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Video: Housemates repent their sins
After yesturdays confessions, Big Brother has decided to let the...
Alec | Day -318

After yesturdays confessions, Big Brother has decided to let the sinners repent their nasty sins by performing tasks.

Yesturday, the housemates were given the chance to wipe the slate clean by confessing their Big Brother sins in a confession booth. They were told that if at least six Housemates confessed sins to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they would pass the task and earn ingredients for a slap up Sunday roast dinner – with all the trimmings and dessert. The lucky devils (or angels now they’ve repented).

We can reveal that Big Brother was very impressed with the confessions, and therefore the Housemates have won a slap-up meal this evening. Hurrah!

HOWEVER, as the housemates confessed so many sins, Big Brother thinks that it would be appropriate for them to absolve these. And this is how they will go about doing so…

Luke A, Ashleigh and Sara

To break bread with his fellow housemates, and to help with self-improvement, Luke A must teach and mentor Ashleigh and Sara in cooking tonight’s slap-up roast dinner for the House. Luke A cannot touch any food or cooking equipment but must coach, train and inform Ashleigh and Sara so that they can deliver a feast to the House. No other Housemates may help.

To demonstrate the gift of learning, and to show their selfless devotion to their housemates, Ashleigh and Sara must take on Luke A’s mentoring and deliver said slap-up feast for the House using the ingredients provided.


To absolve her sins and to banish misery from the House, Becky must bring smiles to all Housemates by painting happy smiles on their faces.


In order to focus on improving her own morals, and those of her fellow housemates, Deana must give a lesson in morality and self-improvement. She will receive a whiteboard and pen to write her speech and will have 30 minutes to prepare.


To help improve the emotional well-being of the House, Adam is the feel-good machine. He must give a hug of at least 30 seconds to every housemate and give each of them a genuine heartfelt compliment. Adam must also remain available to deliver hugs on request throughout the evening.


To aid holistic well-being, Conor must give a massage to any housemates that he feels he has acted ill against at any time in the House. Also, any HM who feels he has ever wronged them is free to request one.

Luke S

To demonstrate that the soul is more important than the body, Luke S must forego his vanity and must not go topless until further notice. To ensure he does not give into the temptation to strip off, he must wear all of his clothes at once until further notice.


To ensure that he has time to reflect on his sins, and to provide a symbol of penitence to all housemates, Scott must go to the naughty step (sixth step from the floor in the living area) and remain there until further notice.

[vimeo id="46616694" caption="Watch Adam, Luke S and Luke A repent their sins..."]
[vimeo id="46616694" caption="Watch Deana, Becky and Conor repent their sins..."]

Oh happy days – but will they wash their sins away?

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  1. What a turn around after Friday nights boos! Spineless fools. Good old Adam confronting Conor on last nights show. How he squirmed on that box until finally admitting that he is selfish. Not so brave when dealing with a man. What a horrible creature.

  2. Becky already bitching about her gang. Ready to swap sides AGAIN? Ashleigh worried that she has been TOO COMMON!!! Doe she really know how not to be?Conor massaging UUURRRGGGHHH cant even go there.Luke S Still dead from the neck up

  3. jennyjuniper on 5:21pm July 30 '12

    I watch in amazement as Conor says to Luke S and Ashleigh that he’s not worried he’s been saved four times . But even Luke S gave him an old fashioned look when Conor tried to pretend that he didn’t get many boos.

  4. Hey guys ! Ashleigh, Becky, Deena and Luke A. are up for eviction this week as posted on Channel 5 website.
    Looks like its going to be Becky’s last week in the house.

  5. str-8-edge on 8:50pm July 30 '12

    —-Time to get Ashley out——

  6. AmericanCousin on 4:13am July 31 '12

    :puke: Why would they have Ashleigh preparing food with that cold sore that has duplicated itself from the bottom to her top lip? She just touch her mouth while in the kitchen and didn’t wash her hands. She is disgusting to no end. Cold sores happen,but come on, she hasn’t any care that she’s spreading around. :puke: BB PLEASE GET HER SOME ABREVA STAT!!! SHE’S A HEALTH HAZARD!!!

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