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VIDEO: Harvey pranks Danica with cream
Blissfully unaware sleeping beauty Danica falls victim to a silly...
Alec | Day -286

Blissfully unaware sleeping beauty Danica falls victim to a silly prank by Harvey as he’s egged on my Ashley.

[vimeo id="48585414" caption="Watch the prank take place..]

Do you think it’s funny or childish?

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  1. Nasty piece of work Harvey – and he’s not a bully !!!!!

  2. ha ha ha Good on them that was funny Danica is sad **** get her out.

  3. brains on 1:09pm August 31 '12

    so why didnt they do that to mike that would have been funny, but bullies always pick on the weak who cant retaliate really hard boys

  4. JaniceR on 8:34pm August 31 '12

    OMG enough with the bully word! It was a bit of fun.
    Danica used the term bullying during nominations to get the sympathy vote and she is sucking you in.
    The girl is so desperate its almost worth voting to keep her in so that we can see just how far she’d go to win.

  5. brains on 9:03pm August 31 '12

    fun for them,if they dont like her why do it to her, i agree normally it would have been fun but not after what happened last night, she is def not sucking me in dont really like the girl but i think harvey is getting to cocky and ash follows like a lamb

  6. Neither funny nor childish – only figured out after last night’s (re-) viewing of D’s entrance and his obvious immediate interest & attraction to her. Therefore, just an unoriginal :yawn: :yawn: prank motivated by his bruised ego that it was a love triangle not a square, as D showed no interest in him.
    IMO, he was motivated by the same in his consistent attacks thru his shadow on Rhian.
    His 22secs. of fame are over. He ain’t no bruv looking out for his mates in the hood – just a hypocritcal ‘HASBEEN’ and hopefully will soon be gone to obscurity…

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