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Alec | Day -313

Total Big Brother is looking for volunteer writers and reporters to join us in being the number one resource for Big Brother fans.

Our sole aim here at Total Big Brother is to try and deliver news updates and resources for other Big Brother fans, before, during and after series.

If you think you might be able to help us achieve our goal, then please do apply.

Being a fan-site, all contributions to the website are voluntary, but highly appreciated by both us and the readers who need to get there BB fix.

If you’re 16 or older, and have good English grammar and spelling skills, then we really need people like you to come on board!

To apply, please send a mock (fake) article to us. We ask that the article be about either a small fire breaking out in the kitchen while housemates were cooking dinner OR a story that the Big Brother house will be opened up to the public while the show is off-air for tours. Please make up sources, quotes etc to show your skills.

Please send us your mock article to: – We will reply as soon as possible to all applications we receive (we hate it when people don’t!). Full on-going development and training/support will be given to our new writers.

Once again, thank you to all that apply, and our readers.

Good luck!

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 4:38pm August 4 '12

    Thank God! The spelling and grammar mistakes on this site have been atrocious this season!

    • Orchid333 on 3:38am August 5 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Ditto YEAHYEAHYEAH. When wil people learn for example, it is not – “your stupid”. It is – “you’re stupid” or – ” you are stupid”. And – “I could OF done that” instead of – “I could HAVE done that”. :whew:

  2. “…How much should Conor of recieved last night?…”

    See anything wrong with that sentence? Anyone???????

    Yes, please let’s get some writers who have a real command of the English language.

    • Fell free to offer your obviously excellent writing skills then? Instead of just nit-picking at people who do this in their spare time without making a penny. :wondering:

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
      • sammyvan on 6:43pm August 4 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Alec, I would love to help – problem is I have a computer that probably belongs in a museum – could almost cook a four course meal while it logs on to TBB!
        Should I be as lucky as Conor, and suddenly come into £50.000 in the near future, I will immediatley apply. Thanks to all of you – for keeping us up-dated, for the videos and news clips you post, and for this site which now feels like home to many of us. Sometimes we prefer to come here for the news rather than actually watch BB…….better for the blood pressure!

      • BBNut on 12:46am August 5 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Hi Alec, I’d also love to help. I possess a laptop, is anything else required technically? Keep up the teriffic work! :clapping:

      • Orchid333 on 6:33pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Oh dear. I hope I haven’t upset the reporters of this site. My criticism of bad grammar and spelling was meant for people posting. So I am sorry if I have offended tbb. I love this site. :love: :bigsmile:

        • Sally on 10:34pm August 5 '12
          MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

          I hope posters will continue to comment on this site and not shy away because of hurtful comments from perfect people like you and sugarbucket24. I will leave any corrections to you.

          • Orchid333 on 10:55pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

            Sally. Don’t be so touchy. Chill out. It was just a bit of banter. I didn’t mean to offend you. :lipssealed:

            By the way, your text was perfect LOL. :giggle:

            :music: :music: :music:

      • “Fell free to offer your obviously excellent writing skills then?”

        Fell free? Come on, dude. You were writing a snippy response. A quick once over would have given your point a bit of credit and emphasis.

        And I’m sorry, but it’s not nit picking – it wasn’t a spelling mistake – it’s a completely different word that was used wrongly. I’m impressed that these people are kind enough to do this for free in their spare time, but if you can’t spell or write properly, maybe a job involving writing isn’t the best idea.

        Or let’s just keep the myth going that using words like, “Should of,” instead of “Should have” is right.

      • Orchid333 on 10:51pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Sorry Alec. I got the wrong end of the stick. I love your site. I meant the spelling and grammar of some of the readers. I am a relatively new guest. :blush: :music: :music: :music:

    • microsis on 8:51pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      How dare you ,critisise our hard working reporters and writers :angry:
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 3:48am August 5 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Hello Microsis. I thought that you had got locked in your dark room. It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep. Maybe I’m thinking of poor old Conman and how he is going to spend his hard earned dishonest winnings!!! :giggle:

        • microsis on 8:47am August 5 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Morning orchid333 , :surprised: I couldn’t find the red button to press to get out , ,it was so dark, Sammyvan joined me so it wasn’t so bad :bigsmile:

          :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 12:39pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            :love: :rofl: :itwasntme:

          • Orchid333 on 2:17pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

            Afternoon Microsis. You obviously found the red button, along with Sammyvan, to get out of the dark room but I hope it was in time to watch that waste of time programme BOTS. What a farce! It looks as though they are going to let Conman propose to his girlfriend on TV!! And why did they let a girl from Derry phone in on Jamie’s segment of BOTS to speak to Conman and support him??????? :angry:

            At least GB got 3 gold medals yesterday which cheered me up. :star: :star: :star:

            :music: :music: :music:

    • Orchid333 on 3:42am August 5 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Yes, SUGARBUCKET24 – “OF” instead of – “HAVE”. :giggle:

  3. jennyjuniper on 5:48pm August 4 '12

    They should have kicked him out the door with a free epilator. See what his girlfriend makes of that!!

  4. puddleglum on 6:32pm August 4 '12

    hey Alec
    I check into this site six or seven times a day,
    keep up the good work .
    and thanks :happy:

  5. on 7:10pm August 4 '12

    It wasn’t till last week that I became aware that you do this site voluntarily, as this is the case please accept my apologies for complaining that the site wasn’t quick enough & thank you for the amazing job that you do.

  6. ‘A small fire breaking out in the kitchen while housemates was (were) cooking dinner’ :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  7. Orchid333 on 4:20am August 5 '12

    I wonder why on the channel 5 BB site it shows Conor as being evicted? Strictly speaking, he wasn’t – but he should have been weeks ago. :wondering:

  8. Sally on 1:21pm August 5 '12


    Alec that photo is a bit frightening.
    I think it may put some of the girls off. :giggle:
    We do not have a female reporter come on girls show willing. :bigsmile:

    • I don’t think we have ever had a female reporter that has stuck with it :(
      Any females out there want to show the lads how it’s done? hehe

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  9. BBNut on 2:30pm August 5 '12

    Microsis, how very kind of you to say :blush: Is there a deadline for applications do you know? :thinking:

    • Biddy on 2:46pm August 5 '12

      Hi…I agree with Microsis that you write some excellent comments, BBNUT….I don’t think there is a deadline..
      Alec will be very pleased to hear from you i am sure…

      :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 5:55pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Yes, have a go, BBNUT. Something I would love to do. Unfortunately I have to spend the majority of my time with my mother at her nursing home – not conducive to writing ‘happy stories’! I also have a computer which the local museum would be grateful to exhibit.

  10. Orchid333 on 2:35pm August 5 '12

    Microsis, Sammyvan or BBNUT – do you have any idea as to how many people will be in the final please?

    :wondering: :wondering: :wondering:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Biddy on 2:42pm August 5 '12

      Hi Orchid333,,,It is a double eviction on Friday, so that will leave 5 for the final on Monday 13th…

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 2:53pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Hi Biddy. Thanks for that. :bigsmile:

        Luke A to win :call: :phone:

        :music: :music: :music:

        • sammyvan on 6:05pm August 5 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          I’m a bit late ORCHID333, but I would say the same as Biddy – unless they have a surprise [ another one!] for us?
          I hope they will all be up this week – no nominations, which would be fair. If the insiders continue to put Luke A and Deana up, it does not say much for their game plan! Surely they have realised the two are popular outside? Have a feeling Luke S will be up if there are nominations, and he will probably nom Adam. Could be very interesting.

          • Biddy on 6:17pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            Hi Sammyvan,,,Luke S has a free pass to final, so won’t be up for nomination…I just hope they put all the others up that would be the fairest way …then at least we decide who is in the final,,,I think if two go it will be Ashleigh and Sara…think Sara has lost a few fans lately…but thats just my opinion…
            :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 6:34pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Hi Biddy – think that’s what is known as a “Senior Moment” – when the brain goes to mush!!
            Of course Lukeass is not up…maybe I so wanted it to happen that I could already see him walking out!
            Agree about Sara – she has become a little ‘simple’ lately. Not sure why she seems to enjoy starting little arguments? Ash – poor girl, has’nt a clue that Luke almost walked out with the 50 grand – the penny has not dropped yet!

          • Orchid333 on 6:41pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

            Thanks for that Sammyvan. I also hope they are all up. This will the fairest thing for BB to do. However, when has BB been fair throughout this series?

            Luke A to win; if not Deanna and if not Adam.

            Sara and Ashleigh to go on Friday.

            I am just going to open a bottle of wine and wait for 9 0′clock to watch BB.

            On a completely different matter, well done Andy Murray on winning a gold medal. :clapping: :star: :drink:

          • Biddy on 6:42pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            LOL..!!! we all have them sammyvan…you are not alone…I have far too many !!!!

            :music: :music: :music:

          • microsis on 8:35pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            He he I don’t have senior moments ,,I’m glad to say Sammyvan and Biddy ,

            Oh I have forgotten what I was going to say now

            :music: :music: :music:

          • Biddy on 8:44pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            LOL !!!! Microsis… :giggle:

            :music: :music: :music:

  11. BBNut on 2:54pm August 5 '12

    I had no idea, however, I’d guessed at 5 for the final! Any more and it’s all too rushed and everything is squished into a minute timescale. Knowing BB and this year’s rollercoaster of a series literally anything could happen! I must say I do find it extremely delicious when BB offloads an unsuspecting housemate at the penultimate hurdle…BB5′s Stuart anyone? Cruel but devilishly satisfying! :devil:

    • on 4:01pm August 5 '12

      Yes BBNUT you have just proved that you are definitely the man for the job!!

    • Sally on 4:21pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

      Yes BB5′s Stuart went into the diary room and was evicted. I don’t recollect if Michelle was still in the house.
      Do you know if she was?

    • sammyvan on 6:13pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      If that happened to Lukeass it may just make up for the horror that was Friday’s show! He always rushes to the diary room just in case there is a task – imagine he just did not come back out again……………poor Ash! :evilgrin:
      Of course I would be laughing on the other side of my face if Deana or Luke A went to the DR and were evicted!!
      We need something like this in the last week, keep the interest up BB. Wish BB had a “hot line” where we could send ideas for tasks. Might be an idea, Alec, to have all your members and guests send in ideas to you? Could have some great ideas for tasks.

    • Orchid333 on 6:46pm August 5 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      OMG BBNUT. That is a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t it be great if Luke A ran to the DR after BB asked for someone to go to the DR?? :giggle: and then he was evicted!!! teehee

      Yes BBNUT, you are definitely the right person for the job. :handshake: :beer:

      :music: :music: :music:

  12. Yayah on 4:52pm August 5 '12

    I don’t get why some people are criticising the reporters style of spelling on here, they’re clearly giving up their free time to keep us up to date. I am ever so pleased with this website, it’s the only Big Brother site that I actually pay attention to. You should all be very proud with this website, it’s by far, the best Big Brother website out there. I don’t even check the Channel 5 website, haha. I would love to apply for a position, however, like SammyVan, I am in that same situation. :doh:

    • yeahyeahyeah on 5:42pm August 5 '12

      I too, am very grateful that this site exists. Last season it was my favourite site and I came back here all the time to get updates, so much so that I was hardly aware that any other sites existed. But the horrible spelling and grammar and the lack of timely updates has made me seek out other sites for more up to date and readable news.
      It’s not a “style” of spelling, it’s poor spelling, simple as, and it makes the site very hard to read. And it’s not just the odd typo every now and again, which is totally understandable. It’s been clear from the multitude of spelling mistakes and poor grammar that the person who is writing the majority of the articles on this site at this time does not have a good grasp of how to write properly in the English language.
      I do appreciate that people volunteer their time to creating and updating this site, that is commendable, however, if it’s not done properly, people will leave and seek out other sites that do see why proper spelling and grammar is an important part of good journalism.
      I do apologize for my first post, as it wasn’t a very constructive criticism. I hope I have been able to clarify how frustrating it has been and the reasons why I feel this way. Hopefully this is a criticism that those behind this site can work with. I really do think it is a great site, but success isn’t just something you arrive at one day, it’s something that needs constant maintenance and attention to uphold. This great site deserves great writing and regular updates to keep it great.

      • on 8:14pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

        I’ve not had any problems understanding the spelling, so they make the odd mistake so what ! They have probably just got in from work/college haven’t had dinner/ shower & are rushing to update the site VERY WELL DONE I say . We should gladly accept the spelling mistakes rather than have no site at all.

      • Orchid333 on 8:53pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        Bit harsh!! Have a sit down. Open a bottle wine. Chiil out and watch BB coming up soon. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

        :music: :music: :music:

  13. maggie on 11:34pm August 5 '12

    :angry: :angry: why why big brother .conor should not had the money its us who vote so it our money u give him if it was not 4 us u would not have a show ..wrong wrong :angry: