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VIDEO: Chris the bed bug
In the early hours of this morning Chris decided it'd be a good...
Nick | Day -363

In the early hours of this morning Chris decided it’d be a good idea to surprise Caroline in her bed, much to their fellow housemates amusement.

However, our ‘gap-yah’ girl is quick to tell Chris exactly what she thinks.

[vimeo id="44092056"]

How would you react to this at the early hours of the morning? Let us know…

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  1. jennyjuniper on 2:32pm June 15 '12

    Can’t this idiot take no for an answer?? At their ‘dinner date’ Caroline couldn’t have made it plainer that she’s not interested, so what made him think she would like him creeping into her bed (I shudder on behalf of her)

  2. skippy1996 on 2:44pm June 15 '12

    I love Caroline :love:

    • Jules on 7:17pm June 15 '12
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      Caroline has become the favourite, Adam second and Rebecca third. It is going to change over and over again I think but it will be good if our favourites can stay at the top part of the leader board. Chris is still favourite to go tonight.

  3. Tombolian on 2:45pm June 15 '12

    “I think I’ve lost a friend”
    “You never had a friend, darling”

    Ouch! Poor idiot.

  4. elliecorn on 3:07pm June 15 '12

    :clapping: well done Caroline, for telling that tool what for haha.xx

  5. are the people on here real bb fans chris is big brother gold as for arron he is just a himpo god i hate teenage girls :no: :angry:

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