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VIDEO: Dish on the side
Evictees Victoria, Chris, Benedict and Lydia get together for some...
Nick | Day -330

Evictees Victoria, Chris, Benedict and Lydia get together for some posh nosh to discuss the latest antics in the House.

[vimeo id="45955823" caption="Here's what they had to say..."]

Do you agree with the evicted housemates? Let us know…

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  1. yes i totally agree with them 100&

  2. meant 100%

  3. AmericanCousin on 11:17am July 18 '12

    I wish Benedict :love: could’ve stayed in longer. He was much too mature to be recieved properly in the house by the immature gang.
    I have to apologise because I though Chris was being mean to Becky, when in reality he called her bluff. She is by far the fakest actress in the entire house and he knew early on. Sorry, Chris, wish you could’ve stayed to snuff her out.
    Lyds bothered me with her insincerity but she told it likee it was to whomever.
    Vicky, seems like a decent woman, for she’s said a mouthful in this vid. :clapping:

  4. ano she wudnt let others speak lol but they did mean wat they said cant wait 2 find out wat happens nxt

  5. jennyjuniper on 1:05pm July 18 '12

    I too like Chris a lot better on the outside than in. And I never thought I would agree with anything that came out of Lydia’s mouth, but she is spot on about Conor. I too wish Benedict could have stayed. He was irritating, especially insisting on being so in your face regarding masturbation, BUT he was the only one to suss that witch Caroline out and say it to her spoilt,smug face.

  6. sammyvan on 1:30pm July 18 '12

    Some posters are so right when they say we have always made the mistake of voting out the strongest and most entertaining HM’s too early.
    Jenny, I know Lydia was your least favourite [!] but she did give something to the house. Benedict would have kept a lid on Conor, I suspect even Chris would have been more of a man than Luke S – and protected the girls, especially Lauren. Victoria – we never got the chance to know her due to that stupid ‘first night nomination’. Look forward to the continuation………

    • Raykco on 4:18pm July 18 '12

      I don’t think its so much that the wrong people have been voted out. It’s just that we’ve not really had the chance to chosse between good and evil.

      The first week, Conor was saved over Victoria, but then we didn’t know what he was going to be like.

      Chris went because Arron was the joker at the time.

      Since then, its been Benedict or Lauren. No real choice, both good hms.

      Lydia went because it was either her or Deana.

      First real chance to get rid of Conor, he was against the obnoxious Arron.

      Then he got lucky again because of Shievonne’s meltdown.

      Now we’ve got 2 nice ones again.

      We’ve never had a straight forward good verses evil.

  7. skippy1996 on 1:48pm July 18 '12

    I agree with the evicted housemates so far :)

  8. Jules on 3:18pm July 18 '12

    Love all these side bits now. I have liked each evictee outside of the house but not so much when they were in. Agree with the chat.

  9. rhero on 4:06pm July 18 '12


    hell, I’m even agreeing with Lydia!

  10. the evicted housemates should have been put in a secret house and we got to chose a winner from them and the ones left in the main house were the losers hows about that for a twist, exept for bully boy aaron loved dish on the side would like some more.

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