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Week 6 – Who nominated who?
Yesterday housemates nominated for the sixth time. Read on to find...
Nick | Day -338

Yesterday housemates nominated for the sixth time. Read on to find out just who nominated who. Will any surprises nominations be in-store for viewers?

As a result of the ‘Turf Wars’ task this week, only five housemates were permitted to nominate. Whilst the blue team won the diary room, they were stripped of this win after Caroline and Conor had been discussing nominations. Therefore, the green team were the only housemates to nominate this week. The green team could nominate housemates both on and off their own team.

Luke S

Luke S is first into the diary room and nominates Deana and Adam. “I don’t trust Deana” he tells Big Brother, “She thinks I’m fake. I don’t trust that you can tell her anything and she never tidies up”. He also feels that Adam is untrustworthy; “He’s playing the biggest game”. Finally, Luke S feels that Adam has been “derogatory in a sexual way towards women”, particularly Lauren.


Adam is the next housemate into the diary room. His first nomination is for Caroline and labels her “vindictive, vicious and manipulative”. Shievonne is next to be nominated and this is following a row between the pair; “Even after trying to apologise she has not let it go”, he grumbles. Not short of reasons for nominating his fellow housemate, Adam continues “The things she has done – the things she has accused me of”. Labelling Shievonne as “intimidating”, Adam refers to an incident in which she accused Lauren of flirting with him; “she lies and intimidates people” he declares.


Deana is the third housemate to nominate. “My first nomination is Conor” she says flippantly. “He’s aggressive. I don’t like him. He’s judged me before even knowing me”. Her second nomination is for Shievonne, observing that she has been distant with her; “She’s gone really weird with me. I don’t know what the issue is”.


Scott is the next to enter the diary room. His first nomination is for Conor. Scott has clocked that Conor seems to be tactically spending time with housemates that he has not been speaking to prior to nominations. In addition to this reason, Scott also finds that he lacks common ground with Conor; “There is nothing to communicate with – there is just no conversation”. Finally, Scott tells Big Brother that Conor has been manipulating his fellow housemates, influencing nominations, and particularly turning people against Deana and Becky; “He’s trying to exterminate the people that he doesn’t like” he speculates.

His second nomination is for Luke S; “he doesn’t have a sense of humour. It’s quite cringe really. He’s trying to guess what humour is”. He also makes reference to Luke S and Ashleigh’s relationship in the house and questions how Luke S feels about his friend.


Becky nominates Conor, speculating that he wants to win the show; “No Conor honey, you are so eager to win it, it’s unreal”. Additionally Becky considers him to be manipulative; “He’s a sly old dog” she retorts. Her second nomination is for Shievonne, branding her as “snappy”.

With three votes each, Shievonne and Conor will face the public vote this week.

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  1. rbdeschamp on 7:12pm July 10 '12

    Green team gets to nominate, and half the green team gets a nomination. LOLOL! Glad it wasn’t 1 nomination and they’re up because i’d hate to see Adam and Deana up. :(

  2. MrTommiiee94 on 7:24pm July 10 '12

    well im sorry but Luke S is a stupid P**CK hahah dont like him and connor to go this week even tho Shiv is being a B!tch!

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    • Jules on 8:29pm July 10 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Definitely no team work there Mr. Tom, I guessed it the other day when some were comforting Adam. You could tell by Luke Ss mannerisms, he wasnt really bothered. He is definitely with the insiders. He is a sly one, fancy criticising Adam with Lauren, when he is so much over Ashleigh, wont forget his bedroom release the other day.

      If anything Lauren, bless her has gone to Adam for comfort as him and Luke A have been there for her when the others were bitching about her.

  3. Jules on 8:30pm July 10 '12

    Well done to Scott for nominating Luke S, it cuts both ways and had it only been one for all he would have been up as well.

  4. was afix conor to win an becky is a horrible greedy girl they cheated to get in back stabers CONOR TO WIN

  5. I am gald these 2 are up this week. Connor is horrid. He’s cocky, a bad loser (he was gutted last week when he was up)!!!
    These 2 this past week have shown their true colours!!!!

    Deena, Lauren or Luke A to win. :bigsmile:

  6. microsis on 9:15pm July 10 '12

    How can Luke S say that about Adam , when he just sat through Conor’s filthy rant laughing
    Did he not think that was derogatory toward Deana
    I find Luke S a bit creepy :no:
    :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 9:40pm July 10 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Hes unreadable isnt he Micro, he should have been the one they picked on to read out in the DR the other day but I guess they all knew that he would pick on the greenies. No challenge there then but, it may not have been Shievonnes demise.

      S. is still the favourite to go but there arent many results in yet. One of the sites give Connor as the favourite to leave. Roll on Friday! :rofl: it will be interesting to see which one tbh. If C stays it may make his head bigger? :love:

  7. Jules on 9:41pm July 10 '12

    If Connor goes, i wonder if he will be surprised to see that Adam didnt nominate him?

  8. Jules on 9:44pm July 10 '12

    6 bookies now showing and Shievonne is still the favourite to be evicted.

  9. Fudge on 10:52pm July 10 '12
    Avatar of

    Just seen the argument again on the Highlights show. Could anyone actually follow Shievonne’s line of argument or her thought processes? Answers on a postcard please….. :giggle:

    Loving the fact that Shievonne told Deana not to shout at her (she wasn’t), then Connor buts in and, you’ve guessed it, shouts at Deana. Strange, Shievonne didn’t object to that….hmmm.

    Seriously, she needs anger therapy and fast. :angry:

    • Sally on 2:40pm July 11 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      Fudge I think Shievonne was just rambling and ranting. Lets hope she got it off her chest.Just incase I am sending you some ear plugs keep them handy lol.

      As for anger therapy I think I need to make an appointment. :rofl: :cool:

  10. yeahyeahyeah on 11:23pm July 10 '12

    PS…TBB, where is the spider web noms chart? We had it once and now I’m spoiled and want one all the time! Maybe it’s not necessary this week, because there are so few voting, but it is a handy tool for deciphering allegiances. I hope we get to see them again in subsequent weeks. Pretty please! :)

  11. bb lover on 11:28pm July 10 '12

    The hms are starting to click onto Luke A and his two faced nasty ways twice he has snapped at Sara and the first time It come across as if he was threatening her with the line don’t make me tell you again giving her a evil look and as for tonight him Adam and Lauren say it out right that they are plotting noms but in a smart way but are not being pulled up on it Luke a said it himself tonight that he feels he will be up next week my god I hope he is I can not watch him any longer The worst in the house for bitching hate hate hate him
    Deana thinks she has won get that out as well she knows what she is doing She starts it every time then plays the sweet girl being bullied card

    • Bang on glad ppl are seeing what I’m seeing

    • I think Luke A will be up next week and I can’t wait
      He will take it so bad I would NOT be shocked if he don’t smash the house up you can see he has a short temper Conor might have said it in the heat of the moment but I think Luke a would do it the way he looked and spoke to Sara I sat watching thinking omg he is going to lash out and what is it with him having to pull Luke s to bits he has done it from the first night all Luke a does is sit on his backside in the garden smoking and bitching do ppl really want that as the winner I know I don’t get him out

    • Jules on 11:00am July 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      He is an ok person, to snap twice out of all the times everyone else has gone for each other, then he has done well. He sits and takes everything in but he is a good friend to have. He was upset at the way he was out voted in the task room and he didnt like someone else telling him what to do, he is after all 31. Sara, whom I do not dislike, sort of “challenged” him in the task room. He may have taken it the wrong way, not sure on that one. It is up to those two to sort it out which I believe they have done so.

      • Jules on 11:03am July 11 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        We have to remember that the house is split in two and the others have “bitched” about the others, which ever way one wants to take it. It is a game after all and they are all in there to win. If Luke A is up he will take it with dignity because he knows the score, he knows what the others are capable of. This was discovered way back in the days of Lydia. The two Lukes have always been against each other and tbh after last nights episode I say split that perishin pair up!!! No wonder Scot was not amused.

  12. im so glad Conor is up… i really hope he goes!!! I can’t believe anyone would vote to keep him in… he is an aggressive ??????

  13. Caroline to go too!!!! I can’t stand looking at her anymore!!!Her voice grates on me :devil:

  14. Could not agree more BB lover..Deana loves playing the victim, wants everyone to love her n can’t take it that shock horror some ppl don’t like her. She is always bitching behind others backs but can’t take it herself, always plays the I’m being bullied card,, giv it a rest Deana n get out.

    • D3S1-J4TT on 5:40pm July 11 '12

      Are you mentally challenged? Deana plays the bully card, from day one she has been put down day in day out, if she dares to object she is then attacked by that pack of wolves, so please don’t talk about her not being bullied when she clearly has been, I bet ur a kinda person who doesn’t mind domestic violence either, according to you it’s the mans right to talk and women should only speak when spoken to right!!!

      • :bigsmile: We’re talking bout big bro we’re not on Jeremy Kyle n I’m not a HM!! I can’t help but laugh at her ignorant u r, im a woman n do not wait to b spoken to, If she can’t take it then she shouldve stayed at home in a bubble, putting urself in public eye means some will like u n others wont, she whines n moans, everybody in that house gets attacked by the pack of wolves n Deana is one of em but they deal with it..Deana just wants sympathy but isn’t getting much..I hope she’s out soon.

  15. Cannot stand seeing Deana so smug. She thinks shes won,,Adam and Scott only ones that seem real.

  16. Get deana Luke a Lauren and Adam out and bring some new fun Housemates in that are not bitchy getting sick of Luke a and his little pack of snakes and can 1 hm tell that greedy pig Becky to stop smacking her lips the pig

  17. Deema probably has won, she going to be in the final most likely.

    • Jules on 12:33pm July 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      The bookies have her as fourth at the moment. She did go to top place after Connor’s remarks. I dont think she will win tbh and yet we do not really know.

      Lauren seems to be holding the top spot with Adam next and then Luke A. Scott is quite a way down but they are showing more of him so anything can happen tbh.

      If the edits could get away from the bitchiness of the Insiders and the remarks of the outsiders perhaps the likes of Adam, Luke A, Scott and Sara will have more airtime? It is really hard to judge tbh as the spats seem to dominate the issue and yet there are other bits and pieces I suppose.

  18. Deana has never stickup for other housemates i’m so sick of people on the internet ***not on this site*** but elsewhere thinking Deana should win but she probably win people believe she is the best.

  19. :rock: i can,t believe, the people in there,cannot see what a horrid snide manipulating littte bitch caroline is they must be deaf and blind.She goes from group to group spreading poison about them all in turn.Shievonne needs to talk normally instead of talking like an american gangsters moll she sounds so stupid and has marked her own cards with her mouth.

  20. Canadiana on 8:59am July 11 '12

    Nice to see the ‘popular’ kids knocked down another notch!

  21. Fudge on 11:00am July 11 '12
    Avatar of

    Polls I’ve been looking at show Conor favourite to go (but only by a few percentage points).
    Deana is favourite, then it’s Adam and Lauren, behind by about 9%, then in joint 4th it’s Luke A and Sara, behind by another 9% approx.
    I think it will be very close on Friday :nerd:

    • Sally on 1:43pm July 11 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Fudge
      I hope the poles are right and that Conor goes.
      It now looks like Sara is creeping in to the favourites.

      • Jules on 1:48pm July 11 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        :hi: Sally, bookies have now got Connor favourite to go. I think Sara is 5th favourite, she may have been there for a while now. Shievonne and Connor are definitely at the bottom of the list. :love:

        • Sally on 2:28pm July 11 '12
          MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

          :nod: I do hope the bookies are right.Conor is really getting me down He is spoiling the show. He admits he will be breaking the rules It is his influence that makes the house miserable.He cant string a sentence together with out swearing. :angry:

  22. teesa on 12:34pm July 11 '12

    shev needs to go, she’s a bully. her rant in DR too much for me, turned off sound till she finished.

    caroline is such a 2 faced liar and needs to have her head shaved as punishment.

    luke A is real. he didn’t snap at sara, just answered her question.

    adam is great and deserves to win.

    deana is too sensitive and needs to grow a pair.

    Scotts voice grates. Becky needs to lay off some of her make up.

  23. stella on 12:54pm July 11 '12

    does anyone agree luke s playing best game :bigsmile:

  24. jennyjuniper on 1:28pm July 11 '12

    Amongst the males in the house I would say that after Conor, Luke S is the one most tightly wound and heading for an explosion if things don’t go his way. He’s amazingly anal and out of all of them I’d say he’s the one who thinks about the prize money the most. He’s sneaky and although often smiling, it’s a smile for effect rather than amusement. A player all the way.

  25. Jules on 2:39pm July 11 '12

    Oh dear it is going to be one of those close things, Shievonne is now favourite with the bookies. I doubt very much whether we will be able to tell until the last moment.

    I would like her to go and Connor next week if poss, alternatively a double next week, Connor and Caroline.

    • microsis on 12:42am July 12 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi Jules ,week 6 no walkers ( that’s good )
      We must be due a double eviction soon ,
      Maybe it’s on the cards for next week :love:
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 12:22pm July 12 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I agree Micro, a double eviction, it wouldnt have been fair to do it for this week with only 5 being allowed to nominate. I wonder what BB would have done if blues hadnt been disqualified, blue had two extra HMs on their team.

        Nothing altered today stiil Shievonne favourite to go with the bookies. I think out of the two I would like her to go, look how she is trying to spuddle with Deanna, making her unsure of her friendships with Adam, Luke and Lauren. They are stirring trouble there, do we think Deanna knows what she is doing and is she doing it on purpose I wonder? I hope not as I do like her but of course it is a game and there has to be a winner. :love:

  26. Adam is so right about Caroline.Does she ever take that towel off her head i hope she gets evicted soon.

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