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VIDEO: Shievonne must not talk with her hands
There's a new rule in the house, concerning Shievonne's expressive...
Nick | Day -336

There’s a new rule in the house, concerning Shievonne’s expressive nature. As part of this week’s task, Shievonne must not talk with her hands.

[vimeo id="45627559" caption="Watch the 'no hand' action unfold here..."]

Do you believe that Shievonne will be able to keep this up?…

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  1. Fudge on 9:20am July 12 '12
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    Looking at the polls this morning, it looks like Shievonne has pulled ahead of Conor on the vote to save by a good 10+ percentage points. Reflects our own poll here on TBB I suppose. This task may also benefit her. Perhaps it won’t be as close as we had thought/feared. Only time will tell! :cool:

  2. rbdeschamp on 9:26am July 12 '12

    LOLOLOLOL! Best ever! Why does she always refer to herself in the 3rd person?? It’s so silly!

  3. jennyjuniper on 10:32am July 12 '12

    The only way she could pass this task is to have her hands ties behind her back. Do us all a favour and tape her mouth shut as well :devil:

  4. Jillie on 11:29am July 12 '12

    That is actually quite funny. As much as I dislike her and her attitude towards Deana I am still going to vote to save her.

  5. lillian on 11:45am July 12 '12

    i wont vote to save either of them neither will most of my friends

  6. dragon on 4:58pm July 12 '12

    I do not understand why anyone would want to save Shievonne from eviction, it’s not her arms and hands that are a problem, but her mouth that needs to be closed.

  7. AmericanCousin on 9:24pm July 12 '12

    As much as Shievonne is an annoying motor mouth, I want Conor gone. I have not forgotten the nasty things he’s said about and to Deana. Kill the brain and the body will die. Next to go, miserable childish Caroline.

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