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Week 10 – Who nominated who?
The housemates nominated for the final time this series yesterday....
Alec | Day -310

The housemates nominated for the final time this series yesterday. Read on to find out who nominated who.

After receiving a pass to the final in last weke’s White Room task, Luke S is immune from being nominated, but is himself still allowed to nominate.

Here’s how the nominating unfolded:


Ashleigh is first into the diary room. She nominates Deana and brands her as “sneaky and “snidey”. “I just don’t like her” Ashleigh tells Big Brother. Her second nomination is for Adam. She feels that Adam became snappy at her when Ashleigh said that she wasn’t bothered about the prize money being halved: “To me money isn’t everything. It’s about the experience. If I was bothered about the money then I would go on a game show” she claims. In addition, Ashleigh feels that Adam talks in riddle and can be very manipulative.


Deana nominates Ashleigh branding her as “selfish” and “two faced”. Deana believes that she has tried her best to be friends with Ashleigh but Ashleigh cannot let things go: “Even when I burnt toast she had to go and tell the others. I told her it was the toaster that burnt the toast – not me”. Deana also tells Big Brother that Ashleigh does not respect fellow housemate’s belongings: “She always borrows my shoes and never looks after them. She never lends anyone anything of her own” she says. Her second nomination is for Scott. Deana’s main reason for this nomination is that Scott has attempted to have several conversations with her since Conor and Becky have left the house and claims that he is acting differently as they approach the final. “It’s too late, he should have done it weeks ago” she tells Big Brother.


Approaching the diary room Scott cannot find his shoes. “O God, you can’t see your feet in there can you?” he asks Adam. Seemingly flustered, Scott tells Big Brother to wait while he moisturizes his face. After some time, Scott eventually nominates Adam. “He stares a lot at me. You have two dinner plate eyes staring at you and it is quite unnerving” he declares. Scott feels that he gets on the least with Adam: “There isn’t much spontaneous, upbeat conversation” he quips. Scott continues to tell Big Brother that Adam is the housemate that he is least likely to be able to have a “chin wag” with. When asked by Big Brother to describe Adam in one word, Scott says “ponderous”.

Scott spends time debating whether he should nominate Sara until he exclaims: “What the f*** am I thinking. She is my friend”. He eventually nominates Deana. His reason for this nomination is that Deana sometimes upsets fellow housemates by taking jokes too far: “She can be heartless at times” he says and brands her as “bitey”. Scott mentions how Deana has an attitude towards other housemates, particularly Ashleigh. Referring to Deana’s “Soldier talk”, Scott labels her as “cringey”. Finally when asked to describe Deana in one word, Scott says “banterous”. Thirty minutes after entering the Diary Room, Scott eventually leaves: “I can’t even think about them” he groans.


Adam nominates Ashleigh as he is still angry about the shopping list being sabotaged. His second nomination is for Scott, branding him as “lazy”. Adam does not think that Scott pulls his weight when his fellow housemates are cleaning the house.


Sara nominates Scott because he had been talking about her mum to fellow housemates after friends and family nominations. Her second nomination is for Adam. Sara questions her friendship with Adam and doubts whether he likes her. She also feels that Adam spins what people say in order to appear the better person in: “Sometimes he is playing a game” she claims.

Luke A

Luke A nominates Ashleigh and brands her as “selfish”. He makes reference to when Ashleigh pushed in front of Lauren when they were having spray tans because Ashleigh wanted hers re-done. Luke A also claims that Ashleigh always blames somebody else when she loses any of her personal belongings. His second nomination is for Scott. His main reason for this nomination is that Scott is not a team-player when it comes down to cleaning: “he doesn’t want to join in” Luke A declares. Luke A also speculates that Scott is playing a game as he has been going from group to group within the house. When asked to describe Scott in one word, Luke A says “articulate”.

Luke S

Luke S is the last housemate to enter the diary room. Without hesitation he nominates Deana. “She is doing my head in” he grunts. Luke S brands Deana as “irritating” and believes that she has been deliberately winding him up by calling him “Charlie”. “She keeps calling me Charlie and saying I have won the golden ticket to the final. Well low and behold my name is clearly not Charlie – It is actually Luke”. His second nomination is for Luke A. Luke S tells Big Brother that he gets on better with other people in the house and feels that they haven’t bonded. When asked to describe Luke A in one word, Luke S says: “inspirational”.


With four votes Scott will face the public vote alongside Adam, Ashleigh and Deana who each received three nominations.

Luke A received one nomination and Sara did not receive any nominations. They, along with Luke S, are through to next Monday’s series finale.

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  1. good luck in the final to Sara

  2. Two faced Scott out. He is an insider!

  3. Jillie on 4:35pm August 7 '12

    Really surprised Sara’s nomination of Scott. I would have thought she would have gone for Luke A. The rest were obvious enough though

    • I was also but she really likes Luke A and Deana and I guess if you look at her friendship with Scott you will notice that its only the last week or so they have been very close. Up to the time Becky and Caroline left Scott spent very little time with Sara. I really thought she might go for Ashleigh though. She is still my favourite housemate and I want her and Luke A in the top two

  4. Sally on 5:00pm August 7 '12

    I hope Adam and Deana are saved this week it will be so good to see the 3 outsiders in the final. :yes:

  5. jennyjuniper on 5:07pm August 7 '12

    I liked Sara at first, especially when she stuck up for Deana, but then I realised that it was only because Deana was perceived to be popular with the public. As soon as Sara was saved and in her mind I’m sure, because her name was called out first she imagined she had the most votes, she didn’t need Deana’s friendship any more. I don’t want Sara to win and I hope Trashleigh goes on Friday as I can’t stand to watch her eating and talking with her mouth open, or to hear her whiny voice much longer.

    • Did you REALLY LIKE Sara Jenny? Hmmm maybe or maybe not. Sara said herself the night she was saved that she knew she wasnt the top of the poll cos they were called in no particular order. If you look at it she has been more friendly with Deana than Scott cos even though she and Scott are close now, they werent until vile Caroline and Becky left. She deserves her place in the final. I want her or Luke A to win. They are the most deserving but if Deana wins I wont mind too much cos I want to see the look on vile Conors face

      • BULLSHI, is talking shit with the insiders about deana and never standing up for deana how she used to be??? around the time deana got the most votes to save sara made a big deal calling deana her best friend and standing up for her, she uses people when necessary and its worked! and the public are too blind to see it.

        • Nooooo way would Sara use ANYONE. sHE IS entitled to pick her friends and has got on with everyone thats why she isnt up this week. If she is friends with Deana it has NOTHING to do with her being popular. She has alot in comon with Deana with them both being models and winners of beauty pagents and they are both pretty and for the most part popular. Sara DOESNT use people. If i thought she did I would never support her. I have NEVER been wrong about ANY contestant in the past and im NOT wrong now. Sara and Luke A for the top 2

  6. Orchid333 on 6:01pm August 7 '12

    In Ashleigh’s Bio she said – “money makes you happy. It sorts everything out” but in her nomination speech yesterday, she said – “To me money isn’t everything it’s about the experience …” Make your mind up girl and look at yourself before you call Ashleigh “sneaky and snidey” :nerd:

    Luke A to win :bigsmile:

    If Luke A does not win, then I want Adam to win and I will be voting this week to save him :love:

    • Hi Orchid333,
      Now come on you took her off so well in your other comment. What she actually said was
      “money makes ya appy, it sorts everythink out”
      “to me money aint everythink its about the experience”
      I cannot take much more of her Chavvy voice, and her speaking with her mouth full of food, no manners and no class :puke: :puke:
      Luke A OR Adam to win love them both.

      • Orchid333 on 10:53am August 8 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        Morning SAM08, I meant to say about Ashleigh – Make your mind up girl and look at yourself before you call DEANNA “sneaky and snidy”. I will try harder to impersonate Ashleigh in the future. But what I can’t understand about her is when she keeps referring to her and the housemates being in the ARSE. :giggle:

        :mmm: Ah! does she mean HOUSE?

        Luke A to win, if not Adam :love:

        • Morning Orchid333,
          :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

          Your comments always make me smile,
          In the words of Trashleigh,
          “Yer big Bruvva, im appy im in this arse with me mates” iv made.
          I just want to wash her face, she looks so dirty ,but i might catch something, she always has Panda eyes.
          I so hope she leaves on Friday, really hope Adam stays.

  7. AmericanCousin on 6:27pm August 7 '12

    Luke A. for the win.

    • microsis on 6:42pm August 7 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Love your picture of Luke A ,,,,AMERICANCOUSIN

      Come On Luke A :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • AmericanCousin on 4:29am August 8 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        Thanks, Microsis. Remember that day? Luke A. finally had laid into the horrible Becky. He was brilliant.
        Luke A. for the win :love:

        • I’m confused American Cousin. Why is it acceptable, to be congratulated even, for Luke A to ‘lay into’ Becky, but not so for Deana to tease Luke S? Both Becky and Luke S are unpleasant and irritating in their own ways and Deana has apologised on numerous occasions (too often for my liking) so what is the problem? Do people really think she should have no banter / opinions? Earlier on in the series some said she was boring. Oh dear, between a rock and a hard place!

          Go Deana :love: (and Luke A and Adam :love: :love: )

          PS: I agree with Biddy, the boys could have been more supportive. Oh well……

          BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
          • Luke A told Becky straight. Then finished. Deana keeps on and on. When you see someone upset by your comments and others tell you your going too far, then if you continue you are being a bully! Simple.
            Ashleigh and Deana to go on Friday please.

      • sammyvan on 1:46pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Oi! Microsis, Luke A is not up this week – Deana is! :crying:
        So please, pretty please, give her a few votes? And Adam. Otherwise I will haunt you!!!!!!
        ORCHID333, how about a few from you too?
        Shame that Luke S had the immunity as would have been good to see him and Ash leaving together. Scott deserved the final so much more than Lukeass. Just want to see the 3 original outsiders in the final.

        • Orchid333 on 1:53pm August 8 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          SAMMYVAN my posting is on its way, :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

        • microsis on 3:04pm August 8 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Ok sammyvan :love: ,,you’ve twisted my arm Lol
          This week I have already divided my votes between Adam / Deana
          Slightly more for Adam because I thought he would be the one most at risk of going

          But the tides have turned a bit against Deana didn’t expect that at all so I will put a few more votes her way Ok :yes:

          :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 3:28pm August 8 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            My hero! :love: Thanks, Microsis!
            Off to the bottom of the garden, armed with mobile, to add a few more votes! Will have to take evading action when the phone bill arrives :worried:
            Wonder when Jules will be here with the latest on the odds? She normally keeps us up to date.

          • microsis on 3:49pm August 8 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            :giggle: sammyvan
            Don’t look like hubby’s going to move from watching the Olympic at all today i was hoping he would go out
            So I might have to retreat to the bottom of the garden as well ,I will pretend I’m feeding the birds :giggle:

            :music: :music: :music:

    • Biddy on 8:21pm August 7 '12

      YES YES YES!!!!!
      LUKE A :love:

      • Orchid333 on 9:06pm August 7 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        BIDDY. Yes, I am routing for Luke A to win but because he is safe this week, I am voting to save Adam. Just to make sure that either Ashleigh or Scott go rather than Luke A or Adam :cool:

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Please don’t forget Deana; it seems she has lost a lot of support now that she is allowed to relax and speak freely. It would be awful if she left before either Ashleigh or Luke (or Scott or Sara too in my opinion) !

          BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
          • Your kidding? Deana’s the nastiest person in there, and has been one of them since day 1.

          • iloveinsiders on 11:32pm August 7 '12
            NEW MEMBER (4 COMMENTS)

            Totally agree with annonymous! She’s awful. SARA TO WIN.

          • Orchid333 on 12:13am August 8 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            FUDGE. okay because you are such a big GB supporter, I will make a few calls to save Deanna aswell as Adam. :bigsmile: However, in saying that, I do love them both anyway and have done throughout the series.

            Luke A to win :star:

          • Sally on 2:24pm August 8 '12
            MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

            :hi: fudge Deana deserves to be in the final. I cant believe how some people have so quickly turned against her.It is time she confronted Luke s and Ash. I hope the final 3 will be Deana Luke A and Adam.

  8. It’s about time Scott was up’ he’s been getting off……, the lazy toad.

    Luke A to win :inlove:
    or Deana
    or Adam

    but not the other horrible lot. :devil:

  9. Athanie on 8:11pm August 7 '12

    I’m sensing i’m one of the few who wants Scott to win :rofl: He is a bit quirky and tries to see the good in most things. He makes me laugh, especially when he has to put on make up before he does his nominations, bless him :bigsmile:

    Just because he doesn’t get involved in all the arguments doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. He just doesn’t take those things as serious, which I wish I wouldn’t either sometimes.

    • Sally on 8:51pm August 7 '12
      MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

      Athanie there in nothing wrong with Scott.
      He has been quite entertaining. He just does not seem to be as popular as some of the other housemates or indeed as unpopular.Who knows what will happen this week he may yet be in the final. :happy:

  10. cyberskin on 9:20pm August 7 '12

    luke A to win it all :>)

  11. adam or scott to win. deana out she is so nasty she only got the the votes bcus of conor and now she thinks shes so popular and got so cocky get her out.

  12. Deana to go out, shes so arrogant and nasty. I can’t believe everyone’s so blind on here they cannot see that. She’s been horrible from Day 1 and I have no idea why people can’t see that and want her to win! Sara or Adam to win.

  13. Sara to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I thought Deana was going to go all the way, but she is really disappointed me this week. She has turned very nasty. Don’t think she’s safe if she keeps this up.

    • AmericanCousin on 4:58am August 8 '12

      Aloha :wink:
      In a sense, she has taken on Conor’s role. It just goes to show, Deana was truly threatened by Conor because she wasn’t the one running the show and giving orders. She and Conor are prob two peas in a pod. For the cracks in Deana to show soooo long after the start of the show makes me think how calculating she was in holding her tongue. She probably wanted to spew flames but knew she had better keep her tongue and now the true Deanahas shown herself. I always knew she was selfish. She didn’t help clean the other day yet she went to the clean kitchen to make food and when Ashleigh asked her what happen she repsonded like, dare I say, an idiot. She is def on my nerves. I reall hopes she reigns it in.

      • Jimbo on 10:17am August 8 '12

        Well said :yes:

      • sammyvan on 2:03pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Probably one of the first times I don’t agree with a post of yours, AC.
        You talk about “cracks in Deana showing” – are you referring to her remarks to Luke S? or Ash? I felt she took the ‘golden ticket’ remarks a little too far I’ll admit, but that is it. He deserved the comments about pushing the button ‘a little too slow’ – as he was making out he would never have pushed it! We all saw he did, but just a little too late. The only reason he took it so badly was because he knew he had lost 50 grand – and won Ash! Anyone would be gutted by that!
        The toast/kitchen story – the toaster stuck, toast burnt, Deana got mad. Would have been the end of it if Ash had not marched in with her” who did this – who did this?” If I had Ash in my face like she did, I would also not respond in a polite manner. Would you?
        To say that Deana and Conor are ” two peas in a pod”……how on earth do you justify that? Deana teasing Luke S, telling Ash to ** off, is that in any way, shape or form the same as anything Conor said/did in the house? Really dont understand your reasoning.

        • AmericanCousin on 5:08am August 9 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          We don’t know the true Deana. If she can hold off for so long, who is she really? She is smelling herself and it annoys me that she finally “found” herself when it really doesn’t count. All the mean things Carol, Conor, and Becky put her through to now take it out on Luke S. wo really hasn’t done anything to her is shady, to me. The reason she and Conor are alike is because they both have bully potential and I hate bullies, yes hate. Sure, Deana never thratened to shove and epilator or brush up someone rear(which is sick), but to kick a dog while he’s down is cruel, especially one who really never did anything outside of the rules to her. Oh what, Luke S. nominated her? So, what that’s apart of the game. If anyone should get the backlash, it should be Ashleigh but you must admit her new-found legs and anger is a bit late on the dial just as Luke S. was late on the dial. She criticized Scott for being someone else when the faux-mission for VIP party was going on and I was sitting thinking,who are you Deana? She is no longer the sweet, composed Deana. She even went to kick off with Luke A. She said something along the lines “you’re a good man but gullible’- sorry if I misqouted but something she said like that. Deana believes she’s invinsible and perhaps she is but I don’t like people taunting anyone for any reason and I don’t make excuses because someone was once a victim. Maybe, I’m so annoyed with Deana because I wanted her to stand up to Becky, Conor, and Caroline but she never really did and now after they are gone, she’s standing up to someone not hitting a buzzar in time-bog whoop.

      • Orchid333 on 2:20pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        AMERICAN COUSIN :whew: I have got to side with SAMMYVAN on this one. How could you have said Deanna and Conor are probably 2 peas in a pod. You cannot be further from the truth. When Deanna was teasing Puke S about not pushing the button quick enough, she had the grace the next morning to apologise. Conman didn’t even speak to Deanna!!!!! :surprised:

        Luke A to win but I want the 3 soldiers to be the last 3 :bigsmile:

        • She apologised for that but has continued to show a nasty side by baiting him with”Charlie” and “I want a golden ticket”. She is bullying him and I’m feeling sorry for him. What can he do? If he fights back he knows he will be slated for attacking a girl and picking on poor Deana. He is a pratt but doesn’t deserve this. Its noticeable that the others aren’t joining in with her.
          I’d have been annoyed like Ashleigh if I had been cleaning the house and the one who didn’t help proceeded to mess up the kitchen!

          • :bigsmile: How can you possibly feel sorry for Luke S? He is a big, vain lump and possibly the biggest gameplayer in there! The others don’t dare to join in, just as they haven’t dared to say anything to anyone’s face in the last 2 months (with the usual exception of the soldiers!).
            Ashleigh was clearly seeking confrontation with Deana ‘who done this?’ – ummm, there is only one person in the kitchen Ashleigh, sooooooo…..I know she’s not bright but really? :giggle: Haha, that came right back to her with interest. Deana was clearly astonished that someone could ask such a stupid question!
            Oh dear, saying Charlie and the golden ticket is quite a sweet childlike joke which we enjoyed in our house. But, maybe I should rethink my parenting skills, hmmm, watch out children, NO humour to be tolerated here! And heaven help you if you burn any toast …………
            :giggle: :giggle: :wink: :wink:
            PS: While we are discussing cleanliness, shaven armpit on the table and chairs……….disgusting

            BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
        • AmericanCousin on 5:12am August 9 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          She did apologize and the very next day went on about the golden ticket. It’s not about Luke S. people, I want him out but I am happy one of the insiders will go against him in the final guaranteeing a better chance at winning. It’s about how she looked to me. How she came off to me. It just turned me off. It wasn’t even funny. Had it been when Conor, Caroline, or Becky was there making her life a living hell, then I would’ve enjoyed a little more because they truly deserved it. Luke S. is so miniscule when it comes to the harrassment of Deana. Tell me, what has Luke S. done to Deana and I will waive my white flag on the issue.

      • Biddy on 2:23pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        I am a Luke A fan now,,,was a Lauren fan who i feel should still be there, if BB had done something about the cheating HM’s nominations..
        Having said that if i were in Deanas shoes i would have done exactly the same as she did to Luke S and possibly worse, lets be fair here ,,,she has taken so much bitching and bulying from the insiders, why shouldn’t she have her “moment” and i think Luke A and Adam should have stood by her, not said anything, but not pulled faces about it, they should stand together as outsiders..
        I want all 3 outsiders in the final. and would love Luke A to win..but i will rejoice if either of the other 2 win…so come on ,,,show your support for ALL the outsiders…
        :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 3:06pm August 8 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          BIDDY here here. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

        • Sally on 3:17pm August 8 '12
          MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

          Well said :nod:

        • AmericanCousin on 5:21am August 9 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          Her “moment” was a tad off the calender mark. The house is filled with low-caliber insiders. I just wished she would have let off when Big mouth Becky, Vile-shild Caroline, and Conman there. Luke S. was boring. Said little and did even less. Btw, I don’t believe she’s just found her voice, she always had the ability to sound off, my thing is why when Conor left? I was rooting for her to slam those a$$holes and she slams Lackluster Luke S.
          Big freaking whoop.

      • Sally on 2:54pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

        Americancousin. I can’t believe you can be so harsh about Deana. You praised Luke A when he laid into Becky, yet you make scathing remarks about Deana now that she is speaking up for herself.And as for the burnt toast It was Ashleigh tone of voice that annoyed Deana. Much ado about nothing comes to mind.

        I hope the final 3 will be Deana, Luke A, and Adam.

        Saving Deana And Adam.

        • Well said Sally :nod: :clapping:

          BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
        • AmericanCousin on 5:15am August 9 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          Day late and a dollar short. She should’ve had the balls when the real bullies were there. Makes her seem weak and or fake, to me. It is just an opinion. Let’s agree to disagree :yes:

        • AmericanCousin on 5:27am August 9 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          Becky was the reason for a lot of gossip to be spread and disinfo and ultimately the nomination of the outsiders. When has Lackluster S. campaigned like Becky did? When has Lackluster S. griped and moaned about specific people as a way to sway votes? He didn’t do much but Becky’s greedy big mouth deserved every bit.
          For the record, it is my opinion. You don’t have to like it nor agree. I stand by my views.

      • I know being confined gets to people usually at this point in the season. I still hope she makes it to the final, but I have been getting really uncomfortable watching her the past few nights. Luke A or Adam to win. Aloha all!

  15. Confused on 5:51am August 8 '12

    Not sure if Sara is aware she is on BBUK. She couldn’t even understand that she was in the final. She has been clueless throughout. Someone has had to explain the simplest things to her, usually Adam. No wonder she thought he was condescending and inscrutable. At least Deana shows that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. Sad that LukeS is such a good actor, pretending to be the victim. 3 days in White is nothing compared to what Deana faced for 9 weeks. Yes, she is going a bit crazy, but give her a break. Now I am waiting for the final twist, bringing Caroline back on Saturday to win it all. GO BB.

    • I love Sara. At least she didnt Cockily just assume she was in the final. She might have thought there was another eviction Sat night. Sara never professed herself to be as smart as Deana but she has been a great housmate funny and sweet and a friend to everyone and even though she argued with some of the housemates everything was always made up thence her lack of nominations. Sara to win!!!!! By the way Adam has doen NOTHING cept sit in the smoking area staring at everything with a stupid smirk on his face and hasnt even TRIED with anyone other than his two bloody soldiers

  16. I want deana out this week.. She is so vile and its obvious she thinks shes going to win big brother. I hope people boo her when she comes out! Adam to win

  17. microsis on 8:16am August 8 '12

    If Scott hadn’t changed his nomination from Sara to deana ,,deana wouldn’t even have been up this week

    :music: :music: :music:

  18. BBFANDEBS on 2:55pm August 8 '12

    From what I saw, Deana didn’t do anything to Luke S until he tried to bluff his way out of losing the 50k by lying and pretending he had done the *moral* thing.

    All she did was show him up for being a liar. He would have walked with the money if it had been anyone else but the thug in the room with him.

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