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Week 8 – Who nominated who?
Yesterday saw eight housemates put up for eviction after a...
| Day -324

Yesterday saw eight housemates put up for eviction after a nominations twist. Read on to find out who nominated who this week.

In a twist, housemates that received just one nomination or more would automatically face the public vote. This was only announced after nominations were complete.


Adam is the first housemate into the diary room and with little prompting nominates Caroline. “She’ll try and get people to apologise in front of everyone and then turn against you. She apologises but then does the same things. She’s too faced”. He ponders for a few minutes before making his second nomination; “Sara” he says firmly. His reason for this nomination is that she chose him as the “worst nominate to live with” in her lie detector task. Also, he claims that he “doesn’t trust her” because: “she told me she had people in her ear, telling her things, and for that, I don’t trust her”.


Becky is the next housemate into the diary room and without hesitation nominates Luke A. Following the pairs row, she says “He’s been talking to people and saying I’m fake. I don’t think I’d miss him much if he wasn’t here”. Seemingly riled up she continues; “He is lovely but when he switches to chef mode, he’s a nightmare!” Her second nomination is for Deana. “She’s very slow paced, dreamy and in the clouds” she quips “She’s such a little floater – the polar of me”.


Sara nominates Luke S. Her reasons for this nomination are that Luke S walks around the house half naked all the time and that he tells jokes that aren’t funny. “He’s a lovely guy” she says, “but he is a bit annoying”. “Sometimes he creeps me out, this morning he had these weird pants on and just lied on his bed”. Bemused by her second nomination, Sara ponders for a while, and eventually nominates Ashleigh; “There isn’t much conversation. I don’t speak to her as much as other housemates”. Before she has time to change her mind (again), Sara proclaims to Big Brother; “Right that’s it, let me out now”.

Luke A

Luke A is the fourth housemate to nominate. No sooner as he has sat down, he nominates Caroline. “She stares at me in a really evil way and it’s really off-putting. It makes me feel worthless” he claims. His second nomination is for Conor. His nomination is in response to Conor’s reaction to Lauren’s eviction last Friday night; “He said that he wasn’t going to wish us luck. He has got a game plan”.


Ashleigh comes to the diary room and nominates Luke A, describing him as “sneaky”. She says that whilst Luke A claims that he doesn’t bitch in the house, “he is the bitchiest housemate of them all”. Her second nomination is for Deana. “I don’t feel like he’s got any character. She’s like a little lost puppy.” Not scarce of reasons for this nomination, Ashleigh continues; “She always talks about her body but then she always sexy dances”.

Luke S

Luke S nominates Adam because of his “bad toilet habits” and because he is “always complaining about cleaning up after himself”. He continues; “I think he’s a game player. All his conversations are about numbers. I’m wary of him. He tries to manipulate what people think and their votes to gage the atmosphere in the house. He’s tried it with Conor when I have been with him and with me”. His second nomination is for Deana. “She’s extremely slow paced in the day and then the music comes up and she’s a completely different person! She is convinced the camera is on her. She only ever wakes up when there is a camera”.


Caroline nominates Adam and labels him as “irritating” and “annoying”. Her second nomination is for Luke A, drawing upon his response to her less than positive audience reception last Friday; “He was over the moon the audience didn’t like me” she shrieks. Caroline also claims that he is “boring” and “has a lot of embarrassing confrontations in the house”.


Deana nominates Conor. “Me and Conor don’t get along and we never will. He is fake” she claims confidently. Her second nomination is for Caroline. Her main reason for this nomination is that Caroline’s sarcasm has become “too much”. “You can never have a normal conversation with her. She’s always sarcastic!”


Conor is the ninth housemate to nominate. With little hesitation, his first nomination is for Deana; “She has a split personality. She’s putting on an act and I don’t trust her because you never know who you’re going to get with her or what”. His second nomination is for Sara and labels her as “lazy”. “All she does is sleep all day. She doesn’t help with the cleaning up and she never offers anybody else food”.


Finally, Scott comes to the diary room and takes a few minutes to put on his bronzer; “Hold your horses” he tells Big Brother “I’m adding colour to my face, I look like a pale ostrich”. Calm and collected, he nominates Luke S, and labels him as a “cheese face”. When asked to elaborate on his ‘Scott terminology’, he says; “I can barely look at him when he’s being all cheese facey. It’s like he’s been at band camp”. Not short of reasons for his nomination, he continues; “He is 100% certain of all his opinions. He doesn’t really know how cocky he is. He is a right bell-end when he acts like that”. His second nomination goes to Deana, his secondary “Cheese face”. “She has already nearly set the oven on fire today! She burns sausages left, right and centre!” Scott continues; “She is away with the fairies. Just get a fire-cracker up your arse and move it!” he yelps. “Also, she didn’t knock when I was in the lavatory. Just said Oh sorry” he exclaims in exasperation. Leaving the diary room, Scott tells Big Brother “Oh dear I’ve been gone ages – they’re going to think I’m a right bitch”.


Deana received the most nominations with five. Caroline, Luke A and Luke S each received three nominations. Because of this week’s twist however,  they will be joined in the public vote by Adam, Ashleigh, Conor and Sara who each received at least one nomination.

You can find out how the group reacted to the results by clicking here.

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  1. Joseph on 5:50pm July 24 '12

    Sara has kind of made up for being a boring housemate with her nominations this week… Luke S thought it was the Outsiders who nominated him, but it was actually Sara and Scott :bigsmile:

  2. becky stuck with the same vote, she a dog.. a cheat and hope she out soon save o on the cost of feeding her

  3. Jules on 6:16pm July 24 '12

    Scott hasnt liked Luke S for a while now, I think he will hopefully stick with that As it stands Deanna, Luke A and Caroline would have been up. Caroline would most likely have gone.

    Conor and Adam nominated Sara I thought Adam would but am just a little surprised at Connor as she has said that she likes him. Poor old Deanna received the most again.

    I wonder what made Sara go for Ashleigh, she was all over her the other day comforting her. That was the only nom she got. If we want Caroline out we have to vote for Ashleigh, she is still favourite to go.

    • rionablue on 6:48pm July 24 '12
      MEMBER (3757 COMMENTS)

      I cant believe that Adam or Luke A didnt vote for Becky. I kinda expected them to go for Caroline but Adam wasted his second vote voting for Sara when we could have had Becky up also. I too am very surprised Conor went for Sara. I just cant see his reasons to be honest. I think he must be afraid of Caroline and Becky the wimp

      • Jules on 11:42pm July 24 '12
        MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

        I think with Luke he thought things had been sorted and that is why he didnt nominate Becky.

        With Adam nominating Sara, he thought that things had been sorted with her but she let him down twice afterwards proving that she wasnt genuine with him.

        Becky and Luke’s argument was just that, Becky and Luke’s. Just goes to show that they are their own people.

        • rionablue on 12:25am July 25 '12
          MEMBER (3757 COMMENTS)

          Then why didnt Sara nominate him I wonder??? Could she have said that maybe she would give him a chance and might have thought she should have kept out of the arguments but thought at the time she was doing the right thing. She was going to nominate him then changed her mind. I really think Adam should have used his vote to nominate Bec ky. Surely, surely she deserves to be up more than Sara!

    • brains on 9:24pm July 24 '12

      reason being the girls are jealous of her and all the insiders see her as a threat

  4. str-8-edge on 6:37pm July 24 '12


  5. Don’t know why Adam didn’t nominate Connor or Becky, Luke A and Deana both voted for Caroline and Connor, Adam is suppose to be an outsider, that means getting the insiders out…….puzzled :worried:

    • Jules on 11:47pm July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Adam nominated Caroline, an insider, also Sara whom he is not sure of because she goes from one to another. Connor has picked up on that now and that is possibly why he nominated Sara, as he said he didnt trust her.

      I think the outsiders are quite fair minded and not looking for tactics as such other than to hope that Caroline goes.

      As Adam said to Luke, pick your battles, they know who they can trust but can only nominate two at a time.

      • Isnt it very interesting that Conor has never nominated a male housemate? This week he picked the two prettiest girls. I hate him anyway and I cant see why the hell he has to nominate Deana every single week. And his reason for nominating Sara was stupid. There are far lazier housemates in there. Its a shame alright that Adam didnt nominate the same as his other outsiders and put Connor and Caroline up. He picked the least bitchy of the insiders and put her up. I really dont like him much anymore. Of the outsiders I hope Luke A and Deana make the final and Adam gets booted out!!!!

        • Adam didn’t take being nominated very well, did he, I was shocked, all he had to do, was clean the toilet after himself. I’ve been gunning for Adam all along with Luke A and Deana, but I might be beginning to change my mind now. Connor is just a sly one, I wonder if he will ever nominate a male housemate, if he has to, bet it will be one of the weaker ones like Scott and Luke A of course.

          Luke A to win.

          • jennyjuniper on 12:51pm July 25 '12
            MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

            Actually it was Conor and Scott who said Adam was angry at being nominated. All Adam said was that it wasn’t a nice feeling to be up. It’s the first time he’s been nominated, so he was merely saying how it felt. Conor and Co twist everything the outsiders say to make them look bad.
            By the way, why are there no toilet brushes in the house???

          • Sally on 6:59pm July 25 '12
            MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

            Adam wasnt angry at being nominated. he was just saying it didn’t feel good being up for eviction. Conor was pretending he was fine about it .but it was him and LukeS that where moaning about being nominated.

  6. 5169paul on 7:50pm July 24 '12

    i wish they had stuck with the normal way we could have got rid of caroline and luke s. there a real danger that people will think their favourite hm will be safe and not vote for them. :devil: conner will be safe cos all ireland will vote for him. this is good for bb but i am not sure it will hit the insiders. be careful please dont let this back fire as it could if you dont vote for the out siders :drink: :drink: :drink:

    • Im irish and I bloody wont vote to save him. He is a horrible person the way he has hassled Deana in particular and I am ashamed that he is from here. Worst Irish CONTESTANT EVER”!!!!

      • same here ashling, im irish and im ashamed to admit that WXXKER is too, def never gonna vote for him, and i doubt all of ireland will vote for him either 5169paul, apart from the fact that the south of ireland cant vote, believe me many ppl in the north arent stupid enough to

  7. Sally on 8:03pm July 24 '12

    :hi: Katycarrot.
    Adam has nominated Caroline for the last 5 weeks.She insulted him that’s why.
    Sara also offended him. He has taken the insults personally. He has never nominated Conor. If he was playing tactically.he would protect himself by nominating Conor and Luke s

    • yeahyeahyeah on 11:02pm July 24 '12

      Also, unlike the Insiders the Outsiders aren’t talking about noms, so other than maybe a general knowledge of the individual dynamics between the HMs, the Outsiders have not targeted any one particular insider HMs, where as the Insiders have. The Outsiders are playing fair and they are not being so tactical.

    • Actually if Sara said she would least like to be stuck in the house with me I would nominate her. :)

  8. when does BB finish?

  9. sucks americans can’t vote on FB
    caroline and conor OUT! double evict please :evilgrin: :fubar: :yes:

  10. str-8-edge on 12:06am July 25 '12

    “AMEN” , TO THAT BENZU—————–

  11. playme2loud on 3:50am July 25 '12

    How stupid is Luke S when he said this about Deana “She only ever wakes up when there is a camera”.
    DUH!!!! there are camaras everywhere in the house. Find a good reason to nominate.

    • sammyvan on 1:40pm July 25 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Also, another example of Luke S brain power….
      “Why did they not nominate me last week in the face to face”
      ‘cos you were immune , Dumbo!

    • AmericanCousin on 1:40pm July 25 '12

      Could you believe why she was nominated? because she could dance??? Ashleigh is soooo jealous, it’s a crying shame. She wasn’t performing, she just has swagger and rythm, sue her. Luke S. and Ashleigh are def made for one another and I do see their compatibility.

      • I agree, at least Deana isnt flashing her knickers, cant these ‘ladies’ and I use the term loosely, sit down without showing everything theyve got, good on Deana she has handled herself well.

  12. microsis on 8:04am July 25 '12

    For me Scott is at his best in the diary room when
    nominating ,,
    He’s just so funny ,making bb wait ,well he puts on his bronzer ” hold your horse ”
    Then he goes into this long and detailed reason for nominating this particular hm ,,this week he picked hms that to him had ” cheesy faces ” :bigsmile:
    :music: :music: :music:

    • AcerEntwistle on 9:03am July 25 '12

      Yeah it’s kinda funny actually. Scott used to annoy me at first, the way he spoke really got to me but at the moment he seems to have distanced himself from the likes of Becky and we’re starting to see that he’s actually quite funny. Not in a jokey, make a show of yourself kind of way, but just in the way he naturally acts. :)

    • AmericanCousin on 1:38pm July 25 '12

      The term “cheese face” really bites my bottom. It just lacks luster. Esepecially when Becky :puke: says it. I cringe @ that term and see it catching on, no time soon. I do quite like Scott. I wish he would cut ties with the idiotsiders.

  13. jennyjuniper on 12:13pm July 25 '12

    It was very clear to see the mindset of the insiders, when Becky said she ought to say sorry to Luke A. She was the only one to realise that he had sorted it with her and moved on. Big mouth Conor seemed to think it HAD to be a tactical move and the others were quick to agree. Just because they can’t resolve a problem and move on, shows how limited their thinking (such as it is) really is.

  14. i cant understand why Becky keeps stuffing her face with food and cant even excersise properly. If she isnt careful she will get even bigger. Alreday her obesity is most likely a health risk. She actually has nice eyes and a very expressive face. I just cant understand gluttony when someone is as heavy as she is. Im no skinny minny and if I feel that I have put on extra weight I eat sensibly and excersise. I cant understand why she doesnt CARE!!!

  15. Athanie on 3:19pm July 25 '12

    it’s funny how the insiders all think the outsiders nominate ONLY by tactics, when in fact it’s the other way around. :wondering:

    I think Conor only hates Deana because of the fact that he got put up for eviction the FIRST week. I think that really bruised his EGO and he has never gotten over it.

    As much as i like Adam I do think his hygiene is frustrating. The fact that he leaves the toilet in a disgusting way without cleaning it and when confronted about it just states – “It will happen again”
    And thank god he’s covering his *** with a T-shirt cause I don’t think id stand living with a person who has his pants (trousers) hanging at his knees.

    I like Deana but she is quite dull to watch, the only times she is somewhat interesting is when she is stating her mind in an argument but thats about it.

    I still think at this point Scott is my favorite, he’s funny and doesn’t take the bitchiness to the evil level like many of the others.

    Luke A is definitely a favorite of mine too, he’s now also getting more confidence and speaking his mind. He’s a good guy and he would deserve to win.

    Oh and I still wish Arron left to soon, Conor should have been out that week which would have made a big positive difference in the house i think.


  16. paulbad on 8:25pm July 25 '12

    Another week saved all the way Conor :party:

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