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VIDEO: You Snooze You Lose – best bits
Enjoy extended highlights of today's diary room task, with Deana,...
Nick | Day -344

Enjoy extended highlights of today’s diary room task, with Deana, Becky, Lauren, Conor, Scott and Caroline guessing who said what about them.

[vimeo id="45218057" caption="Enjoy the clip here..."]

Would you have liked Big Brother to reveal all to you and then make you guess who said what?..

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  1. microsis on 11:45pm July 4 '12

    Sorry Ben ,, off topic ,
    Happy independence day To all our bb friends across the pond
    :music: :music: :music:

  2. on 11:48pm July 4 '12

    Am rapidly going off of this task due to the fact that no punishements have been given out yet,even though several H/Ms have blatantly crossed into other teams areas. :fubar: don’t see how B.B is going to keep us interested for 7 days if this keeps up. :devil:

  3. oh my, that caroline is really winding me up wondering why peope are bitching about her she is the biggest ‘bitcher’ in the house. She already has a warning for her tirade of abuse against Adam big brother PLEASE PLAY IT FOR ADAM so everyone can see how utterly awful she really is. GET CAROLINE OUT

  4. its staring to feel like a very poor copy of BB channel 4′s rich versus poor housemates back in the day!!!! You need to be tougher Big Brother and separate the two teams completely … mingling of teams when the task is over. Separate camps please we need MORE FRiCTION…lets see how long Aaron stays lap doggy to Connor. :devil:

  5. microsis on 11:37am July 5 '12

    What planet is Caroline on ,,,,to think that Adam didn’t have the intelligence to use the word manipulative ,just goes to show how intelligent she is don’t it ,
    :music: :music: :music:

    • brokenangel on 10:48pm July 5 '12

      I found Caroline’s comment rather offensive that Adam didn’t have the intelligence. What is her ruddy problem with him. He has not done anything to her !

  6. jennyjuniper on 3:37pm July 5 '12

    Hope the camera is on Carolines face when she hears that Conor is going, especially after she said to Scott last night that Conor definately won’t be going!!

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