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Week 9 – Who nominated who?
The housemates had friends and family members nominating on their...
| Day -317

The housemates had friends and family members nominating on their behalf this week. Read on to find out who nominated who.

In the latest nominations twist, none of the nine remaining housemates were allowed to nominate yesterday. Instead it was loved ones on the outside who did so on their behalf.

Here’s how the nominating unfolded:

Sara’s mum

Sara’s mum nominates Rebecca and she claims that she is “playing a game”. Her second nomination is for Scott and brands him “fake” and “boring”. “He is forgettable” Sara’s mum quips. On hearing this Scott becomes anxious and is shocked that one of his “best friends” parents has nominated him.

Adam’s mum

Adam’s mums’ first nomination is for Ashleigh. Her reason for this nomination is that Ashleigh knew about Caroline sabotaging the shopping task and played a part in it. “It made everyone in the house suffer” she declares. Her second nomination is for Rebecca and says: “She is dropping little bits of poison by stirring and gossiping. The effect she has had on the house is not a good one”.

Deana’s friend

Deana’s friend’s first nomination is for Conor. She says that “It’s no surprise” because “he hasn’t given her friend a chance or made an effort”. Her second nomination is for Ashleigh and brands her as “two-faced”. “She is another person that has not given Deana a chance before getting to know her” she asserts.

Conor’s girlfriend

Conor’s girlfriend nominates Deana. “She needs to stop bringing her name into the controversy” she tells Big Brother. Her second nomination is for Luke A and claims that he is “playing a game and just wants win”. She believes he has “sabotaged” tasks in order to appear more favourable to the public.

Scott’s sister

Scott’s sister’s first nomination is for Deana branding her; “lazy” and “bitchy”. Her second nomination is for Luke A because whilst he accused Rebecca of bitching about fellow housemates, he spoke behind her back after the pair had made-up.

Rebecca’s sister

Becky’s sister nominates Luke A and says: “He is boring, sly and sneaky”. She continues to tell housemates that Luke A has said that her sister “respects him as much as she respects her bmi”. On hearing this, Becky brands Luke A as “nasty” and “disgusting”. Her second nomination is for Deana because: “whilst there are soldiers fighting in Afghanistan”, Deana, Luke A and Adam refer to themselves as “soldiers”. In addition to this, she also brands Deana as “Lazy” and does not think that she is having enough fun in the house.

Luke S’ mum

Luke S’s mother nominates Luke A: “He is jealous of Luke (S)” she claims. Her second nomination is for Adam and labels him as “spiteful”. This is in reaction to Adam allowing Luke S to stand on the blocks for hours during the ‘Standing on the Shoulders” task, aware that all Luke S would receive is a coffee machine.

Ashleigh’s dad

Ashleigh’s dad nominates Adam. His reason for this nomination is that Adam hid cigarettes from Ashleigh when Big Brother provided them after Caroline sabotaged the shopping list. Also, he was unhappy that Adam had prevented housemates from entering the store room as he threw chocolate on the floor. His second nomination is for Luke A. “When Ash was saved, he didn’t even give her eye contact. He has taken this way too seriously” he says.

Luke A’s wife

Luke A’s wife is the last to nominate. She nominates Rebecca and brands her “angry” and “bitchy”. Her second nomination is for Ashleigh because she is two-faced. “She told Luke (A) that she loved him and then she went straight back to Becky to bitch about him. Luke (A) trusted her” she says.


Ashleigh, Becky and Deana received three nominations each. Luke A received five nominations. These four will face the public vote. Sara was the only housemate to receive zero nominations.

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  1. Sara mum who nominated scott is harsh infact all there families nominations seem harsh

  2. how does conor keep getting away with not being up 4 eviction. get him out NOW..

  3. I can’t believe Luke S Mother nominated Adam because of the task, it was a task, what was Adam supposed to do? Tell him to get off as it’s only a coffee machine? Stupid woman.

    • Orchid333 on 2:12pm July 31 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      I agree. The reason Luke S’s mum used that excuse about Adam was because she could not think of anything else bad to say about him. Oh, Luke S’s mum your poor little boy having to stand on a box for a few hours – Is he a mummy’s boy???? did ums.

    • Same thing goes for the family members nominated people for “Playing the game” – No s***, it IS a game and every one of them is there to win, no matter what they say.

  4. Orchid333 on 2:09pm July 31 '12

    How can Conor’s girlfriend not think the disgusting rant he did about Deanna is acceptable. Becky has commented on her own weight and that she is not bothered but is now playing the sympathy card of “woe is me, I am being victimised about my weight” It is grossly unfair that BB has aired Luke A’s BMI comment to the house but not other nasty comments housemates have made – especially the racist ones and Conor’s rant and Becky hiding food under her bed away for her other housemates !!!!!!!! BB you are disgraceful in your production this year. You are not listening to the majority of the viewers about the bad behaviour of the insiders and YES, YOU ALSO BB. I don’t know why us viewers bother putting forward our views because BB don’t listen to us !!!!!!!

    • :yes: agree agree agree! Becky has openly admitted that she is happy about her weight but now wants to play the sympathy card to get votes and make Luke A look bad. What a bitch.

    • Luke A should know better than anyone just how nasty personal comments can be upsetting. If Becky had commented or made a personal nasty remark about the fact he used to be female then I bet she’d get endless abuse. It shouldn’t be one rule for some and another for everyone else. Fact is, they are ALL very bitchy and say nasty things about each other.

      • michelle920 on 11:48pm July 31 '12

        She’s bitched about him hundreds of times behind his back but I guess that’s ok right? Luke A is not bitchy at all I know bitchy ppl he just said it in the heat of the moment because he’d had enough of her shit and let’s be honest anyone else living with her who wasn’t a suck up like Scott and Ashleigh would have more than enough. She’s a slobbering fat mess and a disgrace to girls everywhere what kind of message is she sending out? I’m morbidly obese but I’m gonna keep hiding food from the housemates and not even bother to exercise because I’d rather be a whale? It’s bullshit I’m overweight and I’ve lost 4 stone so far and I will carry on losing weight until I’m the weight I wanna be what’s her excuse?

    • AmericanCousin on 6:22am August 1 '12

      I am so late. Just said this on Becky’s page. But yes, you’re so correct. She hidthe food, complained of losing calories, and professed her love for being morbidly obese, so what’s the problem? She’s a drama queen. Spot on, Orchid~ :yes:

    • I also agree, Beckys sister made me very angry this is the girl who got in the house because she was funny and could laugh at herself for stuffing hamburgers in her mouth. She goes on and on about how comfortable she is with her weight then hears one comments( let’s not go into the comments she makes about people) and blows a gasket. I have no sympathy for Becky as Connor is so good at telling other people grow a pair Becky. I hope Ashleigh and Becky go this week it is a shame Connor it not up.

  5. Jillie on 2:10pm July 31 '12

    I just wish Deana’s friend had said the reason for nominating Conor was because of his horrible and discusting remark about Deana. Probably BB did’nt want that mentioned again but none of us will ever forget it

    • Orchid333 on 2:14pm July 31 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Yes Deanna’s friend should have mentioned about Conor’s despicable comment but then again did she and BB didn’t show it. It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • loisxo on 2:48pm July 31 '12

        What comment???

        • F.Y.I. Loisxo – the following was a conversation about Deanna several weeks ago:

          Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

          Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

          Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

          Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

          • I couldn’t remember exactly the words Connor said about Deana, that guy is a complete and utter ignorant moron, he has a chip on his shoulder about Deana, he should have been thrown out of the big brother house for that, no question.

            Get him out :devil:

            One of the outsiders to win :call:

        • How refreshing for someone to come forward and say they are backing to win Luke S. I applaud you, and do not be influenced by the supporters of the BIG 3……..WELL DONE.

        • Hi LOISXO,

          I’ve just spotted you’re backing luke S to win. It’s always a personal choice, but please note that that when conthug made his rant against Deanna, Luke S was present and gave tacit support.

          Conthug actually appears to be Luke’s henchman.

          There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind on a matter when you discover the full facts???

          Your shout entirely – I fully respect.

      • I was just thinkin the same thing not one person mentioned it I think big brother probs said don’t mention it

    • KatieCarrot,

      Most of us didn’t really get the real magnitude of what Conthug had said until American Cousin posted the transcript a few days ago.

      It just keeps reminding me of the monster who was recently imprisoned for gouging out his girlfriend’s eyes.

      Conthug’s girlfriend should be scared for her own safety – she need’s to get out of this relationship before it’s too late. He’s gonna do someone some serious damage soon. All the warning signs are there…

      • Inappropriate comments I think. What you are implying is wrong. You do not know Conor or his girlfriend and its comments like this that cause false accusations. What he said was wrong but was obviously in the heat of the moment and he is not a physical threat. He has shown no signs of physical violence at all.

        • brokenangel on 11:32pm July 31 '12
          MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

          If he posed no threat why was he being closely monitered? The threat was there for god/s sake. They have been removed from BB for less. That was not just a comment it was a full blown angry rant. Threatenig to stick things up women and punching them. Tell that to women that have been said things to in anger – and it has been followed through.

        • Orchid333 on 6:54am August 1 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          So if you are saying that Conor’s remarks are said in the heat of the moment, the same could be said about Luke A’s BMI comment. And he has admitted that.

          • What I was getting at is that Goodstuff’s comment is bang out of order implying that Conor’s girlfriend should be scared! You are all so narrow minded in your hate for Conor its pathetic.

  6. Orchid333 on 2:16pm July 31 '12

    Something strange going on about voting. On the channel 5 site it says voting is closed !!!!!!! WHY? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY?

  7. loisxo on 2:45pm July 31 '12

    Isn’t it Sara and Luke s? (didn’t get any nominations?)

  8. What on earth was conners girlfriend on about?!

    • Haha saying Luke A is playing a game, Don’t make me laugh her d**khead boyfriend is the biggest player there the cheek, What reason did she have to pick Deana I just wish someone had mentioned what conner had said, Cause there all gloating that Luke A is in the firing line Keep Luke A in the house and cheer him on friday that will wipe the smile off there faces hehe

  9. Biddy on 3:06pm July 31 '12

    Well we could have predicted it couldn’t we !!!!
    Conor ,,Sara and Luke S going into the white room..
    :music: :music: :music:

  10. JR – No logics from conthug’s girlfriend just tactical voting by f/f’s with spurious comments most of the time.

    check nastleigh’s father’s ‘reason’ for luke whilst :puke: S uses and abuses his daughter for his personal sexual gratification – even using her like a tiolet to deposit his semen :puke: :puke:

    Feel sorry for nastleigh – now understand why she has no self respect or awareness – poor girl. The blame and shame lies entirely with her ‘father’

    • compare how last year when Faye’s smart mum did the honourable and right thing to look after the best interest of BOTH of her daughters by nominating Arogant.

    • AmericanCousin on 6:26am August 1 '12

      I don’t know about feeling sorry for fugshleigh, but I kinda feel for Luke S. penis :puke: It must be covered in cold sires by now :puke:
      I really can’t stand these people, GS. I’m gonna have to break from watching these vile excuses. I can’t see how jaded these family members can be. Maybe poppa ugly feels if he voted to save Luke S. fuglshleigh would benefit, idk?
      All I can say is, let’s get Ratshleigh and or Becky out :yes: :wink:

      • Orchid333 on 6:59am August 1 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Ditto. Have you seen the recent clip of Luke S, Ashleigh and Becky breaking the rules shouting to each other through the white room walls? Luke S was told off by BB. Do you think that they will be punished? Course not -let us wait and see. I will be surprised if they are but if so, it will probably be something like no hot water for 30 mins. :angry:

  11. CONOR , LUKE S AND SARA will go into the white room, they will be told when they enter what the prize is, which in my opinion is a big mistake, Conor will win obviously, which means I would imagine that either Sara or Luke S will be evicted, what a load of Sh*te. BB should be ashamed of themselves allowing Conor to go through.

  12. Apparantly the four housemates with the least nominations over this series were picked to go into the white room, they had to choose between them which three out of the four would go in, Scott dropped out, which left Conor. Luke S and Sara, now I may be wrong but surely ADAM got less nominations this series than CONOR, OR LUKE S ????? What is going on here, this really stinks BB.

    • Yes your right, it looks like Connor has about 3 more votes than Adam.


      • sammyvan on 6:35pm July 31 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        So its those with the least votes???
        From records
        Adam ………..9 votes
        Luke S………..13
        So how has Adam not been included in the White Room? Be interesting to know what has caused Conor to jump ahead??

        • sammyvan on 6:56pm July 31 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Have just seen that it is votes in the recent nomination only and Adam got 2!
          We should have known they would somehow exclude Adam – by any means fair or foul!
          I am loosing patience with BB now – how do they justify keeping that disgusting creature Conor in AND giving him[ just you wait and see] a free pass to the final. I still cannot understand the F & F not voting for him? Or not one quoting what he said, as opposed to what Luke A said?
          Please Sara, WIN.

        • Orchid333 on 7:02am August 1 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          BB FIX OF COURSE – AGAIN. :mmm:

  13. tipper on 5:43pm July 31 '12

    why cant we vote on facebook :devil: :lipssealed:

  14. brokenangel on 6:52pm July 31 '12

    Luke S Mum
    Her second nomination is for Adam and labels him as “spiteful”. This is in reaction to Adam allowing Luke S to stand on the blocks for hours during the ‘Standing on the Shoulders” task, aware that all Luke S would receive is a coffee machine.
    Surely that reason should not have been allowed as it was part of the task. Adam was not to tell the housemates !
    A lot of the reasoning was bloody ridiculous. I am glad though in a way that Dean’s family were refined enough not to disclose what was said about the epilator, I think it could worry Deana. She can sort out when she comes out. We know the truth and will fight the soldiers corner with them.

    • sammyvan on 7:29pm July 31 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      What about Becky’s sisters second reason – for Deana? She objects to the term “soldiers” because it is not being used in the correct context……………what a load of bull! I doubt that any of us with family over there, serving with the forces, have any problem with Deana using the word. Talk about manufactured reasons!! Hope Becky appreciates the irony as she goes up the stairs on Friday.

  15. what on earth going on bb conor in the white room shocking after all he done if he gets to the final it will be a fix

  16. dragon on 8:16pm July 31 '12

    It is really difficult to believe what some family and friends have said what their reasons are for nominating housemates. Does it not show why some housemates are the way they are?
    Anyway I think Sara should win the 25,000 as she had no votes.

    • Definitely.
      Just read on anothe site that Conners F&F are making racist comments and have put up a disgusting drawing of Deana on face Book.
      Could someone please explain to me what she did to get such an extreme reaction from Conner and now his F&F.
      Don’t get me wrong I don’t like her and couldn’t live in a house with her but this is ridiculous and will result in her winning as decent people can’t stand back and do nothing so they’ll vote for her. Remember thats what happened on CBB with Shilpa Shetty.

      • Yeah and Jade Goody was removed from the house whilst Conner is still there its a joke if Luke A gets booed on friday I will defo be switching off as what he said was nothing conpaired to what Conner said

  17. str-8-edge on 10:31pm July 31 '12


  18. Sue123 on 1:47am August 1 '12

    bb looking after conor.they always make some one else look bad before conor fades into the back ground. so they can say they were right to keep him in.this weeks noms are a joke.

  19. pffffft on 10:03am August 1 '12

    I am disgusted with the fact that Becky’s sister was allowed to repeat what Luke A had said about Becky and that it was shown to the housemates. This was one comment said to his friends in a moment of anger and to be honest I can’t blame him as he felt totally betrayed by Becky after he’d “cleared” the air with her and dispite this she still voted for him. Aren’t we all guilty of saying things we regret in the heat of the moment? All the housemates are guilty of saying nasty things about each other and some much worse than Lukes comment, but these haven’t been aired. Shame on BB for not playing fair. Please lets hope that the prize goes to someone who isn’t a foul mouthed, egotistical, vain, arrogant plonker which rules out any of the insiders.

  20. I’m more annoyed that BOTS are making a meal of it, We were all aware of his comment last week as it was shown. So why go on about it. What about all the nasty
    comments made by other HMs . BB needs to be fair or we all start switching off. Its meant to be a game and a game should have rules. Every HM shoulkd be treated in the same way.

  21. Sue123 on 1:22pm August 1 '12

    Emma said on BOTS that Luke A should not have said what he said yet she stuck up for Conor when he said “stick the epilator up Deana’s… Knock her out and she is a piece of shit. She said that it was just rage. Becky’s sister should not have been allowed to say what Luke A has said. Becky is trying for the sympathy vote now after she has always said she doesn’t care about her weight.

  22. Sue123 on 2:01pm August 1 '12

    ps gutted luke s didnt win coffee machine for his mother :hi: :hi: :hi:

  23. OMG becky’s sister is a unreal of cause she isn’t having enough fun coz she cnt with the D**kheads, is she failing to forget when Conner was being awful to her sister and Luke A, Adam, Lauren and deana got on with becky and even Lauren stuck up for her coz she classed her as a friend how did she repay??? By grassing her up to them shes a Biatch, As for Conner’s gfriend she is deluded there are all playing a game its a gameshow Duh her bfriend being the biggest in there please everyone vote for Deana and Luke A so they can wipe the others smug faces away there think Luke A will go cause of what he said

  24. I can’t believe Channel Five/ Big Brother has awarded Connors blatantly disturbing behavior this way. So he can go and buy another 50,000 epiliators to shred with. He even had the audacity to hug his arch nemesis before leaving. Deana to win all the way!!!!

    Despicable Disgusting of Big Brother!

    The white room is synonymous for something else, and Becky putting on nuttella on her face and saying she was a beauty pagent was highly sus…. This is the icing on the cake, condoning bad depraved behavior, not once did he apologise to Deana and all women.

    I love Brain dowling to bits, Hated his interview, too soft as if he was interviewing his friend. Should have shown or read out at least what he said and then let us hear an sincere apology. Most genuine people sussed he was not a genuine human being. I would have preferred the fake couple; Luke going off with the Fifty grand.

    You have now got all the nasty outsiders on Bit on the Side portraying the insiders as goodies and interesting and favorites to win. So biased and appalling, frankly.

    I will not vote now, unless Big Brother Donates the same amount to a women’s shelter (where women suffering similar fates as Connor suggested doing to Deana; live.)

    Do not vote! until they do something about this immoral stance. Great Britain is not a haven for depravity. This is my personal opinion.

    • Sorry that was meant to read. You have now got the nasty insiders (Connor, Becky, Caroline) on big brother’s bit on the side at present and you will for the remainder of the week, giving a biased view.

      Absolutely a disgrace!

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