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VIDEO: ‘I’m a mountain back gorilla’
Luke S finally goes mad on his new diet of cabbage, carrot and...
Nick | Day -342

Luke S finally goes mad on his new diet of cabbage, carrot and apple.

[vimeo id="45310634" caption="Watch Luke S munch on his food 'mountain back gorilla style'..."]

If you were given this kind of diet would you be able to survive?..

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  1. Jillie on 3:12pm July 6 '12

    Sorry Luke you are not a mountain back gorilla … you are a total pratt

  2. sammyvan on 3:23pm July 6 '12

    Even when he is trying to be entertaining and playing to the cameras, he is completely dull and bland. Gorilla……err no, Luke, little caged monkey more like it.

  3. D3S1-J4TT on 3:51pm July 6 '12

    Looks like his patience with arron is wearing really thin… Keep arron in tonight, get his lover Connor out to tonight.. Kuz sooner or later arron will be up again.. Especially with the debacle he has caused today.. His days are numbered soon.. But hope to god Connor goes… And not into some silly secret room.. Just got a weird feeling!!!

  4. Jules on 4:00pm July 6 '12

    I love greenwater but I do honestly think I would get fed up with the diet, on the other hand needs must I suppose.

  5. Jules on 4:03pm July 6 '12

    I have no doubt that Luke will forgive Arran and possibly come down on Adam? I hope I am wrong.

  6. Biddy on 4:11pm July 6 '12

    Oh dear,,,now lushleigh have been punished for canoodling….
    News on punishment to come….
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. BBNut on 4:28pm July 6 '12

    Was he not taught to close his mouth when he’s eating? There’s nothing worse than someone who yaps food, disgusting! :puke:

  8. on 6:09pm July 6 '12

    This imbecile has tried to make out all day that his furios, but in fact all his done is play up to the cameras in a most boring fashion :sleepy: His family must be soooooo
    Embarrassed :giggle: as for Ashleigh :puke: can’t B.B.give her a punishement which involves her stopping her from making those godawful whining noises every time that the cameras or mikes are any where near her :angry:

  9. luke S looks like an officer from british india during the victorian era. lol! all he needs to do is…as barney stinson would put it… “suit up”

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