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VIDEO: Cocktail and canapés party
Nina Myskow was suitably impressed with housemates' efforts in the...
Alec | Day -305

Nina Myskow was suitably impressed with housemates’ efforts in the celebrity training task today so Big Brother has treated them to a cocktail and canapés party.

[vimeo id="47389688" caption="Here are some of their best dance moves as they are enjoying the tunes..."]

With the final only a day away, let us know which housemate you would like to win Big Brother 2012?…

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  1. Jules on 11:10am August 12 '12

    Brilliant to see them all getting on, it just goes to show how much fun they could have all had had they been more “loving” and not been so wary of each other. All the paranoia has gone because there isnt anyone to verbally “fight”. Well done the final 5 may you have a great day today as well.

    I do believe that Luke S would have got along better with Deanna had he been more sensible. his smiles are more genuine with her.

  2. Jules on 11:12am August 12 '12

    Mind you yet again we have Luke S in the front, we know what he looks like!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  3. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

  4. AmericanCousin on 5:56pm August 12 '12

    Luke S. knows good and damn well what a catch Deana is and so did Conor. They had to isolate her as to not be tempted by her beauty and charm. It is def nice to see them getting along.
    :love: :love: Luke A. Adam Deana :love: :love: Fave HM of all time~ I know their friendship will last forever. Too bad the other HM’s were too busy being nasty to them to enjoy their lovely spirits.

  5. str-8-edge on 9:21pm August 12 '12


  6. when ever sara says or dose anything she always looks for the cameras then she plays up to them and then can’t even string a sentance together thick comes to mind shes desperate to win and thinks we all fancie her how she was in a beauty comp judges must have had there sunglasses on and the lights off.

    • And you cant spell anon. Sara is a pretty girl the prettiest who has been in the house in years. She talks in a Scottish accent which is the norm as thats where she is from. She most certainly IS NOT desperate to win and I know alot of men who think she is gorgeous. Anyone who says otherwise is a very very jealous woman. If you are calling someone thick make sure you are perfect yourself and by looking at the way you have posted your opinions I dont think you are !!!!

      • Sarah is gorgeous. Very beautiful. This is not a lie n not very nice but 80% of the ppl I’ve come across who watch big brother hav shown surprise at how Deana is Miss India uk. Nice figure, nice hair but awful skin, eyes too close together n bottom lip hanging out..such an annoying tone of voice wen she speaks..every sentence sounds exactly the same n ends in surprise..

  7. your right conor did fancie deena thats why he did’nt talk to her he was scared if he talked to her his true felling would show like in the play ground being nasty too the girl you fancy hes just a little boy.

  8. sara has’nt got an origonal thought in her head she just says what she thinks people want to hear alway looking for the cameras.

  9. Would be great if Adam won, such a sincere guy. Would be great if Luke A wins, the money would fund his op n change his life, if Deana wins I shall not watch big brother again, after Aaron last year I’ve had enough of dull n boring housemates winning.

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