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Week 4 – Who nominated who?
Yesterday housemates nominated for the fourth time. Read on to...
Alec | Day -352

Yesterday housemates nominated for the fourth time. Read on to find out just who nominated who. Will any surprises nominations be in-store for viewers?

Lydia is first into the diary room and nominates Conor, labelling him as “bossy”. Her second nomination is for Shievonne and says; “She is quite intimidating and argumentative”.

Conor is next into the diary room. He nominates Deana branding her as “crafty” and thinks that she is “playing a game”. His next nomination is for Lydia and tells Big Brother; “She is playing the game. She is sneaky. I don’t trust her at all”.

Sara’s first nomination is for Luke A as he has been “irritable” over the last few days in the house. Her second nomination goes to Luke S following comments he made during Ashleigh’s birthday party that she found offensive.

A speculative Luke S comes to the diary room. He nominates Lydia; “I don’t trust her, I think she’s acting”. Deana is his second nomination following her poor performance in the ‘Confusing Cuisine’ task.

Shievonne nominates Scott because he doesn’t clean up. Her second nomination is for Adam as the pair have been arguing recently and have not been getting on well.

Luke A nominates Luke S and Caroline. He nominates Luke S deeming his behaviour as aggressive after Benedict’s eviction on Friday. He nominates Caroline following her poor efforts during the ‘Lab Rat’ task in which she failed.

Becky nominates Deana and Lydia. She is fed up of hearing Deana calling herself “fat”. Her nomination for Lydia comes following the task whereby she complained about eating custard; “She was eating custard creams all last week!” she quips.

Adam nominates Caroline because she “manipulates people”. His second nomination is for Shievonne after the pair’s argument and declares; “She plays a lot of games”.

Ashleigh is next into the diary room. She nominates Lauren as the pair do not have anything in common; considering her as “fake”. Her second nomination is for Lydia.

Scott nominates Lydia; “She’s quite serious, sneaky and intense” he says. His second nomination is for Adam because he cannot be himself around him.

Lauren nominates Deana and pronounces “She jumped on the bandwagon when everyone nominated me. She has betrayed my trust”. Her second nomination is for Luke S as he thinks he is the boss in the house. Also, Lauren blames Ashleigh for the pair not knowing each other well; “She won’t let me speak to him”, she says.

Deana nominates Luke S because they do not share a connection. She is dubious that he only spoke to her the day prior to nominations and does not feel comfortable in his company on her own. Her second nomination is for Conor; “He’s always had a problem with me since I nominated him” she retorts.

Arron nominates Lydia as she is fake; “She plays people off against each other and talks about people behind their backs”. His second nomination is for Deana as they have had too many run-ins and he feels that she contributes towards a “depressing atmosphere”.

Finally, Caroline nominates Adam. Reasons for her nomination include: that he doesn’t flush the toilet, he makes comments about the girls in the house and asks inappropriate questions. Her second nomination is for Luke A as his behaviour personality is erratic; “He goes from being a big angry beast to a timid little mouse looking for cheese”.

With six votes and five votes respectively, Lydia and Deana will face the public vote.

Ashleigh, Arron, Becky and Sara did not receive any nominations.

You can watch the nominations tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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  1. Fudge on 3:01pm June 26 '12
    Avatar of

    Can’t believe Lauren nominated Deana. What a sneaky little girl. Having had that heart to heart with Deana, telling her she is so special and that they would be there for each other…..ouch, not nice.

  2. rionablue on 3:35pm June 26 '12

    Ive said since the start that Lauren is sneaky. She is putting on a little girl act. She is totally twofaced. Sara felt so guilty for nominating Lauren last week and shed a tear in the garden. She backed this up by nominating the two Lukes this week. Alot of people say she is boring and fake but actions speak louder than words. I dont like Lauren of the lot of girls in there she is my LEAST favourite. On another point its interesting to note that the four people who didnt receive any nominations ARE all part of the in crowd

  3. Lauren isn’t sneaky.. she nominated deana becuse she knew deana wanted to go!

    • clearly that wasn’t Lauren’s reason for nominating deana, as quoted she does not trust her. It’s just ironic how lauren initiated the pinky swear with Deana saying they should stick together then nominate her after everyone starts picking on Deana because of the cuisine task. Whos jumping the bandwagon now? LOL

  4. jennyjuniper on 5:06pm June 26 '12

    I’m suprised that there wasn’t more nominations for Lydia, especially from Shievonne. Most of the house knows now how two faced she is. So please everyone, get Lydia out this week, because there may not be another chance and if this egotistiical b…. stays to the end, even if she doesn’t win, she’ll never get through the door for her big head.

  5. dragon on 5:37pm June 26 '12

    Lets face it the whole lot are boring!!!

  6. dragon on 5:42pm June 26 '12

    Lets face it the whole lot are boring!!! cannot wait for CBB!!

  7. Sally on 7:14pm June 26 '12

    Lauren can’t do right for doing wrong. At one point Lauren found out that Deana and Lydia were talking about her.Deana nominated Lauren last week. In fact she was being excluded by most of the housemates. Its pay back time, its time she woke up to the big game players
    (Go get them Lauren) :cool:

  8. MrTommiiee94 on 10:32pm June 26 '12

    I Would Off Loved For Luke S To Be Up Aswell Hate Him And Then For Him To Go Instead Off Lydia And Deana Would Off Been Funny And See How Ash Take It Also :P

  9. northernmonkey on 11:04pm June 26 '12

    The first cracks are starting to show in that clique, watch this space :smirk:

  10. BBNut on 6:17am June 27 '12

    Well what a carefully edited show we had last night after Monday’s shocking debacle, however, I now watch through gritted teeth. It was clear BB responded to the viewer furore following Conor’s unacceptable behaviour, yet only slightly. A forced, half-assed apology from Conor in the diary room ( I don’t believe for a second he did this off his own back) didn’t wash with me and I’m not convinced. He has still shown no genuine remorse, neither has even approached nor attempted to appologise to Deana and by the end of the show he was back to his normal nasty self. To rub salt into the wound, he has been allowed to contribute and compromise Deana’s position in the house and virtually escaped any nominations from the oblivious (most) housemates. He and vile Arron have already demonstrated that they will not stop terrorising her until she is evicted, which, if the public have any sense or morals will not let that happen. Still uncomfortable viewing for me and I’m still angry that Conor, Arron and Luke S all appear to have got away with their bullying behaviour scot free. No longer a joy to watch sadly :no:

  11. jennyjuniper on 10:28am June 27 '12

    So Lydia thinks the housemates nominated her because of the ‘Get Lydia Out’ chant, heard last Friday. What she fails to realise is that many of the housemates had already discovered how two faced and manipulative she really is. And that was before they heard the chanting. Her scheming and bitching has finally come back to bite her on her bum. :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  12. Sally on 10:50am June 27 '12

    Conors apologies were half hearted.He wasnt in the least bit sorry. He is still muttering derogatory remarks under his breath.

  13. Sally on 10:52am June 27 '12

    :doh: Lydia is deluded if she thinks. it was the crowds chanting that made the housemates nominate her.

  14. AmericanCousin on 1:16pm June 27 '12

    I, too, can’t believe Lauren nominated Deana. She did not nom her because she wanted to go. Lauren is too busy kiss the behinds of those who don’t like her to realise who’s had her back. This is the second nom where Lauren has betrayed the underdogs and yes Lauren of Jersey, you are an underdog, no matter how much you kiss butt.
    Conor only apologized to BB(twice) because he is scared he put his place in the house in jeopardy. He knows the whole world saw it and is dissatisfied with his abuse to Deana. The popular group is about to implode. With Ashleigh confiding in Conor by the whole crying game and Arron knowing about the chili powder the whole time. Luke S. is gonna have to eat humble pie and will see the underdogs weren’t so bad after all. How many people has Ashleigh went to about Luke S. and her dislike of him? She is suck a jealous loathesome little girl with zero class. As for Caroline, she is so A-sexual because she has a low-self esteem. Becky is fake. She was getting on with Deana and has since betrayed her over and over once she solidified her spot in the house.

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