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VIDEO: There were 4 in a bed
In an attempt to make the most of the time they have left...
Nick | Day -329

In an attempt to make the most of the time they have left together, the Outsiders all squeezed into one bed together for some fun and games last night.

[vimeo id="46021260" caption="...And the little one said..."]

Would you get in a bed with these Housemates?

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  1. microsis on 11:39am July 19 '12

    Just watched 4 in the bed video and “Deana The Ring” video
    good to see the outsiders having some us time together and having fun

    Deana was awesome in “the ring “video she was so convincing that Lauren’s trousers fell down trying to get away from her ,,,,,there’a fun side to deana that I quite like
    :music: :music: :music:

  2. Jules on 11:57am July 19 '12

    They were brilliant, I am sure that if the edits were put on other people we would have some good viewing in the last couple of weeks. Love the one with Sara trying her hardest to pull Adam down over the task. He is playing along with it really tbh.

    She is saying though that she doesnt like sex talk but, what about the things she asked Ashleigh a while back, things which tbh, no one should ask another, it was Ashleigh’s private thing, although mind you, we all see things on the tele :rofl: Nothing is private in the house but, Sara should be fair and not try to be a moral person when she definitely isnt, she wouldnt have asked those questions if she were. She is just trying to get at Adam imo. Hopefully she wont as he does have a lot of control and wit about him.

    Caroline deemed him to be stupid but…….he isnt.

    • rionablue on 7:13pm July 19 '12
      MEMBER (3570 COMMENTS)

      Sara hasnt a nasty bone in her body. She is a young good looking girl who is trying to get on with everyone. Who is anyone to say she ISNT moral? Look at Ashleigh, jumped into bed with Luke S only a few days into the programme. NOBODY could have that kind of connection so soon. Very loose morals methinks

  3. Recker on 2:34pm July 19 '12

    So that’s what laughter sounds like. I was starting to think we’d go the whole season without hearing genuine laughter. I wish all four of them could make the final.

  4. Jules on 2:40pm July 19 '12

    That is what I was hoping for Recker, Deanna is still top favourite with Adam second then Lauren and Sara now 4th. Luke A has gone down to 5th. Adam is the favourite male in the house. Luke A is so far favourite to leave on Friday.

  5. Sally on 4:04pm July 19 '12

    :hi: Recker
    I agree with you totally. The house mates havent had many laughs. Neither have we the public.Its was so good to hear them giggling. :giggle: Its is a shame that one of them will go on friday. :sadsmile:

  6. Tombolian on 7:26pm July 19 '12

    LOL @ 1:16 and again @ 3:01. :yes: :bigsmile: :rofl:
    It’s a shame BB doesn’t make a montage of farts. :giggle:

  7. sara needs to mind her own buisness not adams shes stiring it up for him and whats so good looking about her.

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