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VIDEO: This is my pool
Cheryl lays claim to the swimming pool, but don't come in if you...
Alec | Day -300

Cheryl lays claim to the swimming pool, but don’t come in if you have verrucas on your feet.

[vimeo id="47720376" caption="Watch Cheryl express her passionate love for the pool...]

If you were told by an ex-Eastenders star that ‘this is my pool’ would you be daunted? Let us know…

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  1. Sally on 5:02pm August 17 '12

    Well if it was Phil Mitchell I wouldn’t risk getting in the pool. but with Cheryl no probs. As long as we didn’t jump in together there should be enough water to have a paddle. :rofl:

  2. AmericanCousin on 9:56pm August 17 '12

    Looks like a good time :yes:

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