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VIDEO: Deana selfish or not?
Deana is brilliantly entertaining as she makes her feelings known...
Nick | Day -344

Deana is brilliantly entertaining as she makes her feelings known about the fact she has been nominated but no one tells her why! And it all starts over museli and milk. At half past midnight.

[vimeo id="45184797" caption="Watch the clip here..."]

Do you believe that Deana is playing the biggest game in the house or is she confused as to why she is being put up for eviction week after week?

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  1. no she maybe playing the game but at least has every rite 2 stand up for herself u dont see her going rd the house making threats etc 2 other h/ms. yes she can sometimes play up but arent they all .? i think their all jealous of her cos shes been up every wk and yet saved which i hope continues … the aaron and conor saga there just big boys who cant help throwing there toys from the pram …. so wat there up but 2 make other h/ms lifes miserable is not the way 2 get publics votes go denna and becky vote 2 save .

  2. Fudge on 10:09am July 4 '12
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    No, Deana, you are not selfish! I think she is genuinely confused as to why she keeps being put up for eviction, and so am I. The reason must be that she falls between two camps or you could say between a rock and a hard place! She also has the guts to stand up for herself. Few have made an effort to understand her and few comprehend why she doesn’t just tour the house bitching about others. Hopefully Scott and Sara will start to understand what’s going on now…many of the others are beyond hope.

    Funny she said she felt she had been stabbed in the back, that’s just what Arron said! He, however, deserved his nominations, she did not.

  3. Jules on 11:39am July 4 '12

    She will be safe this week I am sure, she is still the last favourite to be evicted and the 3rd favourite to win.

  4. Sally on 12:01pm July 4 '12

    Deana is not selfish. It is a mystery why she is being nominated each week. apart from Conor and Lydia who both held a grudge against her for nominating them on the first night. we can’t assume she is safe. If we don’t vote for her.Conor might stay.

    OH no please i don’t want that get him out. :nod:

  5. dinky on 2:10pm July 4 '12

    i dont want too talk about deana .i want to ask you people at bb do you think ashslag looks like dobbie out of the harry potter films SHE IS SO UGLY HER EARS ARE TOO CLOSE TO HER NECK. DOBBIE OUT

  6. get conor out

  7. jackie8759 on 3:39pm July 4 '12

    Dinky, i think she looks like becky, steves ex from corrie

  8. No i don’t think she is being selfish. Ok she nominated Conor on the first night but it was something she had to do and it just so happens Conor was one of them. It could have been any of the housemates. Why still hold a grudge? Get over it. She hasn’t been nasty or vile to anyone. Just standing up for herself finally. All of them are playing a game..that’s what they are in there for..some just playing a nasty way..

  9. Adam’s probably just saying that she’s selfish because he wants to be with her…but she doesn’t seem to feel the same way :itwasntme:

  10. MrTommiiee94 on 2:29am July 5 '12

    Love Deana I do So She Is My Fave HouseMate And Hate The ARRON, CONNOR and LUKES F&%K THEM!!!

    • yeah your totally right..the ttnisarions don’t make sense with the theme..i’m thinking of some ideas to improve that. right now its mainly just thrown together to show the individual scenes i’ve completed so far.Thanks wHilly, I appreciate it!

  11. Unless there is something about Deana that BB arent showing us then I really cant see what she has done wrong, she has been picked on from the start, she has handled herself with dignity and thankfully has started to stand up to them. Cant wait to see thier faces on Friday when she stays. Connor must go.

  12. Sally on 3:09pm July 5 '12

    Deana seems to be popular now. I hope people don’t just assume that she is safe, we still need to vote to save her . :nod: :happy:


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