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Turf Wars: Sofa Hoppers
This week's shopping task continues as housemates encounter a...
Nick | Day -345

This week’s shopping task continues as housemates encounter a week’s worth of Turf Wars, with the second part of their daily challenges.

The divided gang find themselves entangled in is called Sofa Hoppers, and it’s set to decide which team, green or blue, takes ownership of the Living Area. This latest battle will involve the housemates hopping around on sofas, in different orders, to rank themselves in various categories.

During this time, other housemates will be in the Diary Room, trying to guess what’s going on in the Living Area.

At either end of both sets of sofas will be two signs saying ‘MOST’ and ‘LEAST’. Big Brother is set to ask Housemates to sofa-hop into new positions on their settee, according to a particular category.

Once Housemates have settled into their positions, Big Brother will ask their fellow Housemates in the Diary Room to guess the order their teammates are sitting in.

For every position the Housemates get correct they’ll win one point for their team. The team with the most points at the end of the game will win control of the Living Area. The losing team will be banned from the Living Area and Dining Table from that point on.

Everybody sitting comfortably? Some of our housemates won’t be by the time the result of Sofa Hoppers comes in…

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  1. Jules on 11:42am July 4 '12

    Come on the green team :rofl: :rofl:

  2. Green for Go !!!

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