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VIDEO: Rule break leads to a big row
Big Brother punishes the housemates for Conor's earlier...
Nick | Day -338

Big Brother punishes the housemates for Conor’s earlier speculation about nomination. Shievonne uses this as an opportunity to bring up some issues she’s having with Deana.

[vimeo id="45495187" caption="Watch the argument unfold here..."]

Do you believe that the action Big Brother took was fair? Let us know…

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  1. Jillie on 9:54am July 10 '12

    Oh Shiv just does not listen does she ??

  2. on 10:05am July 10 '12

    Over the past week Shievonne :puke: has become more & more vile & hostile towards other h/ms then is shocked when she is nominated . I’m at 2 minds to who I want to go this week now !!. I certainly won’t be spending money on either off them now I really am 50/50 . Connor annoys me thinking his so untouchable & feared by the other h/ms. Shievonne annoys me picking fights with a face like a chewed up toffee & thinking she’s ALWAYS right grrrrrr so umped up with them both :angry: :angry:

  3. lillian on 10:15am July 10 '12

    Can someone just shut her up please, Mountains s molehills, totally self absorbed.
    I admire Deana for even trying to have a conversation with her . HATE THE WAY SHE TRIES TO DRAG EVERYONE ELSE INTO IT

  4. Fudge on 10:26am July 10 '12
    Avatar of

    Well done Deana for trying to confront an issue and out the truth instead of just bitching which nearly all the others do. :clapping: Shame Shiev isn’t capable of a normal conversation. I notice the tactic again right at the start of ‘why are you shouting at me’ just like she did with Lydia when they are not even shouting!!! Perfect at playing the victim and trying to get the crowd on her side.

    It would be so nice if, just for once, someone stepped in and backed up Deana in these situations. She has been there for others, they don’t seem to be there for her. Lauren just observing. No change there. Weak.

    • Sally on 3:31pm July 10 '12
      MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

      :clapping: Well said fudge Shievonne makes mountains out of mole hills,shouts people down doesn’t listen. Deana on the other hand is always prepared to listen and is reasonable in what she says. But again on this occasion no one backs her up.Its allways good to have some one back you up.

      We have the 2 worst people up for eviction. I don’t want to spend money to save ither of them . but Conor has to go. :nod:

  5. What a piece of work,trying to get Deana to confirm/deny her nominations and therefor break the rules. She’d luv that so rest of the house would turn against Deana.

  6. lillian on 10:34am July 10 '12


  7. BethyJane on 10:43am July 10 '12

    Shievonne just try’s to get other to talk about nominations so then she can start with them about it, but if it’s the other way around they all start with that person that says something to the rule breakers :speechless: don’t like connor or shievonne, connor to go! :smirk:

  8. rbdeschamp on 11:07am July 10 '12

    Shiev is just so CONDESCENDING! She blows everything out of proportion and when she is nominated for eviction she can’t wrap her head (or all that weave) around the idea!! Guess what, almost everyone has completely 180′d their opinion about you in the house as well as the viewers!!! Props for Deana taking a stand AGAIN! She’s not afraid to confront someone which is why i love her! If there is a problem she’d rather deal with it head on than let it grow into a fiasco, whereas Shiev tries to take the opportunity to make her look bad. All-in-All, they only make themselves look bad, and they will realize it when they watch it back. Still wanting Conor out, so I suppose Shiev can stay another week, the ungrateful witch!

  9. Shievonne is definitely putting a nail on her coffin. Ugh. She’s so condescending.

  10. There is only one result in on the bookies list and that is Shievonne favourite to go. We cant really see until there are more results in though tbh. No change i the favourite to win list…. Jules

  11. The woman just looks for a row, there is nothing considerate about her, it is all me me me. She expects others to accept her way of thinking but does not accept that others can think differently but still be sympathetic.

    It is obvious that S and C have it in for Adam, Deanna and Becky but I think I want S to go this week. Ashley just sits there and confirms S. In these sort of rows it is best that others stay out of it as otherwise all hell will be let lose. Not good for any of them imo. Jules.

  12. cspring on 11:45am July 10 '12

    I’d be happy to see shiev go. So tired of listening to her! Could u imagine being stuck in there with that? That whole thing she does when she is bitching saying ” no no uhuh…mm no. I’m done. No.” drives me crazy! Do u know what I’m talking about? Surely I’m not the only one. She does not stop! Let’s please stop her!

  13. I (and mony others) want Conor :puke: to go, but Shiev :brokenheart: is digging herself her own grave by arguing with Deana, and we know lots of people like Deana. If this keeps up, then it might not be Conor going out that door on Friday :lipssealed:

  14. BBNut on 12:33pm July 10 '12

    Wow, condescending is an understatement! I can’t believe this is the real Shievonne she was one of my favourites in the early stages. Picking an argument with the housemate currently in the strongest position and trying to get other people to fight your cause is eviction suicide! I’m glad Ashleigh appeared to keep her screeching gobby trap shut for once, I think Lauren kept quiet for fear of the backlash she’d get and she’s been like that from day one. I think she was right to keep quiet, after all, she is still in the house and current favourite to win. Deana is also doing exactly what she said she would do after the first time she was saved, sticking up for herself and saying whatever she wants to and good on her as nobody else is going to do it for her. If Conor sails through this next vote then there is something very wrong, Shievonne can a wait a while longer for her comeuppance.

    • Fudge on 1:12pm July 10 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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      I would always back up my friends though, irrespective of backlash :happy: Favourite to win seems to be fluctuating between Adam, Deana and Lauren.

      • Jules on 2:57pm July 10 '12
        MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

        Hi Fudge, in this instance Shievonne asked that it just be between the two of them. I guess it is because she saw Deanna talking to Caroline. She is so jealous and full of paranoia that she cannot see the wood for the trees.

        Does she think that she hasnt bitched, that she hasnt nominated and didnt she bring Ashley into the conversation in the beginning and yet she is complaining about Deanna. She seems to turn everything around to herself and makes herself the victim. She knows how nasty they have all been to Deanna. :love:

        I hope that she goes this Friday tbh. :love:

        • Fudge on 3:10pm July 10 '12
          MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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          Hi Jules :hi: Just watched this clip again, don’t know why as it is just making me more stressed!!!! Didn’t see Shievonne ask for it to be just between the two of them, at one point she seems to be trying to get Ashleigh on board. Also you mentioned that Deana had been talking to Caroline, was that on a clip elsewhere Jules? So many clips flying around it’s making me dizzy! It’s continued in the garden later where Shievonne is even nastier. Makes you realise what an edited version we get to see in the evenings eh??!!

          Just a thought …. does Shievonne risk getting RSI from all her hand movements?

  15. Goooooo Deana! Continue standing up for yourself.. :yes:

    Shievonne..oh dear oh dear oh dear… :dull:

  16. MarkSalem on 12:50pm July 10 '12

    I have been wanting connor out for weeks,now I have changed my mind,that shievonne just aint right….. :fubar:

  17. Fudge on 1:05pm July 10 '12
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    If you want to see yet more evidence of how deranged and aggressive Shievonne can be have a look at YouTube ‘Shievonne and Deana take it outside’ – difficult watching to be honest, can’t see how on earth Shievonne will stay this Friday now. Just want to give Deana a hug :love: Poor thing, she is a one man band against nastiness, no back up yet again :shake:

  18. Shiv is pure jealous -she fancies Adam but he spends more time with Deana (who she can never compete with) -thats why there is underlying tension with her and Deana …JEALOUSY!!!

  19. MarkSalem on 1:29pm July 10 '12

    When my wife drops an egg or something equally earth-shattering,and starts to cry,I often say”aww dont be silly!”
    Gonna think twice now……

  20. microsis on 1:30pm July 10 '12

    What is this women taking about ,
    “i am a lucky charm ,,,do you really think I would sit next to you on eviction night if I wanted you to leave ”
    As far as I can recall Deana was sitting on her own on the far side of the circle :angry:
    :music: :music: :music:

    • rbdeschamp on 1:41pm July 10 '12

      IKR??? I had to rewatch the eviction (mostly to see Deana’s jubilation on being saved) to make sure I wasn’t crazy at seeing her by herself. Shiev is completely crazy if she expected Deana to be somber at Arron leaving! I mean c’mon now, Shiev can’t simply ignore how Conor and Arron treated her and get a rise from “Don’t be Silly” :dull:

      • Fudge on 3:17pm July 10 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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        Exactly – Deana was sitting by herself in an armchair when they announced who was saved. Sara was the first to her, closely followed by the ‘lucky charm’ Shievonne. Can’t quite believe how awful this woman has become. How can she like Arron who had a mouth like a cesspit and then take offence at ‘don’t be silly’ when she was acting rather strangely. :angry: Shievonne, just shut up. :lipssealed:

  21. MrTommiiee94 on 1:35pm July 10 '12

    I thought this week might off been a bit easy for connor but looking at this clip shiv is making it worse and worse for her self, Would love it to be double Evic this week!

  22. MarkSalem on 1:36pm July 10 '12

    If anyone here is going on eviction night,can you all please dress as clowns?

  23. DEBBYD on 1:37pm July 10 '12

    get shevonne O U T

  24. Biddy on 1:37pm July 10 '12

    I just hope Deana walks away and never speaks to her again…
    What a horrid, vile, loud mouthed person Shievonne is…She thinks no one else has a opinion, and know one else is right…she is all ,,me me me…
    I so want Conor to go this week,,,but i want her gone too….
    :music: :music: :music:

  25. microsis on 1:53pm July 10 '12

    Send in the clowns ,
    That will sort her out good and proper

    :music: :music: :music:

  26. I dont like Conor at all and would love to see him go, but he will either be put up again next week, walk out like a coward, or he will be thrown out, Shievonne however might not be up again soon, she has to go this week, why has she targeted Deana again, she cant even hold an audible conversation, there is no sense in what she is saying, what has Deana actually done to her? Hope all the crowd dress up as clowns this week, for her ‘pretend’ phobia as she leaves the house.

  27. jennyjuniper on 2:52pm July 10 '12

    It’s typical of Shievonne to be pissed off at Adam for telling her some home truths. But if she can’t take the truth, she shouldn’t ask the questions :devil: I notice it was mainly her who wanted Adam to be asked the questions when they were in the secret room. I want her to go, but I want Conor to go just that little bit more. Give Shievonne enough rope and she’ll hang herself with no help from us.

    • Jules on 3:05pm July 10 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      It would have been good had they chosen Luke S. He is the only one I cannot fathom out. I cannot see that he is genuine and yet there has been a couple of times when I have thought yes, he is an ok guy. To deep though tbh. He is playing a good game.

      It was an overall bad move of Shievonne to ask for Adam, it hasnt been a good experience all the way around but I think she has come off the worse for it. Perhaps a bit of compassion could have gone down better had she realised that had the shoe been on the other foot, she could have been the one in the hot seat. I would love to know what her venom has been as she has been down on Adam for quite a while now.

  28. on 3:21pm July 10 '12

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing from Shievonne, she is 100% deluded. Once again she starts the argument with don’t raise your voice to me, “Shievonne felt like this ”
    ” you don’t know how Shievonne felt” ” I’m your lucky charm” PLEASE get over yourself. You are nothing but a nasty backstabbing, two faced bitch. Glad that DEANNA is standing up too her & we even had a glimmer off spice from Sara.

    I had hoped & prayed that Connor would go this week, but after this past week Shievonne has dug herself such a big whole saying that she hasn’t learnt any thing about herself since coming into the house & that every thing she’s done in the house is exactly how she would behave on the outside, she WILL go on Friday we can only hope that one gets evicted & the other walks. :angry: :angry:

  29. on 3:28pm July 10 '12

    They are now doing a task to win ANOTHER party they’ve had more parties this year than the whole 12 years B.Bs
    Been going. Don’t you get it B.B WE LIKE TO SEE THEM SUFFER, that is the whole point of B.B. to see how they cope with different situations . Not to see them get tipsy & bitchy every night. :angry: :angry: :angry:

  30. Raykco on 3:29pm July 10 '12

    Shievonne is downright nasty. 2 things I take from her side of the argument.

    Firstly she takes offence at Deana’s comment about not being silly. Does that mean that every single person who has ever said “Don’t be silly” to anyone else, especially to a child when they are upset are being offensive?

    Secondly, I find her very patronising when she ends every sentence, during an argument, with “sweetheart”.

    Much as I want Conor out, I think this nasty woman should go first.

  31. Fudge on 3:39pm July 10 '12
    Avatar of

    Sorry Jules! Just found the clip ‘Deana spells it out for Caroline’ where she has a heart to heart with her. Good for her, again.

  32. D3S1-J4TT on 5:30pm July 10 '12

    Ive seen people like that shev, all these people like is a argument… And they never ever ever let u get inna word, always right as well… This is the tru shev, through and through vile, not that person who walked through the door at the start of bb… Need connor out this week, kuz he is a massive instigator, and will always try to get deana nominated, this is a battle between good and evil… An angel and a vile golum… Who do you people wanna win, as long as he stays he wil keep having nasty digs at deana… Get him out

  33. yeahyeahyeah on 5:42pm July 10 '12

    What a stupid punishment, especially considering Conor’s reaction. Why punish all the housemates, when the perpetrator clearly doesn’t give a damn. The purpose of punishing others for someone else’s actions is to instigate peer pressure to stop the person from reoffending. I think all those who were discussing noms should have been put up for eviction with Conor and Shievonne. That would have taught him a lesson! :fubar:

  34. yeahyeahyeah on 5:52pm July 10 '12

    And what is wrong with these people, disrespecting BB and telling him to F off?!! First Arron now Conor? I’ve only watched BB since it came to Ch5, but I’ve never seen a HM use any language like that directly to BB!
    How very rude and entitled some of these people are acting. Have they forgotten they are being HOUSED AND FED by the very entity that they are telling to F off?! I hope Conor gets another official warning for that. I’d like to see him get ejected, forget evicted. He doesn’t even deserve to walk out to the crowd and have his interview w Brian and time on BOTS. I don’t think anyone would be interested anyway.

    • sammyvan on 6:50pm July 10 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Conor should not still be in that house – he should have been tossed out with the trash the night of his rant. Being “monitored” ?……why allow him to sit there and swear while BB is talking, why allow him to rebel this way? So weak, allowing a HM to dictate terms to BB. Toss the tosser out and then get rid of Shiv on Friday………..sorted!

  35. jennyjuniper on 6:17pm July 10 '12

    Here’s a suggestion for the next BB house. Take a pound off the prize money every time someone uses the F word! It doesn’t sound much, but the way this lot use it, a good chunk of change could be taken off the prize money (and given to charity)? It might make some of the potty mouths think twice, although the ones who swear the most don’t have much to think with anyway.

    • Raykco on 8:53pm July 10 '12

      They did something similar in BB5. It wasn’t for swearing, but BB did reduce the prize money on a sliding scale, every time a housemate broke the rules.

  36. str-8-edge on 8:47pm July 10 '12

    I would love to see connor & shievonne to leave cause they make you not to watch the BB.Only cause Of Adam is what makes you watch it.He’s a stand up person and how he carries him self makes you want to watch it .Adam keep keeping it real.

  37. brokenangel on 10:43pm July 10 '12

    Shiv is getting on my last nerve now ! Wish she would just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deana is getting it from all side- pow- need a double eviction and both Conor and Shiv can do one ! I am so angry at the moment, but fair play to Deana keeping so calm.

  38. Shievonne has just started writing a book it’s called “All about me” Chapter 1 is called “I cant be wrong” Chapter 2 is called “I must be right” chapter 3 is called “My way or no way”

    I would like to suggest Chapter 4 ” When Friday the 13th was lucky” it’s all about getting evicted

  39. Recker on 2:33pm July 11 '12

    Does Shiv have anything to say that doesn’t come out of a bad 90′s quote book? Btw Shiv, it’s Check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you’re gonna say something like that at least get it right. It’s time for Shiv to “Make like a leaf and get outta here” Shiv’s the new Biff!

  40. northernmonkey on 9:18pm July 11 '12

    I haven’t enjoy this weeks shows, I just find Shevonne extremely annoying. I just wish she would STFU. Not even interesting to watch.

    I think I want her to go ahead of Conor, just boring watching her go on. Totally fake person apart from when she is bitching. Found this weeks shows very boring and barely took any interest in it.

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