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VIDEO: Caroline and Lauren make up
Caroline and Lauren have a heart-to-heart in the garden over a tub...
Nick | Day -330

Caroline and Lauren have a heart-to-heart in the garden over a tub of delicious chocolatey spread.

[vimeo id="45955602" caption="Watch the pair reunite again..."]

Do you believe that Caroline and Lauren can become best of friends or are they playing a deep and meaningful game?

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  1. I think when Lauren was talking about the difference between her and Caroline in maturity at nominations, that made something in Caroline click and she knows she has to change. If she truly does change then it will change the whole house. That negativity is a virus and she is the head of it.

  2. Biddy on 10:15am July 18 '12

    Please becareful Lauren….you cannot trust a person like Caroline, you have never bitched to the extent Caroline has…..Caroline is such a liar and sooooo
    two faced,,,just watch your back Lauren….
    Really want Lauren to stay,

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Jillie on 10:42am July 18 '12

      Could’nt agree more Biddy. Caroline is now trying to redeem herself but its far too late. I do NOT believe she has only become a ‘super bitch’ since entering the house .. she is a bully .. always was and always will be

      • jennyjuniper on 1:09pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        She (Caroline) said herself, that if she’s not bitching she has nothing to say. By the way, doesn’t the rule regarding noms say that you can’t be seen to be influencing nominations? If so Caroline has done nothing but all week, but no punishment for her strangely enough.

  3. brokenangel on 10:35am July 18 '12

    Very inciteful that conversation with Caroline- she knows what she is doing – promotes herself to super bitch- then relays how it is beneficial to someone to promote their dislikes .
    Take note BB, she has took you for suckers and you have been doing her dirty work for her by letting her influence.

  4. AmericanCousin on 11:09am July 18 '12

    I’m so over Carolines hurried, overbearing, sealf-actualized- eureka moment apologies. She full os sh!t. Sorry, but she hasn’t a sincere bone in her whiny and bitchy body.
    Lauren has been two-faced to some extent toward Deana, but i doubt it was malicious.
    :no: Caroline is def playing the game. :no:
    If I’m wrong, we’ll see some changes. A “loud voice”? No, a sneaky, slithering, conniving voice, is more like it.

  5. Jules on 12:23pm July 18 '12

    Carolines remarks show exactly the way she was thinking when she started b**ching about others, everyone jumpes on the bandwagon, it is so easy. She isnt daft, this is why she has done it. Grrrr Caroline, Becky and Connor out asap.

  6. paulbad on 12:33pm July 18 '12

    Hope Laurens got more sense than to fall for this as that scheming little toad will stab her in the backin as soon as look at her, god she is vile, and for such a young girl thats frightening, she hasnt aged enough to become cynical and judgemental yet, she will have very few people at her funeral.

  7. skippy1996 on 1:50pm July 18 '12

    Don’t like Caroline or Lauren, Caroline if worse but Lauren is just as scheming and has a game plan as well

    • AmericanCousin on 6:36pm July 18 '12

      You know, I really have a soft spot for Scott and wish him to go far, but he totally has turned me off kissing Conor’s a$$. I understadnd it may have been strategic, but why align yourself with such cretins as Conor, Becky and Caroline? He is such a classy chap and I love all his voices and his overall style but I can’t support him when he’s neglected his friendship with Deana. Sad because I was rooting for him. Now I must root for someone of better character.

  8. BigBrother2011 on 1:51pm July 18 '12

    I’m glad they are making up, because if they really are making up and Lauren survives, then hopefully she wont be up next week.

  9. Sally on 2:45pm July 18 '12

    Only time will tell if Caroline is being honest.
    Lauren needs to be wary.the only good thing about this conversation is that they have cleared the air.Lets hope that things will be more positive in the house. :nod:

  10. tankgirl on 2:46pm July 18 '12

    Caroline is just plain nasty. Many housemates will be horrified when they see how two faced she has been! Here’s hoping Lauren survives this weeks eviction! :party:

  11. Jules on 2:59pm July 18 '12

    There is talk of Caroline showing one of her cards to Connor before the eviction process. Cant remember seeing it myself but will have a look again. Still as we know, it is ok for that crew at the moment to do whatsoever they want. It will be too late when they get through and the others are out. Then BB will start thinking……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. :devil: If she did it then this was a breach.

    • Jules on 3:13pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Have had a good look but cannot see it myself unless there is another video out. Many of the tweeters seem to have live feed, I wonder how they get it, would love to know as sometimes only half a story is told as we know. Sadly I wouldnt put it past Caroline tbh.

      • Jules on 3:16pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Am hoping that this week when one of them goes the cheers are so loud but they will be shouting “Get Caroline or whoever out”. When the two names are called let the crowd cheer for all their might. That should make them think if it happens. Hope there wont be any boos for either of them.

      • Jules on 3:26pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Take it back, there is a photo on twitter and it definitely looks as though Caroline is showing Connor her card before the pack is thrown away. Mmmmmmmm!!!

  12. Jules on 3:31pm July 18 '12

    Oh dear, Twitter is good, there is a link to Caroline showing her card and another video showing how the Insiders communicated another obvious breech back when Sheivonne was in. This one was to do with Deanna I would think. Have to go :rofl:

    • a quick google search and I found this video, clearly something is up. But then again Caroline and Connor had different nominations didnt they?

      • Jules on 6:00pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        They both went for Lauren, Connor’s other one was Deanna and Caroline’s was Luke A.

        According to twitter they are now yapping about Deana, Ashleigh has begun this one saying that she is getting on her nerves. Then Connor is chatting about a friend who didnt like ham….in another video when Sheivonne was in there they were laughing as Ashleigh came out of the Dr. after noms and spam was mentioned by Connor amongst other things. There is a video of it. Now they may be putting spam to Deanna because of the task whereby she couldnt eat the meat.

        We know that Connor is going to go for Deanna but will the others?

        BB change the nomination process please!!!

      • Joseph on 9:47pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (176 COMMENTS)

        Thanks for the clip, it’s silly BB hasn’t done anthing about it… i wish Caroline and Deana had been put up for eviction as well with three noms each

  13. jennyjuniper on 3:47pm July 18 '12

    While everyone is bitching at Caroline (and rightly so) Conor is the power behind that particular throne. He lets her do all the bitching and stirring, but it’s for his approval that she does it. I’m not saying that if he were out of the house she would be sweetness and light, she would probably seek approval from one of the others. Conor however is the more dangerous of the two. Take away him and you take away much (but not all) of her power.

  14. zeppelin on 5:44pm July 18 '12

    :angry: As Ive said before Caroline should not be still in that house , she made what was a clearly defined racist remark about Adam , and as for that cretin Conor ! , whats with the stupid balaclava looking hat he wears indoors all day for ? oh , hang on , i think i know , its to hide that stupid haircut he has got , to think , he must have paid a barber to do that.

  15. carly on 6:38pm July 18 '12

    Caroline is nasty and conniving.
    BB should at least give her a warning for trying to influence other HM’s nominations.

  16. AmericanCousin on 6:39pm July 18 '12

    I am not upset with Lauren, but she did everything she could to get into the insiders’ good graces, short of selling her first born. I never liked that. She, Deana, Adam, and Luke A. should’ve broken some rules and stood firm to defeat the annoying otherside but Lauren was so consumed with people liking her that she f@cked her gameplay. She did have the insiders(all but Ugshleigh) in the pocket but when she trusted them was her downfall. They don’t like you Lauren and they never will be your friends, because they have ZERO integrity.
    Sidebar- Look @ how fake Becky is. She doesn’t even deal with Deana, the only one to have saved the tub-o-lard. Becky was never genuine and that was why Deana was so upset because she knew it. Becky is disgusting.

  17. caroline hasn’t changed a thing.

  18. Joseph on 9:42pm July 18 '12

    Not another Caroline apology :yawn: :wink: It’s all very well acting the way she does in the house, but does she forget about pleasing the viewers?…

  19. connor says it’s hard being your self in the house so that mean we are to belive he is’nt realy like he is on the out side rubbish once a bully allways one.

  20. to late Caroline.

  21. brokenangel on 11:28pm July 18 '12

    Right it’s out there now, the clip does show Caroline showing Conor a card ! BB see’s everything so why were they allowed to still nominate? That was such a rule break influencing- If there votes were taken away Caroline would be up with Lauren.That’s the way I see it- anyway. So the eviction is false.

  22. microsis on 9:40am July 19 '12

    I have just seen the picture of Caroline lifting her card up towards Conor on her right ,,,
    Ok it might not have had any effect on the noms outcome
    But the intent to cheat is there
    How Can BB Ignore This Blatent Fundimental Rule Break
    :music: :music: :music:

  23. Caroline is only trying to save her own bacon, for fear of a backlash outside the house, her insincerity is obvious. Ugly, vile creep.

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