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VIDEO: I’m attracted to you
During the early hours of this morning while all the other...
Nick | Day -343

During the early hours of this morning while all the other housemates were asleep, Adam chose his moment to tell Lauren how he feels about her.

[vimeo id="45236997" caption="Watch the pair in the living room here..."]

Could this be a new blossoming romance?

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  1. microsis on 10:25am July 5 '12

    I like Adam and Lauren both great hms ,
    They interact well ,and are at ease in each others company but in a brother sister relationship thats all ,
    Can not see their friendship being anything more than that

    , :music: :music: :music:

  2. I hope Micro it stays like that in a way as I wouldnt like Adam to make a fool of himself. He is a good security blanket for Lauren and I can see how she likes him but possibly just in the companionship way? Jules xx

    • microsis on 12:19pm July 5 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes I agree Jules let’s hope they both see it that way as well ,
      Thank you for keeping us updated with the hms betting odds ,,,it’s all double dutch to me ,,if a hms odds goes up is that a good thing or bad have not got a clue :giggle: going up much be good right :love:
      :music: :music: :music:

  3. skippy1996 on 3:29pm July 5 '12

    Ugg sorry but this is so fake

  4. I like that the outsiders have each other. And fake romances are perfectly common inside the BB house. The fact Luke wouldn’t even LOOK at Ashleigh when Becks made her up like a man is proof positive Luke’s not in this for real. If he can do it, why can’t anyone else?

    Bottom line is, these two are among the least irritating housemates and I’d be happy to see even a fakey romance, because it would eliminate screen time from all the b*tching whiners. Without a doubt, the bitching on this season is TOO, too much. It’s doing my head in. So much negativity, and all by people who keep pointing out untrue things about others, which are actually problems with themselves. Caroline crying about all the b*tching? Ugh.

    Fakey romance screen time for non-irritating housemates, or more b*tching from entitled, and completely oblivious, horrible people inside the house? Fakey romance please.

  5. sammyvan on 6:59pm July 5 '12

    No. this is just not what I want to see from Adam and Lauren. I am sure she sees hin as her “big Brother” as in support and friendship………please just ditch the romance side. Would never happen outside the house. The outsiders should stay as good mates and support each other as such.

  6. Sally on 7:00pm July 5 '12

    No No this is not a good match. Please just stay friends

  7. Recker on 7:22pm July 5 '12

    I think Adam does like her. But he likes her because she is the only girl in the house that hasn’t been evil or fake. He’s been real all along so I think he looks at her as being trustworthy. And for someone like Adam trustworthiness is a huge plus. I just don’t think they are physically attracted to one another. I guess we’ll see.

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