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VIDEO: CBB Housemate Teaser Trailer
Last night Channel 5 aired a new trailer for the upcoming...
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Last night Channel 5 aired a new trailer for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother featuring teasers of the new Celebrities which are set to enter the house.

The trailer unveils certain celebrities, without leaving much to the imagination, making their identity relatively obvious and giving us a good idea as to who is putting on hold their celeb lifestyle, swapping it for a stay in Britain’s most famous house.

It also appears to feature some of the heavily rumoured celebrities, right from when the second run for CBB in 2012 was confirmed.

The teaser trailer can be viewed below. Some of our readers will not want the suspense and surprise element of launch night (when the celebrities will be officially unveiled) ruined, so if you are one of these readers, then please look away now!

Credit to Simply Big Brother for the video.

This is the second advert for Celebrity Big Brother 10, the first short teaser featuring Brian Dowling aired last week.

Which celebrities can you spot in the latest promo? Share your thoughts on the advert below!

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  1. Avatar of Eddy

    To me, this line up looks great! Think I’ve got almost all of them! :D

  2. marieowen on 11:55am August 12 '12

    who are they lol give us a clue cus I cant tell one of them :sadsmile:

  3. skippy1996 on 12:17pm August 12 '12

    Chery Fergision and julian clary first 2

  4. tomclements2010 on 12:23pm August 12 '12

    I give you some clues!

    2 (maybe 3) Soap Stars
    A Rapper
    A Comedian

    and there will be more!

  5. I think that’s Coleen Nolan in there too…

    BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
    • Avatar of Eddy

      Yup, you’re right, Her, Julie and Julian are the most obvious ones! :D I think all three are great! I saw Janice’s eye, Martin’s lip and Jasmine Lennard’s finger tattoo!!

      • microsis on 12:40pm August 12 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hi eddy ,,you are good :yes: if you could make out who was who in that clip ,
        Are you sure that Martin Kemp is there ,that’s the only celebrity i am worried about at the moment
        I want him to win already LMAO

        Luke A to win. :love:

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Avatar of Eddy

          haha, hey Microsis! Long time no talk :) Yeah, I am almost certain Martin is in there. If you pause the video at about 0.05, I am sure that’s his smile?

          BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 04/08/2011
  6. MacinTyler95 on 12:35pm August 12 '12

    I couldn’t tell any of them! Looks like there are a few older people though..

    • Avatar of Eddy

      I think you’re probably right that there are a few older ones. I think that’s brilliant though, bb needs a good mix for a great series. Both of the C5 celeb ones so far have had a good mix, but yet they don’t with their ‘normal’ one :thinking: I think a young crowd is too boring…

    • MacinTyler95 on 12:46pm August 12 '12

      Scrap that! It might be a long shot, but I could have sworn one of them was Aston from JLS? When I googled it, it was same skin colour, same eye colour, same eye brow colour, same earring colour!

      But then again, he’s supposed to be doing a talent show for Sky 1 and auditions start this week..

      • Avatar of Eddy

        hmm, to be honest, JLS are pretty successful, and Aston is the front guy, so I doubt he’d do cbb. I can see the eye you’re talking about though. I think it’s MC Ultra’s eye.. I googled him. If he’s in it, then that’s awful :( What he did with the tape was sick.

        BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 04/08/2011
  7. microsis on 12:57pm August 12 '12

    If Aston is going in :giggle: then I want Olly Murs to go in as well
    Gosh was that a flying pig just passed my window :giggle:

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  8. Coleen Nolan, Cheryl Ferguson and Dog the bounty hunter :bigsmile:

  9. Louiza on 1:33pm August 12 '12

    I could only make out …. Coleen Nolan and Julian Clary. Just been reading about Dog the bounty hunter in the newspaper. He seems like a colourful character. The line up looks really good. Farewell Olympics, i will miss you. :brokenheart:

  10. skippy1996 on 2:15pm August 12 '12

    Reckon one of them is a sports star tbh

  11. Oh dear ,,i could only make out Julian Clarey….
    Too quick for me…… :rofl:
    :music: :music: :music:

  12. I think john barrowman, julian clary, coleen nolan, cheryl ferguson, tamara norcross, bounty hunter, martin kemp, janice dickinson, one of jls boys

  13. jennyjuniper on 4:40pm August 12 '12

    I heard that Rusty Lee was supposed to be going in? Hope she is as I really like her and her laugh.

  14. BBFANDEBS on 3:25am August 13 '12

    I can’t wait to see how they are on a day to day basis. So many people will be surprised that they aren’t like the onscreen persona.

    I hope this isn’t going to be messed around with like they have done with this series of BB! :dull:

  15. So far I think it’s…. Cheryl Ferguson, Julian Clary, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Coleen Nolan, Janice Dickinson, Rhian Sugden and Martin Kemp can’t make out the rest… Seems like a good line up though! :bigsmile:

  16. It looks as though there will be 14 hm’s

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