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VIDEO: I’m every woman!
Just before bed last night, Deana got her competitive spirit back....
Nick | Day -342

Just before bed last night, Deana got her competitive spirit back. As a 21st century woman, she isn’t prepared to be told what to do by any guy.

[vimeo id="45304326" caption="Watch Deana unveil her competitive spirit..."]

Go Dean’s! But is this all too little too late?

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  1. Biddy on 12:37pm July 6 '12

    Well said Deana….you tell him…!!!!

    :music: :music: :music:

  2. love it dena u go girl i just hope connor goes hes a prat get him out xx

  3. microsis on 12:55pm July 6 '12

    You go girl ,,,,,,,,” Deana and Goliath ”
    How the mighty will fall ,
    Loved Adams attempt at a joke ,,”get me some water Deana ” :yes:
    :music: :music: :music:

  4. Fudge on 1:00pm July 6 '12
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    Well said Deana! Such a strong lady in difficult circumstances. Why is Adam continually laughing, ruins the clip for me sadly. Hope Adam and Lauren aren’t mean the minute you turn your back. Vote Deana :call: :phone:

  5. Jillie on 1:16pm July 6 '12

    Excellent Deana ………….. She has already gotten a few ‘save’ votes from me. WE NEED CONOR OUT

  6. that was funny denna lol well said tho

  7. jennyjuniper on 2:10pm July 6 '12

    Please vote for Deana AND Becky. Show those pathetic excuses for men what we really think of them.

    • sammyvan on 3:50pm July 6 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Jenny, I really hate this FB voting malarky! It takes ages to get all the votes done……….but oh will it be worth it to see Conor [or Arron] walk out that door. Will probably also be the first time I ever enjoy hearing “BOOO”. :angry:
      May have missed it, but have’nt seen your comments on Caroline and Shiv ……? Will check back here to see if you find this post and leave a reply.
      I do miss last years format when it was so easy to check for your favourite posters!

  8. Gaynor186 on 2:34pm July 6 '12

    Adam went in there to have fun and if you notice, the only time Deana and Lauren are relaxed enough to laugh themselves……is when he is around. much prefer his laughter to the vitriolic bitching of the others and their constant miserable faces.

  9. D3S1-J4TT on 3:38pm July 6 '12

    That was funny… She looks really cute when she is trying to be serious… But ona serious note she needs to stay in so that she can show that arrogant group that it’s the peoples vote that is the power and not there nominations, they can keep putting her up, we need to keep her in , soon deana will become the lioness of the house!!

  10. northernmonkey on 1:15am July 7 '12

    I really like Deana, she would well be within her right to rub it in that Arron won. She won’t though. Too much class.

  11. You go on girl! Love u

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