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Victoria threatens to walk
Victoria has threatened to leave the house just two days into the...
| Day -371

Victoria has threatened to leave the house just two days into the nine-and-a-half week run.

The model made her first threat last night, after complaining Big Brother was not providing enough alcohol for a party thrown as a reward for Shievonne’s impressions task.

When asked by Scott if she was okay, Victoria replied: “No I’m not actually, I want some booze. Don’t mess with me Big Brother. I’m not going to put up with it, I’m going to go.”

When her fellow housemates questioned her motive for the threat, she said: “To be honest, it’s not easy in here. If you’re going to say let’s have a party, let’s have a party and all get naked. I though it was going to be fun in here. I didn’t think they would stop you having drinks at a party.”

This morning however, when the affects of the alcohol had worn off, Victoria reiterated her thoughts of leaving for reasons other than booze.

“I feel like every time I try to have a deep conversation, people run away. I might be talking about be about veganism or something like that and people drift off.”

The series did not got off to a great start for the 41-year-old, when she was put up for eviction by Deana on launch night for having “evil eyes”.

Whether these are empty threats or a genuine consideration of leaving, would you like to see Victoria stay?

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  1. thundrcat on 5:05pm June 7 '12

    I hope she stays the age difference alone has got to be tough on her. It must be hard to relate with everyone its a pitty they only but one older person in the house .

  2. coff3e on 5:28pm June 7 '12

    i want her to stay but when sm1 says them wors its lk gd by then ee :drink: :party: :beer: :angry: :angry:

  3. Biddy on 6:17pm June 7 '12

    Can never understand HM’s that want to walk,,,,for goodness sake give it a chance,!!!!,,,,
    It is so unfair for the thousands that auditioned who really do want to be in the house,,,,
    :music: :music: :music:

  4. Sally on 7:25pm June 7 '12

    I hope she stays but this threat could go against her.
    She could find herself evicted on friday. :mmm:

  5. skippy1996 on 11:25pm June 7 '12

    still won’t lydia to go

  6. rionablue on 12:37am June 8 '12

    Well walk then love. You will have done someone else out of a place in the big brother house and you have acted like a child since you entered the house. Good riddance if she walks thats what i think!!!!!!!

    • Biddy on 7:01am June 8 '12

      And i totally agree rionablue… selfish..!!! And for goodness sake no BBOTS…if they walk that should be it….No more TV coverage……. :music: :music: :music:

  7. lorna22 on 5:20pm June 8 '12

    hope victoria stays i think in weeks to come she could bring alot to the show..

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