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VIDEO: Rude awakening from Benedict
Some people wouldn't mind being woken in the morning by Benedict,...
Nick | Day -361

Some people wouldn’t mind being woken in the morning by Benedict, but Lydia isn’t one of those people.

[vimeo id="44187397"]

Would you be happy to wake up on Benedicts instruction every morning?…

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  1. coff3e on 12:30pm June 17 '12

    get over it

  2. Sally on 12:45pm June 17 '12

    No but he was doing what BB asked. As for Lydia being in a mood no change there then.

  3. skippy1996 on 1:21pm June 17 '12

    Lydia out!!!!

  4. sammyvan on 1:36pm June 17 '12

    Get over yourself girl. You really are one great moaning pain in the posterior. I would think Lydia would be the most impossible person to live with. My admiration for “Andy-who-is-he-Scott-Lee” increases daily. However, please come and collect your lady – she has passed her sell-by date.

    • jennyjuniper on 4:32pm June 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Great minds think alike Sammyvan. Another possibility would be to put him in the house as soon as they eject her! That should cause a rumble. :devil:

      • sammyvan on 4:46pm June 17 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Especially if he thought one of the other ladies was rather cute…………..! lydia’s face would be a picture. There was a rumour he was coming in- True or false.?

  5. joanodea on 5:51pm June 17 '12

    oh lydia… us all a favour and go home….we’re all sick of listening to your whinging

  6. Kernow on 8:02pm June 17 '12

    SHUT UP LYDIA :devil:

  7. Tombolian on 8:10pm June 17 '12

    Disliking Lydia isn’t the same as disliking the evil half of Chris. Chris’ evil half was like watching something intense. It felt like you were being put on notice… Watching Lydia moan is more like fingernails on the chalkboard.
    I predict Lydia and Deana to be nominated this week…

  8. Raykco on 11:37pm June 17 '12

    What a horrible person Scott is. Big Brother sets the rules, he refuses to obey them. Will he punshed? Of course not.

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