional didnt they let the house know that Becky was hoarding food,no because it was the insiders again.Come on channel 5 pull your socks up,.to the public, or you will lose the viewers,show us you are not biased Becky out tonight.

  52. dragon on 7:48pm August 3 '12

    Aren’t you guys excited, once Connor is out you will have him on BBBOTS AND 5 EVERY DAY, most probably even during CBB.
    I do not understand why you are still watching, I only read all your comments. My blood pressure is now normal. ha ha ha.

  53. If Conor or Luke S wins £50k without the public’s consent to fund this, please can you tell us where we need to apply for our money back? I haven’t spent my money voting repeatedly against Conor MacIntyre in protest against a vile, aggressive, physically and sexually threatening thug just so that you can hand him £50k. It would be far more appropriate to donate this (if he wins it) to victims of rape and/or domestic violence. Seriously, this is obtaining money under false pretences – I want a refund.


    there is definitly some thing fishy going on. the two most populer house mates for weeks now have been Deana and Adam. facebook hardly ever have problems and there hasnt been voting problems with fb ever via bb votes? now all of a sudden voting has been closed due to tech probs “my bum” theres no tech probs its becuase fb dont want to be associated with this farce due to 1000s of complaints to ofcom and fb and ch5 which have been totaly ignored by BB becuase the trueth hurts!!!.. if there is no farce then why dont bb answer to all these 1000s of complaints… not once have they answerd these complaints yet theyv been going for For weeks now!!!?? why dont people answer qauestiones they dont like? its becuase they dont have an answer becuase the accusations are generaly true and there answer would obviously be a lie and incriminate them selves.. anyone with an little of intellgence will know the reason why dont get back to us is becuase it would be a scandel and they would be in every tabloid the next day and days after and BB no more on ch5!!?

  55. mamap on 8:14pm August 3 '12

    this is chanell 5 complaints number 0208 612 7700 STOP THE TWIST
    feel free to call and complain

  56. on 8:27pm August 3 '12

    I find it absolutely disgusting that B.B, endamol or :c5: have made no comment & no action has been taken against anyone. If you read the comments posted on this site alone I would say 99% of them are derogatory towards Connor & co & the above 3 . Surely as this is a site for diehard B.B fans they can see that what they’ve been doing throughout this series is not what we consider to be following the B.B ethos & that we as viewers are outraged by the complacency that they have shown towards us & other fans of the show.
    It doesn’t take a genius to realise that they got it wrong earlier on in the series re : bullying & racist comments & that they should have done something earlier, it’s too late now as we are all pissed off.


    • BBNut on 9:54pm August 3 '12

      You put that brilliantly Kevin. Surely to god it cannot survive after this latest series-long debacle. Not a sigle solid attempt to nip it in the bud only encouragement from sick producers and greedy bigwigs at Channel ‘thrive’. I hope the participants take action following the end of the series particularly Deanna and Luke A. I’d say BB is sunk and the shit’s going to hit the fan at C5 and rightly so.

  57. Notice there were no interviews with friends or family this evening? Wonder why? I hope they did boycott the show, however, it was a no-brainer really with the hostility at breaking point. Now let’s all settle back and watch Conor get rewarded :puke: How can they deem this as ‘exciting’ entertainment, shut up Brian! Sick sick sick.

  58. Why are people cheering this piece of scum….
    What a fix…….
    I feel sick!!!!!!
    :music: :music: :music:

  59. ::angry:
    WTF Im done with Big Brother, you are as bad as Conner
    :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :

  60. Big Brother you should be ashamed of yourself for rewarding this scum with £50,000….
    Abusive, vile bully…..If that is what your show is about you can stick it up your *********

    :music: :music: :music:

  61. I feel sick , how can this scumbag win £50,000 for his vile behaviour and the evil crowd cheering him. I’m ashamed to be from broken britain and the message sent to victims of sexual/domestic abuse is that support is for the abuser.

  62. str-8-edge on 11:01pm August 3 '12


  63. Really not happy Conor went with the money, it would have been say may be half of 50,000, saying that, he does not even deserve half of it. Well can somebody please shut Ashleigh’s mouth for saying she would not have taken the money….. She asked for Adam, and Deanna’s opinion and they truthfully said they would have taken the money so why is she going behind their back to bitch about them! I just cannot understand. I think I have to stop watching before I lose my mind!

  64. :love: i love sara :star:
    :brokenheart: i hate connor
    :kiss: i love luke A
    :angry: i also hate becky
    :yes: luke s is okay
    :handshake: I would like to be friends with deana
    :party: shavorn is the person who likes to party but i also cant stand her.
    :rofl: scott is really funny
    :bigsmile: caraline is funny and mean
    :inlove: laren is a really nise and beautiful girl
    :c5: ashely is 5 out of 10
    :puke: aron makes me sick
    :wondering: ——i dont really know victoria properley because she left after 3 days
    :no: I hate cris because when Becky came in I liked her very much cause I thought she was funny and cris did not welcome her instead he was arguing with her.

  65. brian dowling aint very good at interviews he should have asked why connor didn’t say sorry to Deena in the dr he just said the words but his face told another story it’s obvious he didn’t mean a word of it.

  66. he didn’t mean a word of any apologies he gave in the dr you could tell he was telling bb what they wanted to hear like he’s done all along to the house mates well the insiders where taken in by him not tha outsiders.

  67. aamile95 on 1:05am August 4 '12

    I am completely sick of everyone’s winging! Please get over it! Have an opinion by all means but don’t shove your radical “it’s a fix” views down everyone’s throats! Conor did say something disgusting yes, did bb tell him off yes, did he change his behaviour yes! We all sometimes say things which are wrong yes what he said was out of order but at the end of the day we as humans can move on! He is not a criminal! Whilst I don’t like him myself the 50 grand twist is great and not a fix as you’d have everyone believe! There is no proof this is a fix so please shut up! If you don’t like the show don’t watch it simple!

    • Orchid333 on 1:33am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      OMG did he change his behaviour? no he did not. He was vile throughout the weeks to Deanne and for you to back Deanna!!!! well I am lost for words. You are just as bad as Conor in not supporting deanna in Conor’s rant about her. You are a deluded person!!! How can you say it is not a fix – prove it AAMILE95.

    • BBNut on 3:46pm August 4 '12

      Sorry AAMILE95 but you are so naieve! Not to mention the biggest hypocrite going for also supporting Deana!? Where exactly do your loyalties lie I wonder? Conor ‘appologised’ on last night’s show during his ‘interview’ with Brian as he was ordered to. It was completely forced and it was a pathetic attempt to appease the viewers (which failed miserably) and to make C5 and Endemol look and feel better (which also failed on a massive scale). If anything Conor was lauded and Becky’s interrogation from Brian was much harsher. Conor’s empty ‘appology’ meant nothing anyone could see that, he said himself he didn’t care about anyone else as he now has the money. He also cruelly stitched up Luke S, as Luke was prepared to split the money and Conor later admitted on BOTS he had no intention whatsoever of ever doing that. As Nina correctly said, he was selfish to the last and proved his true colours outside of the house. He is totally selfish, fake and cares about no-one but himself other than his remote-controlled airhead of a girlfriend. He never once attempted to appologise to Deana personally to her face or put things right and made her life hell, nor the viewers, who had the misfortune to witness his vile temper and for that he’s unforgiven. The only positive is that he’s no longer in the house and Deana can finally relax, sleep and breathe easily for the first time in 9 weeks assumably. I hope Conor enjoy’s every minute of the realisation setting in that he is almost universally hated and that most people will more than likely make him aware of it for a long time to come. Shame we have to endure his smug face on BOTS over the next week and the final so hope he get’s crucified as he deserves it. Caroline got off lightly apart from Lauren telling her some home truths so I really hope people tell Conor what they really think of him. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Worst housemate ever and he will always be known as the thug that ruined BB 2012.

  68. the reason bb are rushin to put cbb on is to get it on the air before the company who sponsors them end the contract i bet they are with there lawers right now trying to find a way out of it.

  69. connor will be out shopping as soon as he can just in case he get it taken off him he knows he dose’nt deserve it it only bb that has’nt caught on to how big of a mistake they have made and that all this is going to cloud cbbs when it’s on only then will they realise when the whole bb management are at the job centre.

  70. they ought to have shown connor the video of his rant
    and then put that question too him then the excuse he fobbed that dim emma with would have shown that it was’nt an angery outburst like he told it but that he was laughing when he was saying it he thinks we are all as thick as he is what a waste of money most of it will go down the pub and the bookies.

  71. they usually ask them about votes so why emma not ask him why he only voted women and she thinks she deserves a bafta that she keep going on about not a chance the word deluded comes to mind.

  72. funny how no one else was allowed to ask both of them any questions and they wonder why we think dodgy things are going on and that the insiders are favoured by bb.

  73. because big brother is’nt listening thats why!!!.

  74. I understand big brother has the right to change the rules at anytime-however they need to think seriously about the outcomes much more! Conor hadn’t redeemed himself since that rant! He came across as tho his hatred singled her out!!!! Deana is not my cuppa t n shes harmless, however she didnt deserve the treatment she got! Even last night he stated that he thought he was a character n believed he’d do well! He clearly thinks he’s better than what he actually is! He is a nob head- n wasn’t close 2 winning! Walking away with 50k is complete bullshit!! It should b the audience making the rules n in my opinion stop voting full stop. Any vote on behalf of him was a waste! Sadly it does make you think-wats the point? I wasn’t interested in his reasons why that 50k would change his life- it change anybody’s life! Mr cocky, I love me, fitness instructor was now hard done by, living at home still! Whatever! If he’s madly in live with the other half why not be already living together? 2incomes is better than 1! Not progressed very much obviously! He’s undeserving of!!!!

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